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Toyota Camry Bluetooth Issues

In 2008, the Toyota Camry first introduced to its drivers the revolutionary technology of Bluetooth. Since then, like any other technology, it has had its share of issues. In this article, we will teach you different ways to fix your Toyota Camry bluetooth issues. .

A common issue with the Toyota Camry Bluetooth not working is often related to outdated software, which can hinder connectivity or function. To resolve this, check the vehicle’s infotainment system for any available software updates and install them. Ensuring the system operates on the latest software can enhance Bluetooth functionality and connectivity.

In certain scenarios, the Toyota Camry’s Bluetooth may fail to work effectively due to interference from surrounding devices or networks, which can destabilize the Bluetooth signal and inhibit a stable connection. It’s prudent to ensure no additional devices are attempting to connect to the vehicle’s Bluetooth or that no networks are causing interference. Disabling Bluetooth on other devices and positioning the vehicle away from potential network interferences can bolster the stability of the Bluetooth connection. Moreover, a restart of both the vehicle’s infotainment system and the Bluetooth device might refresh and stabilize the connection, mitigating connectivity issues.

Car driver touching screen navigation

Another potential cause for Bluetooth connectivity issues could be attributed to the paired device itself. The device may present compatibility issues, be positioned out of range, or encounter its own software or hardware challenges that obstruct stable connectivity. Verifying the device’s compatibility with the Toyota Camry’s Bluetooth system, ensuring it is within range, and confirming it operates on the latest software is pivotal. Testing connectivity with an alternate device can help discern whether the issue originates from the initial device or the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. If the issue is consistent across multiple devices, a more thorough inspection or professional diagnostic of the vehicle’s Bluetooth system might be warranted.

Toyota Camry Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

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There is nothing worse than driving down the road and having your bluetooth suddenly disconnect for no reason. Despite what vehicle you own, this can be a problem for anyone. Many Toyota Camry owners have reported this to be a common problem.

When a Toyota Camry’s Bluetooth disconnects repeatedly, try:

  • Removing and reinstalling Bluetooth using the Camry’s system settings
  • Uninstalling Bluetooth from the car and phone and recycle power
  • Turning off text message capability through your Camry’s Bluetooth
  • Turning off the Wi-Fi option

If these methods don’t work for you, then you can always try the old-faithful; deleting your data and cache. It just takes a few simple steps:

Step 1: Select Apps
Step 2: Click on Settings
Step 3: Click on Show System Settings
Step 4: Click on Storage
Step 5: Clear both your data and cache.

Many consumers complain that one of their phones will work while another phone they have seems to have problems, so this could be an issue with the specific model of phone you are using.

Toyota Camry Keeps Saying Module Not Connected

Car bluetooth setup

Out of all the error messages you can get, this is one of the more common ones that consumers are concerned about.

The problem that Toyota Camry drivers are having issues with is the message “module not connected.” There are two ways you can attempt to resolve this issue.

Using this method, your stereo will perform a hard reset and may clear out any software-related problems you may be having:

Step 1: Unplug your Toyota Camry’s battery
Step 2: Wait for two minutes
Step 3: Reconnect the battery

If the previous method doesn’t work, it is recommended that you go to the dealership you got your Toyota Camry from and get a software update on your car’s system.

From what most of the consumer threads on the issue indicate, your best bet is to have this problem looked at using the second method.

Toyota Camry Bluetooth Add Button Not Working

Car driver using touch screen navigation

The issue of your Toyota Camry’s bluetooth add button not working is a known problem with Toyota and consumers alike.

If your Toyota Camry’s bluetooth add button isn’t working, it actually might involve the touch screen being faulty. You could end up needing your radio replaced.

If your car is still in warranty, you can go to the Toyota dealership and have them cover replacing it. However, if it is not, you will have to pay for the expense yourself.

Many users report using objects in and around the touch screen placement in order to get the touch screen to operate without needing maintenance, but this is not recommended. Your Toyota Camry should be professionally repaired instead.

Toyota Camry Bluetooth Not Available

Hand holding phone connecting to car bluetooth

Amongst other problems, the Bluetooth not available issue for the Toyota Camry is also one that gets mentioned in the Toyota Forums quite often. At times, you may find your Toyota Camry’s Bluetooth option is greyed out and unavailable for connection.

