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Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Turn On/Go Off/Keeps Going Off

If your car alarm keeps going off for no reason or won’t turn on, you’re not alone. These are pretty common car issues. However, in the heat of the moment, it could be pretty embarrassing.

A common reason why the Honda Civic alarm won’t turn on relates to a depleted car battery. When the battery is low or dead, the alarm system may not function properly. To resolve this issue, ensure the battery is fully charged or replace it if it’s old and unable to hold a charge, thereby restoring the alarm system’s functionality.

In some instances, a blown fuse could be the culprit behind the Honda Civic alarm not activating. The alarm system is linked to a specific fuse in the fuse box, and if this burns out, the alarm will cease to function. To fix this, locate the fuse box (often situated under the dashboard or the hood), identify the fuse related to the alarm system using the manual, and replace it with a new one of the same rating. Always ensure the car is off before attempting to replace a fuse to avoid any electrical mishaps.

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Turn On/Go Off/Keeps Going Off

Another potential reason could be related to a malfunctioning alarm sensor. The alarm sensors are designed to detect unauthorized access or disturbances; however, if a sensor is faulty, it may not activate the alarm as intended. Inspect the alarm sensors for any visible damage or obstruction and clean them gently with a soft cloth. If the issue persists, it’s advisable to consult with a professional mechanic or a Honda service center to inspect and possibly replace the faulty sensors, ensuring the alarm system operates seamlessly.

This article will share the possible reasons why your Honda Civic alarm won’t go off or keeps going off and won’t turn on, including possible solutions.

Honda Civic Alarm Keeps Going Off

Honda Civic Alarm Keeps Going Off

It could be a nightmare if your car alarm goes off in the dead of night. It’s not only interrupting your sleep, but it’s disturbing your neighbors too—cringe. Before we head on to fixing the issue, we would need to know the cause. Here are the possible reasons why your car alarm keeps going off.

Low Battery

Picture this; you’re all dressed for work, you hop into your Honda Civic, start the engine, and the alarms go berserk. This situation can leave you flustered and mess up your routine.

A likely reason why your car alarm goes off when you start the engine is that the battery might be low. No, it’s not a glitch. Car alarms, as part of their functions, alert you when your car battery is low. You could try testing your car battery with a battery tester to eliminate this possible reason. Consider getting this 12V Electronic Automotive Relay Tester Auto Car Diagnostic Battery Checker Tool.

If your car starts without trouble, but the alarm is blaring, then it might not be the battery. However, if your battery is low, recharging it or replacing it might be the fix you need.

Corroded Battery Terminals

A low battery isn’t the only battery trouble that could cause your alarm to go crazy. Corroded or bad battery terminals might send low signals that your car system might interpret as a low battery.

Essentially, battery malfunction could translate to car alarm malfunction.

Key Fob Malfunction

Your electronic key fob makes accessing your car so much easier. You could lock and unlock doors; turn the alarm on and off, and start the modern car engines. Your Honda Civic key fob has a battery connected to your car alarm and could be responsible for its malfunction.

Your key fob could send the wrong signal due to a low battery or short out. You might also be pressing the alarm button on by accident. Check to see that you aren’t sitting on your key fob or pressing it by mistake.

Faulty Hood Latch Sensor

One of the ways your car alarm safeguards your car for theft is by sounding out if someone tries to lift your hood forcibly. The hood latch sensors on your Honda Civic detect your car’s hood’s movement and triggers the alarm.

Sadly, this protective feature might be responsible for your car alarm malfunction. Sometimes, this sensor could be covered with dust and grime, causing it to send out conflicting signals that could trigger your car alarm.

Faulty Door Lock Sensors

Your Honda Civic alarm also monitors your car doors to secure your car. Forcibly opening your car doors could activate your car alarm. Furthermore, if the sensors are faulty, they might also send signals to your car alarm and could be responsible for your blaring alarm.

Incorrect Alarm Installation and Faulty Alarm Control Module

How soon after installing your Honda Civic alarm did this problem pop up? If this happens soon after installation, you might want to entertain the possibility that your alarm installation was faulty.

Also, factory-installed and aftermarket alarms usually have an alarm control module that controls all switches and sensors. Failure of this vital component of your alarm system could cause your car alarm to keep going off.

