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Welcome to Know My Auto

Hello, My name is Harry. I’ve been interested in knowing more about my own car ever since I bought my first car over 20+ years ago. This website is a collection of problems and questions I had researched over the years whenever I encountered a problem.

Me and my family owned quite a bit of cars in the past 20-40 years. We’ll add more content as we replace the old ones with new ones.

My Honda Clarity

This is the exact Honda Clarity I bought in 2019
This is the exact Honda Clarity I bought in 2019

Honda Clarity is a super fun car to drive and superbly efficient. We don’t drive more than 40 miles a day so this car is perfect. I charge this car at 12am and we are ready to use it by 9 or 10am.

Honda Link for my Honda Clarity Scheduled to charge at 12am.
Honda Link for my Honda Clarity Scheduled to charge at 12am.

According to my power company, if I charge it after 12am, I’m going to pay less and truly, I’m paying maybe 23 cents per kWh which is good. Comes out to be about $6.066 every 40 miles slightly better than my 22 mile per gallon Toyota Highlander hybrid but not much better than my Toyota Prius rated about 58 miles per gallon city driving – using $4.78 per gallon our Prius cost us about $3.30 every 40 miles.

Our power company sample rates (kWh) in our area.
Our power company sample rates (kWh) in our area.

Sometimes, we get 50 miles reported on the dash for EV use.

I think the straight edge above the rear tires is hideous, I really wish Honda didn’t do it this way. They should have made it a normal looking Honda car.

I love the Car Play on the Honda Clarity. The more I use this car the more I love it. Funny fact, I never use the FM and AM radio for more than a year because I thought it didn’t have one. However, I’ve been a long time iPhone user so all the music I have on my phone was enough to sustain us for our long drives.

My Toyota Prius

This is the Toyota Prius we still own when I posted this photo that we bought in 2014
This is the Toyota Prius we still own when I posted this photo that we bought in 2014

My wife use the Toyota Prius as her every day car, specially when she was still going to work. It’s efficient, it has everything you need to go from point A to point B. We got the premium version of this, so we got navigation, premium sound and all.

We have not encountered any issues with this except with the batteries. It dried out on us when the pandemic hit, since my wife didn’t drive it for a long time. I had to jump start it using my Honda Clarity but it was pretty easy to do. I have not uploaded any of my articles/research of this car yet but will do so soon.

  • How to Reset Toyota Prius TPMS
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  • Toyota Prius Alarm Keeps Going Off (How to Fix)

    In general, you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset your Toyota alarm. Doing so disconnects the power to the alarm which shuts down the internal computer. If the alarm keeps going off then it indicates a different issue, below are the reasons why your Toyota alarm keeps going off.

  • Toyota Prius Gear/Shift Problems

    When a Toyota Prius Shift malfunctions, it can prevent your car from shifting into gear. To release the malfunctioning shift, you need to consult the car owner’s manual to find out where the release lock is situated and use your key to release the shift lock override.

My Toyota Highlander

This Toyota Highlander is the exact car I owned when I bought it in 2005.
This Toyota Highlander is the exact car I owned when I bought it in 2005.

I love my Toyota Highlander, till to this day I love to look at pictures of new Toyota Highlanders models and they look awesome! I just feel like it’s a little too expensive for me right now since I don’t drive that much. I think I would love to have another Toyota Highlander once they come out with a PHEV(Plugin-Hybrid) or an EV version of this. I’ll be uploading a few articles about this car soon.

My Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla I given to my dad and I've driven it for a few years. This is not the exact photo of the car, I'm trying to get my dad to take a recent photo.
Toyota Corolla I given to my dad and I’ve driven it for a few years.

This is the Toyota Corolla I’ve given to my dad, I’ve driven it for a few years. My dad’s place had a major flooding and this car was submerged quite a bit. I would have to say the anti-rust proofing that Toyota put on this car is a job well done. It held up pretty well after cleaning out mud and fixing it up a little, we still own this car after more than 10+ years. Here’s a few a questions I had to researched on Toyota Corollas

  • Toyota Corolla USB Not Working

    When your USB port is no longer working in your Toyota Corolla, you should always check the port for damage first. Look for food, dust, and dirt that may be in the port and clean it with a Q-tip using rubbing alcohol. Always make sure that you power off the USB port before cleaning it.

  • Toyota CarPlay Not Working (Troubleshooting)
    Apple CarPlay is a system that allows you to access iOS apps hands-free. It does this by routing your connection through the car’s infotainment system. …
  • Toyota Corolla Acceleration Problem

    A Toyota Corolla acceleration problem that won’t let it move or makes it accelerate sluggishly is caused by low transmission fluid, a broken drive shaft, a damaged axle, or a bad transmission. If it hesitates, it’s often caused by a clogged fuel component that won’t transfer the gas quick enough.

  • Toyota Corolla Radio and Clock Not Working

    The reason why your Toyota Corolla radio and clock aren’t working is that there might be a blown fuse, wiring short, dead battery, cut-out speakers, or an antenna or tuner malfunction. You may need to have your car professionally inspected to determine the exact cause.

My Toyota Camry

My Toyota Camry looks exactly like this, unfortunately I don't have the original photo of it.
My Toyota Camry looks exactly like this, unfortunately I don’t have the original photo of it.

This Toyota Camry is super strong and also very reliable. It was my car before I had my Toyota Highlander. I bought it pre-owned and I couldn’t believe how spacious this Camry is. The trunk is a lot bigger than I had imagine, like almost double the size of my Honda Clarity. If Toyota comes up with a Camry prime-plugin like their Rav4 Prime, I would love to own one. Here’s a few articles about Toyota Camry.

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  • Toyota Camry Ignition Problems (How To Fix)
    The Toyota Camry, a popular mid-size sedan with a reputation for reliability, has faced its share of ignition problems in various models over the years. …
  • Toyota Camry Radio Won’t Turn On (How to Fix)

    A blown fuse is the main reason why a Toyota radio stops working. You can open the fuse panel and check the fuse for any signs of burning or melting. The owner’s manual may also tell you about other items on the same fuse. If they are also not working, the fuse is the problem.

  • Toyota Camry Door Won’t Unlock (How to Fix)
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My Honda Civic

My Honda Civic looks exactly like this, unfortunately I don't have a photo of it.
My Honda Civic looks exactly like this, unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it.

Honda Civic was my very first car that I paid for myself. It’s super reliable never had a problem with it. I drove this for about 8 years. The handling is great even in heavy rain fall as long as you have good tires. I never have major problems with this car at all. My friend eventually bought it from me and she drove it for several more years until it was stolen. 🙁 Here’s a few articles about Honda Civics.

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  • How to Clean Honda Civic Headlight
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    Honda Civic owners have been experiencing issues with their Apple CarPlay system disconnecting. This problem has been a source of frustration for many drivers, as …
  • Honda Civic Monthly/Annual Gas/Fuel Cost
    It’s always important to understand or even plan out how much it would cost (in fuel cost) us to drive our Honda Civic. There are …

Toyota RAV4 2021

Toyota RAV4 2021 in my garage.

I rented this Toyota RAV4 2021 on Turo for our trip to Disneyland in July of 2022 with my kids. It was super efficient even though it wasn’t a hybrid. I got about 35 miles to a gallon with this guy. It was really spacious and surprisingly more stable ride than my old Toyota Highlander. Although, my Highlander was the first edition so probably needed more tweaking in terms of manufacturing. Here’s a few RAV4 topics.

There’s still a few cars I have owned but haven’t included here, I will soon update this page to reflect that.

Thanks and enjoy the ride!