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Honda Civic Display Not Working (Apple Play/Android Auto)

Honda Civic Display Not Working (Apple Play/Android Auto)

Everyone knows that as technology advances, so do the technical issues. One of the more frustrating issues you could face when owning any vehicle is having display issues. What are some of the best solutions for a Honda Civic’s display not working?

If a Honda Civic display is not working, typically, the easiest thing to do is to do a hard reset by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. If that doesn’t work, your display may need a software update, which can be done at a Honda dealership.

Let’s take a closer look at many of the different issues you could face with your Honda Civic display.

Honda Civic Dashboard Display Problems

The dashboard display is vital to safely operating your Honda Civic. It’s the location that gives you all of your information in one easy to read spot. If you’re having a problem with the dashboard display, the easiest way to fix this is to do a hard reset of the center console unit.

A common issue is that the dashboard won’t display any information there.

You can do a hard reboot by tapping on and holding your center console unit’s power button. You’ll want to hold this until you receive a message asking if you wish to reboot your device. Select “yes,” and the screen will shut off.

Wait for the unit to come back online and check your dashboard display. It should be back to normal.

Check out this video below for a look at how to reboot your Honda Civic dashboard:

Honda Civic Information Display Not Working

Honda Civic Information Display Not Working

If your information display (i-Mid) isn’t working, it usually means that the screen is completely blank. You’re unable to change radio stations, change the temperature within your car, or use the reverse camera when backing up. This can make early morning commutes pretty frustrating.

There are two things you can try before contacting your Honda dealership. The first thing you’ll want to do is a hard reset of your console. You’ll do this by tapping on and holding the power button until you receive the message of rebooting your device. Select “yes” and allow the unit to complete its reset process.

After the reset completes, your screen should be fine. However, if it still isn’t working, you may need to check your car’s fuses. If all of the fuses are fine and in good working order, you should speak to your Honda dealer for more instructions on how to fix the issue.

Check out the video below for a general idea of where to find your car’s fuses and how to check them. Note, this video is best for Honda Civic models from the years 2006 to 2011:

Honda Civic Radio Display Not Working

A common issue with the Honda Civic radio display not working can be attributed to a malfunctioning illumination wire, preventing the display from lighting up. To resolve this, access the radio unit, locate the illumination wire (often orange), ensure it is securely connected, and check for any visible damage. If damaged, replacing or repairing the wire may restore the display’s functionality.

In some instances, the Honda Civic radio display might not work due to internal bulb failure. The bulbs that illuminate the display can burn out over time, resulting in a dark display even when the radio is functioning. Inspecting and replacing the internal bulbs can resolve this issue. Given the intricate nature of radio unit disassembly, seeking professional assistance might be advisable to ensure accurate replacement and avoid potential damage to the radio unit. Always ensure to use compatible bulbs for replacement to maintain optimal visibility and longevity of the display.

Another plausible reason for the radio display not working could be related to a malfunctioning internal fuse within the radio unit. Fuses are designed to protect the unit by breaking the circuit in the event of a power surge. If the fuse for the display is blown, it will prevent the display from illuminating. Accessing and inspecting the internal fuses of the radio unit and replacing any blown fuses can resolve the issue. Ensure to use fuses with the appropriate amperage to prevent potential electrical issues. Given the technical nature of accessing and replacing internal fuses, professional assistance might be beneficial to ensure safe and accurate intervention.

Honda Civic Screen Frozen

Honda Civic Screen Frozen

The first thing to do if your Honda Civic screen is frozen is to do a hard reboot of the head console. This should reset the software and allow the display to resume functionality. Follow the same process for a hard reboot by tapping and holding the power button. Follow the prompts to complete the reboot.

If the touch screen doesn’t allow you to complete the hard reset, you may need to unplug the car battery and allow it to sit unplugged for a few minutes. Once you plug the battery back in, do a hard reset of the head console once again. This should fix the frozen screen.

If you are still experiencing a problem with your display, you should contact your local Honda dealer.

Honda Civic Display Dimming

Honda Civic Display Dimming

You may notice that the display on your Honda Civic will dim, or the brightness level will adjust on its own. This is not a malfunction in your vehicle. The sensors in your display are designed to dim and adjust depending on the lighting inside the car.

In some cases, the car is also designed to dim the display if the visibility outside may be considered lower. For example, if your wipers are on, your display may dim itself under the assumption that the visibility level outside is low.

Honda Civic Display Flashing

If your display is flashing, there are two options for you to consider. The first would be to perform a hard reset of the head console. This should work out the bugs and allow the display to function properly.

If the hard reboot doesn’t work, you may need to replace the bulbs of the display. The best option to change out the bulbs would be to take the vehicle to your local Honda dealer.

Honda Civic Radio Display Fading

Sometimes, in extremely cold weather, the figures on your radio display will look faded. They will typically return to normal after a few minutes. However, if that isn’t the case for your Honda Civic radio display, it could be caused by old wiring.

It’s possible to fix the problem by removing the radio display and cleaning the wiring with some WD40. If you’re uncomfortable taking the display out of the dashboard, you can take your vehicle to your local Honda dealer.

Honda Civic Mileage Display Not Showing

Your mileage display provides an important piece of information. It’s vital to the health of your vehicle to know how many miles there are. If you start your car and see that the odometer is blank, the first thing you want to do is unplug the battery. This will reboot the odometer and should fix the problem.

If unplugging the battery doesn’t solve the issue, you’ll need to take the vehicle to your local Honda dealer so they can identify the source of the problem. They’ll be able to fix it or recommend a proper solution.

Honda Civic Change Display Color

Sometimes those default colors of our vehicles aren’t the most appealing to us. Fortunately, there are ways of changing the display color on your Honda Civic.

The first thing you’ll need to do to change the display color is to ensure that you are located on your center console’s main screen. Go to the settings option in that menu. From there, you’ll choose the “system” button.

A new menu will pop up, and you’ll need to scroll through your options until you find the one that says “background color.” Choose that option, and from there, you can select the color you want.

After you select the color you want, go back to your home screen, and you’ll see the entire background has changed. Check out the video below for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to change the display color for your Honda Civic:

Honda Civic Apple Carplay Not Working

Connecting your iPhone is relatively simple, but it doesn’t always work the way it should. This can be frustrating, but there are several things you can try to fix the issue:

  • Disconnect and then reconnect your Bluetooth device to your car.
  • Do a hard reboot on the center console.
  • Connect using a USB cable.
  • Update your iPhone to the newest iOS software.
  • Remove any Screen Time restrictions you might have.

Honda Civic Android Auto Not Working

An iPhone isn’t the only device that can experience issues when connecting to your Honda Civic. Android devices may have problems connecting to your car’s Android Auto, but don’t worry. There are several ways of fixing that as well:

  • Check the software on your phone and update if available.
  • If your phone is up to date, try resetting your phone.
  • Use a USB cable or check the connection of your cable.
  • Reset your car’s display.
  • Check to see if your phone is connected to your car and vice versa.

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