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Honda Civic Monthly/Annual Gas/Fuel Cost

It’s always important to understand or even plan out how much it would cost (in fuel cost) us to drive our Honda Civic. There are a wealth of information out there on the internet but we still need to sit down, gather all the information and calculate how much it will cost us to operate our vehicle.

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In this post, I basically created a calculator that I use to calculate how much it’ll cost me to operate my Honda Civic. It tells me how much I’ll be spending monthly, yearly as well as how often I need to fill up and how much it’ll cost me to fill up a tank.

Continue reading to understand how I calculate my Honda Civic monthly and annual fuel cost or scroll down to the bottom to start using the calculator.

How My Honda Civic Gas/Fuel Cost Calculator Works

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This Honda Civic Monthly Gas Calculator let’s you enter your gas cost per gallon in your area as well as let you enter approximately what percentage of your driving is city driving to allow the calculator to use both city mpg rating as well as freeway mpg rating to calculate your monthly cost.

You can find out what your actual MPG rating both for city and freeway driving based on what year your Honda Civic was manufactured. You can also find out the fuel tank size in gallons to have a more accurate calculation on how often you would need to fill up.

I provided a table below for easy reference, it contains Honda Civic City/Freeway MPG as well as fuel tank size for the last 10 years.

The Basic Formula

This is how the calculator determine the cost for city driving:

[gas cost per gallon] * [your miles per day] * [percent city driving] / [city mpg]

This is how the calculator determine the cost for freeway driving:

[gas cost per gallon] * [your miles per day] * [percent freeway driving] / [freeway mpg]

We sum up both city driving and freeway driving amounts to find the fuel cost per day.

For the monthly calculation we simply multiply that to 30 days.

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For the annual calculation we multiply the cost per day to 365 days.

For the 5 year calculation we multiply the cost per year by 5 years.

For calculating the cost of full tank, this is done by:

[gas cost per gallon] * [fuel tank size]

For calculating approximate how many days you’ll need to fill up:

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[fuel tank size] / ([your miles per day] * [percent city driving] / [city mpg] + [your miles per day] * [percent freeway driving] / [freeway mpg])

Honda Civic City MPG, Freeway MPG and Fuel Tank Size in past 10 Years

YearCity MPGFreeway MPGFuel Tank Size (Gallons)