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Honda Accord Alarm Not Working/Keeps Going Off

Many buyers and owners of the Honda Accord point to this car’s security and alarm system as one of its major selling points. The alarm system of the Honda Accord is a great feature but mastering its operation can be a different matter. Understanding the Honda Accord alarm system takes some study and work.

A common reason for a Honda Accord’s alarm not working is a dead battery in the key fob. The key fob battery powers the remote functions, including the alarm system. Replacing the key fob battery is a simple and effective solution to restore the alarm’s functionality.

Another possible cause is a malfunction in the car’s door sensors. If the sensors are faulty or not aligned correctly, they may not trigger the alarm system as intended. Inspecting and adjusting or replacing the door sensors can fix this issue and ensure the alarm works properly.

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Many times, Honda Owners report problems with their automobile’s security system. The system may not operate as expected, or a certain feature may seem to be missing. Often the cause of these problems is an inadvertent change to a setting in the iMID system. We looked at several of the most common Honda Accord security system problems related to iMID settings.

Honda Accord Doesn’t Beep When I Arm the System or Lock the Doors

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There are several reasons the horn on your Honda Accord doesn’t beep when you arm the security system. The first item to check is the iMID system. There are several settings in the iMID that can affect this behavior. Check these settings in the iMID:

  • “Beep” should be turned to the ON position
  • “Keyless Lock Answer Back” needs to be set to ON
  • The “Key and Unlock Mode” must be set to “Driver Door.”

Check the Alarm Fuse

A bad fuse will prevent your Honda Accord security system from operating at all. The fuse block is under the hood on the car’s driver’s side near the firewall on most Honda Accord models. To check the alarm fuse, you can:

  • Open the cover of the fuse box and look for the block diagram showing which fuses to check.
  • Remove the proper fuse. Most fuses will show a visible discoloration or a break in the fuse element if they are bad.
  • Replace the fuse with one of the same size and rating.

The fuse blew for a reason. If you have replaced the same fuse more than once in a few days, there are other problems with your alarm system. Something is causing the fuse to blow, and the problem should be diagnosed and corrected. Your Honda dealer can run a diagnostic on your Honda Accord to pinpoint the problem.

Is the Security System Arming at All?

If these settings are correct and the problem persists, check to make sure your hood and trunk are latching securely. If either one doesn’t lock down securely, the alarms system will not arm, and the horn will not beep.

In this case, you may need to visit your Honda dealer for a system diagnosis. One of the door sensors may not be reporting properly, or the alarm system may have an internal error. Your dealer can run a diagnostic on the system to locate the fault.

Honda Accord Alarm Keeps Going Off

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There are several problems with the Honda Accord that can cause the alarm system to keep going off. The automobile owner easily remedies several of these problems. A few will require a trip to the dealership for diagnosis and repair. Understanding which problems, you can repair and which you can’t is the challenge

The Hood Latch

A sensor on your Honda Accord keeps track of the hood latch position. If the hood latch opens and the alarm system is armed, the alarm will sound. This feature protects your car from tampering under the hood.

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This hood latch sensor can be bad, or the hood latch may need adjustment for the sensor to operate properly. Dirt and debris can also build up on and around the sensor and cause it to malfunction.

Your Honda dealer can check the operation of the hood latch sensor and the correct adjustment of your hood latch to correct this problem.

A Bad Battery on Your Honda Accord

The alarm system installed on your Honda Accord depends on the vehicle battery to operate. The alarm system is sensitive to battery output. If the battery in your Honda Accord isn’t delivering a steady current to the alarm system, the system may think the batter is being tampered with and sound an alarm.

Have your Honda dealer check the condition and output of your vehicle battery. A battery condition check is quick. Many dealers or automotive parts shops will perform this test for free.

Erroneous Signals

The key fob that activates your alarm system remotely depends on a radio signal to activate the alarm system. In some rare cases, there are several reasons your Honda Accord may think it is getting a signal to activate.

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  • An inadvertent button press on the key fob can accidentally activate the system. The key fob in a purse or pocket can easily get pressed by other objects or the keys on the key ring.
  • A bad or damaged key fob can begin sending signals on its own. The small buttons on the key fob get thousands of presses and may wear out, requiring a new key fob.
  • Stray radio signals can be the culprit. It seems as if everything has a remote control these days. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the signals from the various devices can interfere with one another. Consult with your Honda dealer about changing the frequency or codes on your alarm system and key fob.

Repeated Alarms and Error Codes

The diagnostic system on your Honda Accord may be trying to communicate with you. There are instances when some stored error codes in the onboard diagnostic system can cause the alarm system to activate. Some stored error codes can result in an alarm activation regularly, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Have your Honda dealer run a diagnostic scan on the computer system in your Honda Accord. Address any stored error codes and have the problems repaired. Clearing the stored error codes may well solve your ongoing alarm activation problem.

How to Reset Honda Accord Alarm After it Has Activated

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If the security system on your Honda Accord is activated, you must reset the system to silence the alarms. The process is quick and easy.

When the Honda Accord alarm system is activated, to silence and reset the alarm, you should:

  • Insert the key into the driver’s door lock
  • Unlock the door manually using the key
  • Immediately relock the door using the key
  • Without any pause, unlock the door one more time

These steps should silence the alarms and reset the system

Activating and Using the Panic Alarm on a Honda Accord

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Activating the panic alarm is as simple as pressing the panic button on your key fob or key. Pressing the button activates the full alarm system on your Honda Accord, including blaring horn and flashing lights.

To deactivate the panic alarm, press the panic button a second time, and your Honda Accord should return to its previous state.

The Alarm System on my Honda Accord Won’t Shut Off

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Under certain conditions, the alarm system on your Honda Accord may continue to alarm and won’t respond to the key fob or the keys. Usually, this situation occurs after a dead battery situation, or a new battery is installed.

The usual solution to this problem is to do a standard alarm system reset. Your Honda Accord owner’s manual has step-by-step instructions on performing a user reset on the alarm system. Following these steps will almost always solve the problem.

However, there may be instances where a complete system reset and restore is necessary. These problems require a trip to the dealership. Your Honda Accord dealer has the equipment and training to perform a complete factory reset of your Honda Accords’ control and alarm systems.

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