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Honda Civic Keyless Not Working

Keyless fobs are an option for most Honda Civic models. It allows you to easily lock, unlock, set your alarm, and, depending on the year, start your car from afar. When your keyfob stops working it can be frustrating and even cause issues with you being able to enter your car. 

A common reason for a Honda Civic’s keyless entry not working is a dead battery in the key fob. When the battery weakens or dies, the key fob loses its ability to communicate with the car’s keyless entry system. Replacing the key fob battery is a simple solution. Open the key fob case, typically with a small screwdriver, and replace the old battery with a new one, making sure to match the battery type and install it with the correct polarity.

Another issue could be related to the car’s receiver. If the key fob’s battery is new and functioning, but the keyless entry still doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the car’s keyless entry receiver. This receiver communicates with the key fob, and if it’s faulty, it may not respond to the key fob’s signal. The receiver may need to be inspected and potentially replaced by a professional.

Car key fob and steering wheel

So let’s look at a few issues that your Honda Civic keyless fob could be experiencing and how to troubleshoot them.

Honda Civic Keyless Entry Not Working

Car key fob opening car door

You may find that you are going to use your keyless entry to unlock your car and get no response. As a general rule, the battery should be the first issue that comes to mind. As you are likely to use your keyless entry often, the battery should be replaced frequently. If replacing the battery doesn’t work, there are a few other factors that could be causing the issue.

If your keyless entry is not working and you’ve replaced the battery, you can use your backup key fob to check to see if the issue is with the key fob or a system error. If the issue isn’t related to your key fob’s battery, it may have become disconnected from your Honda Civic. 

Honda Civic Keyless Start System Problem

Car push start button

Your Honda Civic keyless start system can run into a number of different issues when attempting to use it. There are a few different issues that could result in your Honda Ciciv not starting. As always when it comes to any remote, if it is not working, you should check the batteries. 

If your Honda Civic keyless start system is facing issues, more often than not you may be out of range. Like any signal-related technology, your keyless fob can hit interference or have such a weak signal that your Honda Civic can not pick up the command. Try getting within view of your Honda Civic and attempting the keyless start again.

You can also run into issues with improperly using a keyless start. It varies from car to car, but to make a keyless start from your key fob, you need to press and hold the correct buttons in order to get your car to start. 

Honda Civic Keyless Entry Not Turning On

Car key fob turning on car

If your Honda Civic keyless entry is not turned on there are several issues that are easy to fix and you should troubleshoot. As with previous issues, replace the batteries first. With a remote that you are frequently using, the batteries can die sooner than you would anticipate.

If your keyless turn is not turning on for your Honda Civic and the batteries have been replaced, make sure that you are using the correct combination of buttons to start your vehicle. Sometimes it can be a matter of holding down a button on your keyless remote for a little bit longer until you see your Honda Civic’s lights flash twice to indicate that it has turned on successfully. 

Honda Civic Keyless Remote Not Detected

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If your keyless remote is not being detected by your Honda Civic there are three prominent issues that you should check when troubleshooting your keyless remote. 

Your first step should always be to replace the batteries. Keyless remotes are something that you typically use on a day-to-day basis, therefore your remote is likely to need replacement batteries often. If your batteries have been replaced and your keyless remote is still not being detected, you might be out of range.

Similar to your TV remote, if you are in a different room where there is interference, or simply far enough away that the signal from your keyless remote cannot be picked up, it will not work. Try moving to an area that is closer to your car, or where your car is in view, and attempting to use the keyless start again.

If you have a second keyless remote handy, attempt to use the keyless start with that remote. Under extreme conditions, even the most hardware can come across issues. One of your keyless entry remotes may have been exposed to water or other conditions that damaged the wiring. If you are able to have your keyless remote detected and work once you have switched keyless remotes, you will need to replace the defective one.

Honda Civic Keyless Won’t Start

Car push start button

If your Honda Civic keyless start will not work does there can be boiled down to a few issues. Always replace the batteries in your keyless remote first, even low batteries can prevent your keyless start from working. When it comes to batteries, it could also be related to your Honda Civic’s battery itself. Check to see if you are able to start your Honda Civic manually. 

If you have replaced the batteries, next you need to make sure that you are within the proper range of your Honda Civic. Any interference will make it less likely for your keyless remote to be able to start your Honda Civic. 

If you are still facing issues, you need to reset your keyless remote settings and reconnect your keyless remote to your Honda Civic.

Honda Civic Keyless Entry Light Not Flashing

Male holding car key fob

When it comes to your keyless entry light not flashing there are two very simple explanations. 

If your keyless entry light is not flashing it is a sign that the batteries are dead. Replace the batteries and try using your keyless entry remote again. If the light still does not flash, this is a sign that you have a defective remote and it needs to be replaced.

Honda Civic Keyless Entry Won’t Lock

Inside car door and buttons

Your Honda Civic will make a noise to alert you that you have locked your car with your keyless remote. If you don’t hear that sound, it means that your Honda Civic has not been locked. 

If your keyless entry fob will not allow you to lock your Honda Civic, on average one of the most common problems aside from batteries, is that all of your doors aren’t closed. Make sure to see if your doors are closed and then attempt to use the keyless fob to lock your car again.

This could also be the result of an issue with the batteries in your keyless remote or the range in which you are attempting to lock your Honda Civic. First, replace the batteries and attempt to lock your Honda Civic again. If that still doesn’t work, make sure that you are in the correct range to have your keyless entry remote detected by your Honda Civic. 

Honda Civic Keyless Not Working

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If your Honda Civic keyless fob is not working properly, don’t panic and purchase a new one just yet. On average, the issue is usually related to batteries, signals, or programming. These are all issues that you can troubleshoot yourself easily and will save you money by purchasing a new keyless fob. 

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