To fix a “Bluetooth not available” message on a Toyota Camry, unlink everything in your Bluetooth settings and start over fresh. Reset anything you possibly can from your phone to the stereo and test the connection again.

Other Bluetooth devices such as Fitbit can interrupt the signal going to your Camry. When you test the Bluetooth’s connection without those devices present, you’ll know if your connection is still faulty.

One last thing: Deny permissions for the Bluetooth to access messages on the phone. Text messages are known to disable the Bluetooth in this car.

If these options don’t work for you, you might find that the next two methods will.

Bring Up a Diagnostic Screen

Bringing up a diagnostic screen is a relatively easy fix for your Toyota Camry’s unavailable bluetooth issues.

Step 1: Turn the ignition on without starting the car, so the radio will come on but not the engine.
Step 2: Hold in the “app” button at the same time as turning the lights on and off three times.

Now that we’ve covered the first method, let’s move on to the second.

Toggle the INT

Another way you can fix your Toyota Camry’s unavailable bluetooth issues is by toggling the INT.

Step 1: In the bottom left corner, toggle to “INT.”
Step 2: It will ask you to personalize data, yes or no.
Step 3: Press Yes, then hold in the power button to exit

Once you’ve finished these steps, you can see if your bluetooth is working.

Out of all the steps that you can try, it seems like more people have had luck with bringing up a diagnostic screen to fix this issue rather than having to take it to a dealership.

Toyota Camry Bluetooth Audio Not Working

Driving car down road in the forest

Before starting to troubleshoot your bluetooth audio system, ensure your system is correctly set up to ensure that may not be the problem.

If your Toyota Camry’s bluetooth audio isn’t working, you may need to set it up again. You can also try troubleshooting the “Audio Not Working” problem if needed.

Listed below are steps for both setting up your bluetooth and troubleshooting the problem:

Step 1: Go into your Settings and make sure Bluetooth is turned “on.” Press “Setup” on the multimedia interface, and then select “Add” to add your smartphone to the system. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone.
Step 2: Select the Toyota on the smartphone to connect to the car. You may need to enter a PIN number. Allow access to messages and contacts.
Step 3: If you are having a problem after this, make sure you turn messages off since some consumers have had issues with the message feature causing interruption to their Bluetooth connection.
Step 4: The Toyota will only hold 5 Bluetooth devices. Make sure the Toyota is not completely full with known devices in memory. Select the correct option for music or audio if you have more than one device connected to your Toyota.
Step 5: If you are not getting messages or phone calls, check your phone’s permission settings. If all else fails, restart your phone and then restart the audio system by holding down the power button until it performs a reset.

Hopefully, these options will leave you with a working connection so you can enjoy your phone calls, messages, and audio in your Toyota Camry. If nothing on this list works, we recommend taking your car to the dealership to have it checked out.

Toyota Camry Bluetooth Reset

Car driver using touchscreen navigation

The need to reset your Bluetooth radio does happen from time to time. You may be doing this because you are having an issue with the radio pairing or are just not getting audio.

Copyright protected article by Know My Auto and was first published on Jun 8, 2021. .

Resetting the bluetooth option on your Toyota Camry is a simple process that should only take a matter of minutes to accomplish.

In order to reset your Bluetooth system you should:

Step 1: Disconnect and remove your cellular device from the bluetooth connection to your vehicle. Disconnect and remove the device from your vehicle’s bluetooth menu. Hold down the power button until the system resets.
Step 2: Once the system has reset, press down the “Setup” button. Select “General.” Scroll down and select “Delete Personal Data” from the system. This will get rid of any past information you have had on the radio.

After this procedure, feel free to try the connection process again and see if a successful connection can be made.

Toyota Camry Microphone Not Connected

Car driver activating bluetooth speaker

When it comes to microphone problems in the Toyota Camry, this is a problem best left to the professionals at the dealership. The general consensus on this issue is that it is normally caused by a short in the wiring that is a result of the rearview mirror being adjusted frequently.

If you are trying to get your microphone back to being operational without taking it to the dealership, a little wiggling around is the best you are going to be able to do to get it up and working again.

For safety, it still would need to be looked at. A firmware update may resolve the issue, but that is something your local dealership would be in charge of handling anyway.

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