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Toyota Camry Radio Keeps Resetting

There is nothing worse than a radio that refuses to work. Maybe that is exaggerating, but silence on the road is something not many people can stand. Having the radio stop working in your car can really motivate you to get some work done, but first, you need to figure out what the issue is.

A frequent cause for the Toyota Camry radio constantly resetting is a disrupted connection to the car’s battery. The radio relies on the battery to retain settings and, if intermittently disconnected, it can reset to default. Ensure the radio’s power wire is securely connected and free from corrosion to maintain consistent power.

Car interior steering wheel radio console

Additionally, a problematic fuse can lead to the radio resetting in a Toyota Camry. Fuses act as safeguards for electronic components, and if the radio’s fuse is not functioning properly, it can lead to inconsistent power supply causing resets. Check the appropriate fuse in the fuse box and replace it if found to be blown or faulty.

Read on to learn how to solve different radio problems, including the cure-all of replacing or upgrading your Toyota Camry radio.

Resetting Toyota Camry Radio And Inputting Security Code

Car driver using touch screen radio console

Your first step when dealing with a radio that keeps resetting is to reset it yourself manually. You can do this by disconnecting it from the battery and letting it sit for a short while, but this causes a new issue.

Most Toyota vehicles, especially newer ones, are equipped with elevated anti-theft technology that can be activated any number of ways. Removing the head unit or disconnecting it from power is one of the ways to do this, so you will almost always need to enter this code when making repairs anyway.

After you repair or replace the head unit you will need to reset using the access security code you were provided upon the purchase of your vehicle. If you are not the original owner or you have forgotten the code you will need to go to the dealer to figure it out.

This is how you input that code so you can access your radio:

  • Set the ignition to “on” to power the stereo.
  • Turn the system on.
  • Find the location of the up arrow button and the first preset button, which is marked with the number ‘1’. Press and hold both of these buttons together until you see dashes on the display. Then release both buttons
  • Press the preset button that corresponds with the first number of your stereo code, then press the right area to move to the next number.
  • Repeat until you have entered all four numbers correctly. The radio should power off.
  • Double check to see if the code has been inputted correctly. After three unsuccessful attempts the unit will be locked. Unlocking the head unit will require the services of a Toyota dealership

Toyota Camry Radio Won’t Turn On/Off

Inside a car with view of steering wheel and touch screen console

If you have issues with your radio refusing to power on or off at the appropriate times there is usually a problem with the electrical components related to it.

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot these components to get to the bottom of the issue, depending on your specific problem.

Radio Not Turning On

If your radio is refusing to turn on, then there is probably a break in the circuit that paves the way for the radio to get power.

Check for things like disconnected, broken, or faulty wires. Other symptoms of wiring issues include burnt plastic and discoloration.

If wiring does not seem to be the problem or you have other systems that are not getting power you should check your fuse box. While you may be able to see a blown fuse, you may also need to replace it to see if that fixes your problem.

Radio Not Turning Off

A radio that refuses to turn off is a bit trickier. Check to see if the radio turns off when your car is off (not just in the “accessory” position).

If your radio continues to stay on while your car is off then try removing the fuse and plugging it back in. You may also need to replace the fuse in this instance.

You can also unplug the negative side of the battery to remove the power supply from the radio completely. The radio should not come back on when you reconnect it, but if it does then your radio is not wired properly.

Toyota Camry Radio Has No Sound

Driver adjusting radio settings

A “no sound” problem can stem from a number of places. The three major places you need to check are:

  • Fuses
  • Wiring
  • Factory Amp

It is worth checking these areas in that exact order to potentially save yourself time and money.


You should always check fuses first because they are the easiest to check, easiest to fix, and also the easiest to overlook. A fuse does not need to be completely blown to cause a problem.

It is a good idea to have extra fuses handy so you can simply replace the old fuse with a new one to see if this corrects the issue. If not, proceed to check other areas.


If you only have certain speakers that are not working then the problem might be the wiring. Check out the wire on both ends, feeling back as far as you can to search for breaks.

A common problem with Toyota Camrys is speaker wires disconnecting in the trunk. This can happen because of trunk overload, but even light loads can cause the wires to disconnect.

Factory Amp

Usually, issues with the factory amp are preceded by other symptoms like sound distortion, but it is entirely plausible for the amp to go out without warning.

Not every unit has a factory amp installed, but Toyota’s JBL systems do. You can usually find the amp under the passenger seat.

Check to make sure it has not been disconnected.

Toyota Camry Radio/Screen Not Working

Car touch screen console

Many of your major issues can be solved by replacing your Camry’s head unit. If you have a newer model the head unit goes beyond being a stereo, and it controls things like navigation and climate.

Plenty of people replace the head unit on their vehicle simply to upgrade it, but you can always replace it with the same type when doing so out of need.

When to Replace Your Toyota Camry’s Head Unit

If your radio screen stops working, your touch screen stops working, or the unit has just stopped working altogether you will need to replace the entire thing.

Toyota Camry Radio Screen Not Working

Regardless of your Camry’s year, a dead screen or display is a key indicator that you are due for a new head unit. This can look like anything from your basic clock not showing up to touch screen or navigation issues.

With your newer Camrys, you should first check out your warranty status. If you are no longer under warranty Toyota is well known for not budging, so you might want to save your debate skills for convincing a car stereo shop to do the job for you.

Toyota Camry Radio Stopped Working

If your radio has stopped working altogether and there is no evidence that it could be any of the aforementioned issues, replacing the head unit should do the trick.

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While it could be a smaller problem, you will spend more time and money trying to figure out the minute issues. Replacing the head unit at this point is more economical in both areas.

How to Replace Toyota Camry Head Unit

Before you even begin, make sure you purchase the proper supplies for your year. While you can purchase a universal aftermarket radio, these can lead to a more difficult installation. At the very least you will need:

  • Radio
  • Dash kit for your year
  • Wiring harness (if you have a factory amp make sure your wiring harness accommodates this)
  • Antenna adapter (if necessary)

Once you are ready to begin, gather all these items and any necessary tools (screwdrivers, sockets, manuals) and unplug your battery.

Removing the Old Head Unit

Remove the old head unit. A specialized guide or manual for your year can be helpful here, but the process usually involves removing the trim and unscrewing or unbolting the unit. If you have slots to the left or right then you will need a special tool to release the old unit.

Disconnect any old wiring. Usually, this is as easy as unclipping a harness. At this point you should compare the harness to the one you bought, ensuring they match. If not, jet to your local car audio center and ask them to help you find the correct one.

Disconnect the antenna by pulling on the connector. If you need to, you can use pliers to help separate them. Just make sure you do not pull on the wire, or you could easily mess up your vehicle’s antenna capabilities.

Installing the New Head Unit

Assemble your dash kit. Dash kits use two different mounting methods, cage and ISO. While cage mounts utilize a metal sleeve to hold the unit in place, ISO uses brackets to attach the radio to the dash. Most Toyotas are ISO compatible.

Connect the new radio’s harness to the wiring harness. While there seems to be an effort to use universal wiring colors, you should double-check before you start stripping wire and twisting them together. Once you have finished, use electrical tape to cover the splice.

Connect the harness to the factory wiring. Again, this is usually as simple as plugging the wiring harness into place. Make sure you do not forget to plug your antenna back in, or you will have to take everything apart to do so.

Reverse the steps you took to remove the unit. Make sure it is securely in the dash, clip your trim back in, and reconnect your battery.

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