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Honda Civic Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Spraying

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to wipe your windshield, only to find the washer fluid doesn’t spray. It can leave your windshield murky until you get home and give it a proper cleaning. So, when your Honda Civic’s washer fluid doesn’t spray, what can cause the problem, and how can you fix it?

If a Honda Civic’s windshield wiper fluid is not spraying, it could be due to a blown fuse. The wiper system has a dedicated fuse, and if it blows, the pump won’t operate to spray the fluid. Checking and replacing the blown fuse in the fuse box can solve this issue and restore the spraying function.

Another common cause could be a clogged wiper fluid nozzle. Over time, dirt and debris can block these nozzles, preventing fluid from spraying out. Cleaning the nozzles with a needle or similar tool can remove the blockage and allow the fluid to spray properly again.

Honda Civic Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Spraying

In the rest of the article, we’ll elaborate on different reasons that make your Honda Civic’s windshield wiper fluid not spray. We’ll also talk about how you can fix each problem.

Honda Civic Windshield Washer Fluid Water

Honda Civic Windshield Washer Fluid Water

You may wonder if you can use water instead of windshield washer fluid. While you may use water in emergencies when you don’t have access to washer fluid, you shouldn’t replace it with water. Water can’t clean the windshield because it doesn’t have the cleaning power required to get off the dirt and break down insects that stick to the windshield.

Plus, water may freeze and clog your system in the winter. However, if you have to use water instead of washer fluid, ensure it’s distilled water to prevent minerals from depositing in the system.

You can find a suitable windshield washer liquid for a couple of dollars at any hardware store or even convenience store. Summer and winter formulas are available, with winter formulas having components that prevent from freezing in the winter.

Start by Checking the Reservoir

Always start with the most obvious solution. The first thing you should do is check to see whether the tank has enough fluid in it. If you don’t know where the tank is, track the hoses from the nozzles all the way down to the tank.

If the reservoir is empty, refill it. It’s always a good idea to check the water reservoir every time you fill your gas. This way, you make sure it’s always full. The indicator light on the dash will turn on to signal you when the washer fluid is low.

How To Fill Windshield Washer Fluid Honda

How To Fill Windshield Washer Fluid Honda

To refill the washer fluid, make sure the engine isn’t running off. Pop the hood open and look for the washer fluid fill cap. It’s a blue cap on the fender’s left. It easily opens when you pull it up. Stop pouring when the tank is full and put the cap back on. Turn on the car and check if the indicator has turned off.

Check for Frozen Liquid

Occasionally, when you don’t use your wipers for a long time, or in the winter, the fluid freezes. This problem happens more frequently if you dilute the fluid with water. Check the tank and if the fluid is frozen, simply pour some fresh fluid in the tank.

If you don’t have fresh fluid, park your car in the sun or drive it around for a few minutes. The liquid will melt quickly and spray again. To avoid getting frozen fluid, use winter wash for freezing temperatures.

Make Sure the Hoses Are Healthy

Sometimes cuts and leaks in the car’s internals empty the tank. One thing that indicates broken or cut hoses is that water leaks from under the car when you use the windshield washer. To make sure all the hoses are ok, have someone turn on and off the washer pump while you inspect the hoses carefully.

The hoses run from the tank to the nozzles. So, be thorough and check all the parts by running your finger on them. If there’s a leak, you should replace the hose. Or, you could cut the damaged part and reconnect the hose using a hose connector. They come in different sizes, and you can easily find them at your local parts store.

Check the Hoses and Nozzles

If you hear the pump buzzing, the problem could be either clogged nozzles or a clogged pump.

If the pump is clogged, remove it as described in the previous section. Drain the fluid into a bucket and clean the pump thoroughly. You could also run a plastic wire through it and blow air forcefully into the pump to remove obstructing materials.

How To Unclog Nozzles

To see whether the nozzles are clogged, remove the rubber pipe on the nozzle and turn on the pump. If water comes out, the system is fine, and the problem is clogged nozzles.

Unclog the nozzle jet by pressing a needle inside it. Rinse the nozzle with water thoroughly to prevent sediment from returning into the nozzle jet. When you remove the nozzle from the hood, it’s much easier to rinse it out. But if you can’t remove the nozzles, try one of these ways to make sure there’s no debris inside:

  1. Use warm and soapy water instead of plain water.
  2. Apply pressure using a can of compressed air or a garden hose.
  3. Blow compressed air directly into the nozzle from under the hood after disconnecting the hose.

Sometimes, the salts and sediments are so obstinate that you can’t remove them using water. In this case, put the nozzles in white vinegar for 10-15 minutes. Although it’s possible to unclog the nozzles without removing them from the hood, you can be more thorough if you do so.

To make sure the entire system is sediment-free, rinse out all the hoses with water. This way, you prevent sediment buildup and movement from hoses to the nozzles.

Unplug the hoses from the nozzles but leave them connected to the pump. If the tank is empty, fill it up with water and turn on the washer pump. Remember to point the hose away from the car, or you’ll end up with water on your engine bay. Make sure all the hoses are completely clean. If you’re not satisfied with the water pressure, unplug the hoses from the pump and use a garden hose to run water through them.

Honda Civic Windshield Washer Not Working

Honda Civic Windshield Washer Not Working

Before doing more inspections, if your Honda Civic is under guarantee, take it to an authorized mechanic to cover any potential costs. However, if you want to fix the issue yourself, you should check to see if the pump’s working.

When you pull back the lever to spray the washing fluid, you’ll hear a distinctive buzzing sound. That’s the washer pump’s sound that shows the pump is working. So, if you don’t hear anything after you press the button, your pump’s most likely broken signifying why your windshield wiper is not spraying.

Faulty Fuse

The pump may be malfunctioning because it’s not getting electricity. First, check the pump’s fuse to make sure it hasn’t burned out.

The fuse box is on the dashboard under the hood. When you open it, you’ll see lots of different fuses. Find the water pump fuse by reading the descriptions on the fuse box’s door or the user manual. The transparent cover allows you to see if the fuse is still good. A bad fuse has a disconnected or broken wire inside. If it’s broken, you should replace it with a new one.

Faulty Pump Wiring

You should also check the pump’s wiring. When you remove the water tank, you can see the pump at its bottom. It has a connector that conducts electricity to the pump. To make sure the electrical system is ok, you need a multimeter.

Connect the multimeter to the connectors back. Then, turn on the key and press the washer’s button. If the pump’s electricity is ok, you’ll get voltage readings on the multimeter. But no readings on the multimeter means faulty wiring, and you need to contact a mechanic.

Replace the Pump

If the pump gets power but doesn’t work, you should replace it. It’s a pretty straightforward process, and you can do it yourself. However, it’s always best to contact a qualified mechanic. After you remove the water tank, disconnect the hose from the pump and drain the washer fluid. Then, you can easily get the pump out of the tank using a pry.

To install the new pump, do the reverse and make sure the openings are in the right place. Refill the tank with washer fluid and check the new pump to see if it works properly.

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