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About Page

Hi, my name is Harry. I’m the guy behind this website.

I’m a software engineer by training but turned entrepreneur. A husband to a great wife and a father of two young kids. I’ve owned several cars over the years and I have always been curious on how to fix car issues myself. Provided it’s within my capability.

Undoubtedly, I got this car interest from a very young age when my father decided to assemble 2 wrangler jeep from the ground up from scraps. He would go to the junk shop to find parts that he needs. He didn’t do a lot of the work, he paid mechanics to do put it together.

I remember one time, I was driving one of his assembled jeep wrangler and the stirring wheel wouldn’t stir any more. The car breaks down a lot.

Knowing what I know now, it was fun to tinker with it but I wouldn’t recommend it when you drive these things at high speed. 🙂 I would just buy cars as a whole and not assemble it from parts. Well if you are rich and you can afford specialist mechanics than that’s probably ok.

Anyways, I do a lot of research online and talk to different people who are interested in cars.

I’m also into bonsai and programming for fun. So I might have other websites related to those two topics.

Thanks for visiting my website.


Below are the cars I’ve owned over the years, it’s not all of them but a good majority of them.

Cars I’ve driven that I’ve borrowed or rented.