Sensitive Sensors

Does your Honda civic alarm come up loudly even from the lightest touch, such as your pet on the hood? If that’s the case, it could mean that your alarm sensors are set too sensitive and respond to light touch. Though it’s unusual for your alarm to respond to winds, it could happen if your alarm sensors are too sensitive.

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Go Off

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Go Off

If your Honda Civic alarm won’t go off, it’s only natural to worry about your car’s safety. Similar to other car alarm malfunctions, you would need to identify the cause to fix it. If you notice that your car alarm doesn’t respond to touch, it could be due to insensitive alarm sensors. Damaged door lock or hood latch sensors could also cause alarm malfunction. Your car alarm also won’t go off if your car battery is too low and the backup batteries have run down.

You might have to check your alarm sensors, fuse, and batteries. Try replacing the faulty parts to solve the issue.

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Turn Off

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Turn Off

So your car alarm goes off, you reach for your key fob to turn it off, but it keeps going off. Frustrating. If your Honda civic alarm doesn’t turn off, they are a few possible causes. However, the most common cause is a faulty key fob. Your key fob batteries might be low and might be sending conflicting signals, which aren’t enough to turn off the alarm. If your key fob has gotten wet, there might be a short within interfering with its function.

Other possible reasons why your Honda Civic alarm won’t turn off could be you’ve blown a fuse or malfunctioning sensors. You might want to check these possible malfunctioning parts or try resetting your alarm.

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Turn On

Honda Civic Alarm Won’t Turn On

If your Honda Civic alarm doesn’t turn on, you might be worried about the safety of your vehicle. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you could try to fix this issue. You might want to read up on these possible causes before attempting to fix things:

  • Battery problems
  • Key fob problems such as a weak battery or faulty software
  • The faulty alarm control module
  • Improper installation

Ok, you’re probably thinking, now I know the causes, tell me how to fix it already. That’s all this section is about. Here, we’ll share with you ways to fix your Honda Civic alarm that keeps going off. There are several ways to handle it.

  • Fix the sensors. If the hood latch sensors are dirty, consider cleaning it up first. Faulty door sensors might also need fixing before your car alarm is standard again. If your alarm sensor is too sensitive, you might need to take it in for calibration.
  • Install alarm properly. For a newly installed car alarm, you might need to confirm the correct installation. If you fixed the car alarm yourself, you might want to verify that all the wiring is in the right order. You could also take your car to the technician to fix up the connection.

Honda Civic Alarm Reset

Honda Civic Alarm Reset

You also try resetting the alarm on your Honda Civic. Sometimes the issue could result from your car alarm sending wrong signals, and disabling them for a while could reset the whole system and restore normalcy. Here’s how:

  1. Turn the ignition to position II (on).
  2. Press and hold the horizontal bar between AM/FM and CD tape buttons.
  3. Wait till you hear your doors lock cycle.
  4. Press and hold a button on your alarm remote.
  5. You should hear your door locks cycle again.
  6. Release the horizontal bar.
  7. You’ve reset your car alarm.

Honda Civic Alarm Disable

Honda Civic Alarm Disable

Let’s take a few ways to disable your car alarm. Usually, trying these might disable your alarm allowing it time to reset and restore normal function. You could try these steps at home with some protective gear.

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Lock and Unlock the Doors

You could use the correct car key to lock and unlock the car doors. You could also use your key fob to do this. Some car alarms would detect that you’ve used the correct keys and reset the system. This simple trick is pretty useful and is a pretty good place to start.

Check Your Key Fob

You might want to check that your key fob isn’t responsible for the malfunction. If your key fob’s batteries are low, try changing them. You might have to reset the key fob’s program or replace it if it’s beyond repair. This YouTube video from Justin Fuller on how to replace the battery in a Honda key fob might help:

Disconnect the Fuse

This step will require you to go through some study material before doing this. You could try this step if the earlier measures have failed. Read through your car owner’s manual to identify the location of your car alarm’s fuse and remove it. Removing the fuse should disable your car alarm.

Disconnect the Battery

When you disconnect the battery, you essentially remove the alarm’s battery source, effectively shutting it off. You might need to protect yourself with a pair of gloves before trying this out. Use pliers or a wrench to take out the nut and remove the negative battery terminal. Your alarm might go on for a while if it has a backup battery, but it should get quiet eventually.

You can reconnect the battery after a few minutes, and your car system has had some time to cool off.

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