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What Can You Put On A Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is a Japanese car known for its excellent performance, passenger space, and high fuel economy. It is a popular choice for people in search of a small sedan. Often, people ask what they can put on a Honda Civic.

You must be excited about your Honda Civic and are now curious about what you can put on it to make it even more remarkable. Lucky for you, the options are endless. This article addresses some things you can add and considerations to consider while doing so.

Honda Civic headlights

Undoubtedly, well-chosen modifications go a long way in improving practicality. Ensure everything you add to your car is installed correctly to avoid compromising safety. You also have to ensure that the addition does not void your warranty. Read on to find answers to commonly asked questions about what to put on a Honda Civic.

Can You Install Apple Carplay In Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Hand holding phone with CarPlay loading

Your smartphone has many features and apps that come in handy when driving, such as navigation apps. However, using your phone while driving can pose a danger to you and other road users. But with Apple Carplay, you can access all these features and apps without touching your phone.

You might be wondering if your Honda Civic can support Apple Carplay. The good news is you can indeed pair your iPhone to your Honda Civic with Apple Carplay.

To enjoy this brilliant technology, ensure that you activate Carplay and Siri on your iPhone. Then plug an Apple-approved USB cable into your phone and the car’s USB port. You can find this port in the center console. Your Honda Display Audio screen will then prompt you to enable the connection. Select “Always Enable.” Just like that, your iPhone is now connected to your Honda Civic.

The one challenge to look out for is the Carplay failing to detect your iPhone. If that’s the case, try checking your settings to ensure that CarPlay is not restricted.

Can You Put a Hitch/Towbar on a Honda Civic? What to Watch Out For?

Car towbar

A towbar can be such a practical addition to any vehicle. You can lug a driver who ran out of gas or has experienced transmission failure.

Would adding a hitch or tow bar to your Honda Civic be a good idea? Absolutely yes. Ideally, a Honda Civic can carry up to 850 lbs. But once you add a trailer hitch or towbar, your car will manage more than that.

Notably, there are several options to choose from when shopping for a hitch for your Honda Civic. The best way to decide which one works for you is by establishing the weight of the belongings you intend to tow. Other factors to consider include ratings, price, and aesthetics.

Can You Put A Roof Rack On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Open car roof rack

Loading a car can be challenging, especially when you are trying to pack bulky items, such as packing equipment. However, a roof rack can offer some relief to these packing struggles.

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But is it possible to add a roof rack to your Honda Civic? Yes. If you are a lover of adventure, you can supplement the storage space of your Honda Civic by installing a roof rack.

During the installation process, start by deciding the dimensions of the roof rack. That will give you a rough clue of how much luggage the rack can hold. Then decide where you want the rack to go. You can either install it at the center of the roof or align it more towards the side for easy access. Your roof rack will come with installation instructions – follow them diligently for the best results.

Can You Put A Bike Rack On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Man putting bike on top of car

Bike riding is fun. But you must figure out how to get your bike to the trailhead. That’s where a bike rack comes into the picture.

You might be wondering if your Honda Civic can support your biking adventures. Worry not because you can comfortably add a bike rack. But if you would like to mount the bike rack on the roof, you need to have a roof rack in place already.

Alternatively, you can get a bike rack that goes to the rear of your vehicle. Some bike racks can even hold up to three bikes.

Can You Put A Kayak On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Colorful assortment of kayaks

Are you an avid outdoors person? Then you understand the importance of having a car that can handle your outdoor gear, such as a kayak.

If you are in the market searching for a new car or already own a Honda Civic, you might wonder if there is room for your Kayak. You can put a kayak on your Honda Civic if you have the right knowledge and equipment.

The most important thing to do if you want to carry a Kayak on your Honda Civic is to select the right roof rack. Once you find one that fits your kayak correctly, position your kayak. Ensure that it sits at the center so it’s secure and balanced. You must also find a strong rope or strap to tie down your kayak. Attach the rope or straps to both the kayak and the rack.

Can You Put Chains On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Car with snow chains

Installed correctly, chains increase the amount of grip that your tyres have on icy or snowy roads. They increase the traction between the car and the road, reducing the chances of skidding.

But can chains go on a Honda Civic? The answer is yes. You can put chains on any car, including a Honda Civic. The chains are usually made of strong and durable metal, so they can comfortably bear the whole weight of your vehicle without breaking.

Although you can put chains on all four of your tyres, it would be unnecessary since a Honda Civic is not 4×4. Remember that chains are designed to sink into compacted ice or snow. Therefore, never drive on surfaces not covered in snow or ice when the chains are attached to your wheels.

Can You Put A Lift Kit On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Car in shop on lift

You know how thrilling it feels to look down at other cars on the road from a car high off the ground. Body lift kits give a car two or three extra inches by creating a space between the body and the frame.

Are you tired of your Honda Civic riding low and wondering if a lift kit would work the magic? Indeed, it can. A lift kit includes a set of four spacers and hardware for installation.

Most people have concerns about whether a lift kit will affect the quality of their rides. If that is your concern, you have nothing to worry about since these kits are specially designed to ensure consistency in your ride quality. Besides, the lift does not interfere with the shocks, so you don’t have to buy new shocks alongside the lift kit.

Can You Put A Supercharger On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Car mechanic looking at engine

Who wouldn’t love to increase the performance of their car? One of the possible solutions is putting a supercharger.

But is it a viable option for a Honda Civic? Lucky for you, there are several superchargers for Civic – you can find the appropriate one based on the engine type. This way, you will significantly improve the performance of your car.

Generally, there are three types of superchargers: turbo, centrifugal supercharger, and positive displacement pump. In your supercharger kit, you will find items like pulleys, bypass valves, connectors, and an oil cooler.

Can You Put A 89 Gas On A Honda Civic? What To Watch Out For?

Gas station pumps

There are three general categories of gas: regular, midgrade, and premium. Ideally, cars are designed to run best with a specific type of fuel.

Would 89 gas be ideal for Honda Civic? Honda recommends using a minimum of 87-grade octane fuel type. Therefore, there is no harm in putting 89 gas on your Honda Civic.

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