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Honda Civic Tail Lights Not Working

Taillights in any vehicle, not just the Honda Civic, are a major safety feature of the car. They illuminate the rear end of your car when it’s dark or in inclement weather. So, when your Honda Civic tail lights are not working, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. Especially if you want to stay on the right side of the law.

Blue car tail light

Your Honda Civic lights not working can be caused by a blown light bulb, faulty fuse, damaged wiring, or tail light socket failure. Other indirect causes include switch failure and dirty ambient light sensors.

Taillights are usually placed in the same housing as brake lights, and some people can confuse the two. They are actually very different from each other and work independently. The only similarity, I guess, is that they are both red in color.

Brake lights are much brighter and come on every time you push the brake pedal to indicate that your car is slowing down or stopping. Tail lights, on the other hand, are there to ensure that the rear of your car is visible at night or when the light is too poor to see clearly.  

Honda Civic Tail Lights Won’t Turn On

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Tail lights are located at the back of your car, and you may not even be aware that they are not turned on until a policeman stops you on the highway. It is a traffic offense to drive on a public road with a taillight that won’t work. You need to get into the habit of checking them regularly to ensure they work every time you drive your car.

As a general rule, your Honda Civic tail lights won’t turn on when the light bulb has blown. If the light bulb is intact, maybe the fuse is burned out. If it is intact, you will need to check the tail light socket.

In the olden days, your tail lights turned on when you switched on your headlights. Of course, progress and modern vehicle design have newer models with taillights that can function independently of headlights. These modern models are fitted with ambient light sensors that turn on the taillights when daylight fades, and visibility becomes impaired.

It is very important that you ensure your tail lights work every time you take your car on the road.

Honda Civic Tail Lights Won’t Turn Off

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You may wonder why we put this section here, but it can be quite annoying when you get home, park your car, switch off your lights, prepare to go inside, and suddenly the tail lights come on for no reason.

When your Honda Civic tail lights don’t turn off, it may be caused by a bad trailer light connection. To check, disconnect the trailer light plug switch, if the light goes off, it is the switch that needs replacing.

If you check your trailer light plug and it is intact and working well, the wiring is the other part you need to check. The wiring harness could be shorting somewhere and causing this phantom switching on of the tail lights.

In this case, the best course of action would be to visit your nearest Honda service center to have a professional diagnose this problem.

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Honda Civic Tail Light Fuse Keeps Blowing

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When using your vehicle, you will expect the fuse to blow every so often, but when the fuse blows every couple of days, you can be sure that something odd is going on with your Honda Civic. Usually, the fuse is the symptom of a far bigger problem brewing in the electrical circuits of your car.

The reason for the Honda Civic tail light fuse keeps blowing is that something is drawing too much power in the circuit. There is a possibility that there is a faulty wire somewhere, or it has been mentioned that using aftermarket bulbs can be the reason why the fuse keeps blowing.

When it happens to your car, avoid thinking that the fuse is too weak and replace it with a higher amperage fuse. Normally, the fuse is designed to blow before major damage is caused to your more expensive components. When you change the intended fuse amperage, you are risking causing more costly damage to your car.

You may want to take your car to a technician at your closest Honda service center to evaluate the electrical circuits in your car.

Honda Civic Tail Light Stays On

Car tail light

You need your tail lights to work on your Honda Civic, but at the same time, you also need them to switch off when you park your car. If the lights stay on without the engine running, they will drain your battery. So, it is important to figure out what is causing the lights to stay on.

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If you see that your Honda Civic tail light stays on when it shouldn’t, you should investigate the cause. Make sure the tail light is not switching off and not the brake light.

Some vehicles also have a light switch delay, where the lights stay on for a few minutes and power down on their own when the car is parked.

Honda Civic Tail Lights Stay On When Car Is Off

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If your tail lights stay on all the time after you switch off your car’s engine, it is likely to drain your battery. Sometimes you see your rear lights glowing after the engine is off, but it may be that it’s actually the brake lights illuminating the casing, making it look like the tail lights are staying on.

Sometimes, when you think that your Honda Civic tail lights are staying on after you turn off the engine, it may, in actual fact, be your brake lights not switching off.

Your brake lights stay on after you switch off your engine because there is no contact between the brake pedal and the brake light switch. The little switch on the top part of the brake pedal needs to be able to touch the brake pedal to allow the brake light to switch off.

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