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Honda Civic USB Port Not Working

Whether you are trying to play audio or get directions, when your USB port is not working in your Honda Civic it can be frustrating. Like with all technology, from time to time you may find that you’re facing connection issues. 

If the USB port in your Honda Civic isn’t working, it could be due to a blown fuse. The USB port is part of the car’s electrical system and is protected by a fuse. To fix this, locate the interior fuse box, often found under the dashboard. Consult the owner’s manual to find the specific fuse for the USB port. If it’s blown, replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage. This can often restore functionality to the USB port.

Another solution is to reset the car’s infotainment system. Sometimes, software glitches can cause the USB port to malfunction. To reset, turn off the car’s engine, then press and hold the audio system power button for about 10 seconds until the system resets. This can often resolve minor software issues affecting the USB port.

Car USB port

If you need to troubleshoot your Honda Civic’s USB system, there are a few common areas that you should target. These are easy areas to fix yourself, and the good news is you don’t have to take your car apart to fix them. 

Honda Civic USB Not Charging

Car USB port

If you are facing issues with your USB not charging, the first thing that you should check is the connection. If there is dust or debris in your USB terminal or connectors, you may face an interruption in the signal. An easy way to solve this is to clean out both the terminal and the USB connector with compressed air. Hold the canister at least ten inches away to prevent any damage from the excessive pressure. 

If your Honda Civic USB is not charging and you’ve cleaned out the ports, it may be an issue with the USB ports coming loose. If your USB ports are loose the connection from your device to your Honda Civic will be interrupted. Tightening them will make sure that there is no signal interruption and your device will not only be able to play audio, but it will be charging when your car is on. 

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Honda Civic USB Not Playing Music

Male and female in car happily listening to music

If you go to turn on your Honda Civic and your USB is not playing music, the first place to check is the volume. Make sure that your car’s stereo volume is not turned off. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to also check and see if your device is working properly and the volume settings are working.

If your Honda Civic is still not playing music, first make sure that you have a good connection. If there is any dust or debris in your charging ports or connectors, this can cause a signal interruption. You can clean these out using compressed air, just be sure to hold them at least ten inches away.

You should also check to ensure that the USB ports don’t lose themselves. Over time, with a lot of use, they can become dislodged. The good news is that they are very easy to secure yourself. 

The last area that you should troubleshoot is your device itself. As with all technology, some signals can become mixed. Resetting your device to factory settings will usually fix this issue. However, it is important to note that if you reset your device to factory settings, you will lose all of your saved information. Your device will essentially be restored to new.

Honda Civic Bad USB Device

Car USB port

Using your USB connection in your Honda Civic is often essential to either play audio or to get directions. If you get an error code because you have a bad USB device, you should first turn it on and off. If that doesn’t solve the issue, the problem is with your Honda Civic, rather than the device itself. 

If you get the ‘Bad USB Device’ message when you start the car, turn your car off and open the driver’s side door. After closing the door and restarting your car, you should clear the error message. If that doesn’t work for you, the issue is most likely located in the fuse box.

When you look at your fuse box, you want to first make sure that your fuse number 19 is not blown. If it is, replacing it should solve this issue. If the fuse is not blown and you still have the error code, pull the fuse out and go back into your car.

You want to turn your car on, but not start the engine. The radio should not work. Turn your Honda Civic off again and reinsert the fuse. Make sure that it is connected correctly. Start your car again and press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds. 

This article and its contents are owned by Know My Auto and was first published on 07/07/2022.

Honda Civic USB Unsupported

Car driver adjusting radio

When you start your Honda Civic and p[plug in your device you may get a warning that your USB is unsupported. This can happen when you have new devices or devices that you have previously used in the past. 

If your Honda Civic displays a USB unsupported warning, the first step is to reset your device. Restoring it to factory settings should usually clear this issue. However, keep in mind that when you restore your device to factory settings it will be like new, all of your data will be erased. 

If resetting the device doesn’t work, you should turn your attention to the USB connector ports. You may be facing either a signal or fuse issue. Your USB signal can be disrupted by several factors. If your connection ports are dirty or damaged, you won’t get a proper signal. 

Additionally, if your USB ports are loose, you may get this display error as your Honda Civic will be unable to recognize the device. 

Honda Civic USB Not Working

Female hand plugging USB cable into car USB port

There may be times when you connect your USB to your Honda Civic and even though is on your device is connected, you may be unable to play your device. If your USB is not working on your Honda Civic, you may or may not get a warning error on your Honda Civic’s screen.

If your Honda Civic USB is not working, the first area to check is your device itself. If you are facing issues with your device, you can either try to do a soft reset by turning it off and on, or you can do a factory reset. While a factory reset will often solve the issue, it will also erase all of your data. If the issue isn’t with your device, your USB ports are likely to work properly.

Your USB ports, like everything else, are connected to your fuse box. If the fuse is blown, both your USB connection and your radio will be affected. If the fuse has not blown, you can turn to the connections. If the USB connectors are loose, damaged, or dirty, you may run into signal interference. 

This article and its contents are owned by Know My Auto and was first published on 07/07/2022.

Honda Civic USB Port Not Working

White cable plugged into car USB port

If your Honda Civic port is not working, first check to make sure that your device is working. If your device is working properly, the other areas to turn to are your USB fuse and the USB connectors themselves. A blown fuse will prevent not only your USB connection but will also usually affect your ability to turn on your Honda Civic’s radio. If the fuse is not blown, there may be an issue with the connection. Loose USB ports can cause interruptions in signals. You can tighten your USB ports yourself. You want to ensure that they don’t shift when you plug in your devices. 

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