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Honda Civic Apple CarPlay Not Working

Apple CarPlay in the later models of Honda Civic is like any tech product anywhere, it is going to require tech support on occasion. Fortunately, with Apple CarPlay, it is born from a brand with an intuitive edge that makes troubleshooting and problem-solving very easy.

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If you are running into a situation with Honda Civic Apple CarPlay not working, chances are, you can fix it yourself before you call Apple Support. Learn more about how to resolve the problem of your Honda Civic Apple CarPlay not working. We can help you have this resolved in minutes.

Honda Civic Apple CarPlay Not Working

Like many Apple products, when you take them out of the home, you need to make sure that the things you need outside of the home are enabled. It sounds too simple, but not enabling Apple CarPlay and Siri are among the most common reasons you might have Apple CarPlay not working. You will need an iPhone 5 or later and it will need iOS 7.1 at least, in order for it to be compatible with your Honda Civic.

If you are plugging in your phone and find your Honda Civic Apple CarPlay not working, check to see that CarPlay is enabled. Forgetting to enable it is the most common mistake of Apple CarPlay users. You also want to make sure that your “Press Home for Siri” is enabled in your Siri settings.

You should see CarPlay in your Siri & Search settings, but if you don’t, go back to your Settings main menu. Tap on Screen Time, then Content & Privacy Restrictions, and then Allowed Apps. From there you can make sure that Apple CarPlay and Siri & Search are enabled.

If the problem is persisting, check your cable. You will want to use the Apple USB-C cable for the Apple CarPlay. Many times we use different cables to save costs on Apple products and accessories, and for charging purposes, they can be very effective. When you are connecting devices and apps such as these, you will need an Apple USB charger to go with Apple CarPlay.

Another common reason you might find the Honda Civic Apple CarPlay not working is the model year of your vehicle. Apple CarPlay will only be enabled on Honda Civic models 2016 or later.

Honda Civic Apple CarPlay Blank Screen

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The Honda Civic Apple CarPlay blank screen issue can often be attributed to outdated software. Ensuring that your vehicle’s infotainment system and your iPhone are running the latest software versions can mitigate this problem. Navigate to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone, select ‘General,’ and tap ‘Software Update’ to check for available updates. Similarly, refer to your vehicle’s manual or the official Honda website for guidance on updating the car’s infotainment system.

Another common reason for the Honda Civic Apple CarPlay screen going blank could be a faulty USB cable. A damaged or incompatible cable may not establish a stable connection between your iPhone and the vehicle, leading to intermittent functionality or a blank screen. Ensure you’re using an Apple-certified cable and consider replacing it if you encounter persistent issues with CarPlay. A visual inspection of the cable for any wear and tear, and trying an alternative cable, can help determine if this is the root cause.

In some instances, the issue might stem from incorrect settings or minor system glitches within the vehicle’s infotainment system. A simple reset of the system might resolve the blank screen issue. To perform a reset, turn off the car completely, and wait for a few minutes before restarting it. Additionally, rebooting your iPhone might also help in resolving any minor glitches that could be interfering with Apple CarPlay. Ensure that CarPlay is enabled in your iPhone settings by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘CarPlay,’ and select your vehicle under ‘Available Cars.’ If the problem persists, consulting with a Honda service specialist or a professional technician might be the next advisable step.

Honda Civic Apple CarPlay Frozen

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When your Honda Civic Apple CarPlay is frozen, try rebooting everything. It may be the car that is glitching, it may be the device.  Some news has been released that suggests that Apple CarPlay has been a little cranky after iOS 14 updates. That could be the cause of your frozen Apple CarPlay.

Some Internet users report a Honda Civic Apple CarPlay frozen after the iOS 14 update. In some cases, changing the theme of the background on your CarPlay dashboard is the fix. If that doesn’t work, you may need to revert back to your former OS. This fix takes more time and your Windows PC or Mac.

One common workaround to the Honda Civic Apple CarPlay frozen problem is that if rebooting doesn’t work, try changing the background on your CarPlay system. You simply need to open the settings on your CarPlay system and play with your themes and colors. Choosing black has been said to be an effective way to unfreeze Apple CarPlay, but perhaps changing the color of the screen is the trick here. Try changing other settings, turning the car on and off, and see what happens then.

If you are using iOS 14, the other option is to revert back to the previous operating system before your update. You won’t be able to do this on your way to work, but it’s a tip worth noting when you have the time. You’ll need your Mac or PC for this.

Turn your device off, and plug it into your computer. Press and hold the Side or Volume button down until you see the Recovery mode icon appear on your device. You can recover to a version of your phone that has not been backed up with an earlier iOS here. Now, you can use Finder or iTunes on your desktop and Restore your phone’s iOS. iTunes will detect Recovery mode and ask you what you want to do next. Click Restore and Update. You’re going to see an iOS 13 Software Updater here. Click Next and Agree.

When this process is complete, try Apple CarPlay with your vehicle now. If the app is not frozen any longer, you know who your culprit is.

Honda Civic Apple CarPlay Keeps Disconnecting

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Generally speaking, when a device or app keeps disconnecting, the issue is literally a connection issue. This could be with your Wifi, Bluetooth, or the cable connecting the app with the device. You will need to find where the connection problem is to fix this.

This problem requires troubleshooting a connection issue. You might have a power issue with one end of the connection technology you are working with. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you plug it into Apple CarPlay, and use an Apple lightning cable to optimize CarPlay connections.

Honda Civic Apple CarPlay Not Connecting

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This is the same problem as an Apple CarPlay that keeps disconnecting. If this app won’t connect at all, there is likely a power or charge problem at one end of the technology. You also need to check that your Apple CarPlay is region-specific to your location, particularly if you are traveling.

Use an Apple cable between your device and your Apple CarPlay and see if that helps your connection and power issues. If you are using Wifi to connect, make sure that Wifi and Bluetooth are enabled on your device. Enable Siri as well. Start both your phone and your device again.

If you still aren’t connecting, there could simply be a restriction somewhere here. Check Settings, tap on Screen Time, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions, and go to Allowed Apps. Enable CarPlay here. You can also reverse this, by going into Settings, tap General, tap CarPlay and forget the vehicle on this setting. Now, set it all up again and see if it connects.

Apple Support may be your next step if this step does not work.

Honda Civic CarPlay Reset

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It is easy to reset your CarPlay if you find your Honda Civic Apple CarPlay not working. Start from the beginning and remove both Wifi and Bluetooth from your CarPlay app.

You can delete your CarPlay data from your data settings to make your phone rethink of your Apple CarPlay all over again as if it is brand new. Press and hold the on and off button on your infotainment center for ten seconds. You are going to reset this feature too.

Does Honda Civic Have Wireless CarPlay

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Although an Apple cable is the most common troubleshooting help with Apple CarPlay, you may want to configure a wireless setting with your CarPlay. It’s easy. A wireless adapter is an answer.

The Honda Civic does have a wireless Apple CarPlay option. You’ll need to purchase an adapter for less than $200. This will attach to the USB port in your vehicle and your device will automatically wirelessly connect to your Apple CarPlay. Enable Bluetooth and Wi-fi and you are good to go.

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