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Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light Troubleshooting

Having your tire pressure displayed on your car’s screen is extremely useful. Gone are the days when the only way to know what your tire pressure was to manually check it. However, as with all technology, you can run into some issues. If your tire pressure light stays on or keeps coming on unexpectedly, don’t get frustrated just yet.

The tire pressure light in your Honda Civic may activate if one or more tires are significantly under-inflated. To resolve this, inflate the tires to the recommended PSI found in the owner’s manual. This simple step can often reset the light and rectify the issue, ensuring your tires are at optimal pressure for safe driving.

Checking car tire pressure

Sometimes, the tire pressure light persists because the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) itself needs recalibration. This can happen after tire rotation, replacement, or changes in air pressure due to weather. Recalibrating the TPMS is like resetting a watch; it ensures the system’s readings are accurate again. Most Honda Civics allow you to recalibrate the system via the vehicle settings menu, ensuring the light reflects the true tire pressure status.

In other instances, the cause might be a slow leak in one of the tires, perhaps from a nail or other road debris. It’s akin to a tiny hole in a balloon, slowly releasing air until the balloon is deflated. For this, a thorough tire inspection is necessary to find and repair the leak. Once repaired and the tire is properly inflated, the tire pressure light should turn off, signaling your tires are back in tip-top shape, ready for the journey ahead.

Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light Keeps Coming On

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There could be a few reasons that your Honda Civic tire pressure light keeps coming on. Of course, the main reason that your tire pressure light could be coming on is that your pressure is in fact low. If you find that it comes on soon after you’ve refilled the air in your tires, you should have your tires checked for any leaks. Otherwise, there are a few other causes that could lead to this.

If your Honda Civic tire pressure light keeps coming on it could be due to your climate. Places that have extremely warm or cold climates see a greater fluctuation in tire pressure. Depending on where you live, it’s a good idea to wait until extreme weather conditions have passed. 

If you fill your tires when it’s freezing out and then the weather warms up, your tires will be overfilled. This can result in a bubble in your tire wall or even a blowout. 

While rare, it could be an issue with your TPMS system failing. Your TPMS is the system that calibrates your tire pressure readings. You will often notice this if weather changes aren’t drastic and your tire pressure light is still coming on at certain times of day. 

Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light After New Tires

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Even if you’ve just installed new tires, there is still the possibility that they were not filled to the proper PSI. You should check your tires using a tire pressure gauge. If they are at the right levels, then the issue is with your TPMS system.

If your Honda Civic tire pressure light is on after installing new tires, and your tire pressure isn’t low, drive around for a bit to see if the light goes off. It may just be taking your TPMS time to process so that the new tires can be added. 

There could also be an issue with your new tires. Whether you install them yourself or take them into a shop, if the tires are the incorrect size, this can throw off your TPMS meter.

A very serious issue that can happen when you replace your tires is doing it incorrectly. Your TPMS monitor is connected to your tires, just beneath the pressure gauge. If you fail to detach this before removing your tires you will damage your TPMS to the point that it will likely need to be replaced.

To remove your TPMS attachment, take the cap off and use a socket wrench and remove the nut. Once you’ve taken the nut off, you can punch down on the valve stem to remove the washer. Then push down again until enough air has been released that you see your TPMS reader drop inside of your tire. 

Honda Civic Tire Pressure Low Light

Checking car tire pressure

You may notice that when you look at your tire pressure light, the light itself seems low or dim. This can be a frustrating issue because it can make it hard to see when your tire pressure light comes on while you are driving.

If your Honda Civic tire pressure light is low, you need to provide some backing. As the tire pressure light is an LED, there is no simple bulb that you can replace. You can, however, remove the gauge and use electrical tape to put on the connection. With the tape secured over your LED light, it will be easier to see it. 

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Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light Blinking

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While typically when your Honda Civic tire pressure light comes on, it’s solid. That is not always the case though. Sometimes you may notice that your tire pressure light is blinking or flashing. 

If your Honda Civic tire pressure light is blinking, that could be an indication that your battery is low. Your TPMS system relies on your car’s battery to operate. A blinking tire pressure light can also be an indication that one of your TPMS receivers has an issue such as becoming dislodged or is faulty.

Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light Won’t Turn Off

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Having your tire pressure light constantly on is frustrating. It can also raise concerns when you are driving, as you may have just refilled or replaced your tires. 

There are several reasons why your Honda Civic tire pressure light won’t turn off. As a general rule, your first step should be to check your tires. Use a tire pressure meter. This way you can find out if the issue is with your tires, or if your TPMS is off. 

Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light Reset

Checking car tire pressure

Sometimes, when you are facing issues with your Honda Civic tire pressure lights, the easiest way to resolve the problem is just by running a tire pressure light reset from the get-go. Many problems with your Honda Civic tire pressure light turning on for no reason are just that you need to reset it. 

To reset your Honda Civic tire pressure light, first, have your tires at 32 PSI. If you have a touchscreen in your Honda Civic, go to your home screen and select Settings. Once in the settings menu, select Tire Pressure Calibration (or TMPS). You’ll see the option to select Calibrate. Press okay and wait for a few seconds for it to restart. 

Once your system is up and running, you should notice after you drive around for a little that your tire pressure light will turn off.

If you don’t have a touch screen, you can still reset your Honda Civic tire pressure light. Use the buttons on your steering wheel by first pressing the menu button. Then find the area marked Customize Settings. From there you will select Calibration. Select Initialize and when prompted, select Yes. Exit out of your menu and give it a few minutes to reboot. 

Honda Civic Tire Pressure Light Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting your tire pressure light in your Honda Civic, one step that rights most issues is to reset your tire pressure light. Like rebooting a computer, even if you’ve just filled or replaced your tires, your tire pressure light might be slow when communicating your correct tire PSI. 

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