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Toyota Corolla Won’t Connect / Stay Connected to Bluetooth

Whoever came up with adding Bluetooth to cars was a genius (p.s. It was Chrysler). It has become the greatest wireless technology that allows us to communicate, so it can be frustrating when your Bluetooth won’t connect to your device.

A Toyota Corolla may not connect to Bluetooth due to device pairing issues. To resolve this, delete any old Bluetooth connections from your car’s audio system and your smartphone, then try re-pairing them. Ensure your phone is set to discoverable mode and follow your Corolla’s steps for Bluetooth pairing.

Another common issue could be related to the smartphone’s Bluetooth software. If the phone’s Bluetooth software is outdated or glitching, it can prevent a successful connection. Restarting your smartphone can refresh the Bluetooth function. Additionally, check for any software updates for your phone and install them if available, as this can resolve compatibility issues with your car’s Bluetooth system.

A finger pressing on bluetooth speaker button inside a car

Sometimes the problem lies with the Toyota Corolla’s infotainment system. If the system is freezing or unresponsive, it may fail to connect to Bluetooth devices. Performing a soft reset of the infotainment system can often resolve this issue. This is usually done by pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds or finding the specific reset option in the system’s menu.

In this article, we will look at the common reasons and causes for compatibility problems and tips on fixing them. Keep reading below to learn more.

Toyota Corolla Not Connecting to Bluetooth

Bluetooth buttons in a car

If you are looking for answers to why your Corolla is not connecting to Bluetooth, we have some reasons and assistance below.

Incompatible Versions

While Bluetooth is supposed to be universal, often there are exceptions to the rule. In your Toyota Corolla case, there is a list of specific devices that are compatible with your car’s Bluetooth and others that are not. You will find older Toyota models are more compatible with devices that are also older, while the newer models are more compatible with newer devices. Toyota has listed the specific Bluetooth compatible phones on their site.

So, what can you do? Well, if your device is indeed compatible, then it might just be that you are having trouble pairing the devices. Here are a few steps that can help:

  1. Make sure that BLUETOOTH is turned ON, on your device.
  2. Then, go to MENU on the car’s screen and select SETUP.
  4. Select your device’s name.
  5. There will be a PIN on the screen. Check your device to make sure it has the same pin. If it does, then you can select PAIR.
  6. When the device is connecting to the system, there will be a CONNECTING screen.
  8. Turn notification ON for the device.
  9. It will be confirmed on the system’s screen.
  10. Then you’re done!

Devices Are Too Far Apart

Typically devices can continue to connect to Bluetooth for up to 30 feet. However, they will pair better the closer in proximity they are. If the device and system are near one another and you are still having problems trying to get them connected, you might want to check that nothing is obstructing or interfering with the connection. You will also want to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device and in pairing mode.

Bluetooth Is Disabled on Device

Sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to get things working right away. In this case, your Bluetooth might be disabled on the device. To cure this issue, you can complete the following:

  1. Open SETTINGS on your device.
  2. Select the BLUETOOTH button.
  3. Search for the system you’d like to connect with.
  4. Once you find it, tap on that device.
  5. Then you should be good!

Outside Interference

It might come as a surprise, but Wi-Fi Networks, Hotspots, and certain USB connections can interfere with the Bluetooth in your car. This is typically due to poor shielding. If this is a problem in your car, there are two options you might consider trying:

  • Pair your internal Bluetooth device while the vehicle is shut off.
  • Pair your internal Bluetooth device through accessories such as an inverter that is unplugged.

Toyota Corolla Bluetooth Delay

A guy sitting in a car and waiting in traffic

A delay with your car’s Bluetooth can be frustrating. However, in some cases, this is an intentional delay because of latency. Bluetooth is not designed for low-latency like watching videos or listening to music. So, when you are doing these things, it might cause a slight delay. No need to worry, though! There are some ways that this can be prevented. We’ve discussed a few of them below.

  • Try unpairing. You might think this is too simple a solution, but it can help a lot! Simply unpair your device from the car and then try pairing it again. You will want to make sure all of the updates have been applied to your device; otherwise, this could also cause a delay.
  • Only one device. Check that you are only using one device with your Bluetooth. If there are multiple devices active at one time, then the Bluetooth can slow down considerably. Further, Bluetooth typically takes into account which it feels is most important. You won’t want this interference.
  • Older device. Your vehicle might be using an older, more basic version of Bluetooth. The newer Bluetooth codecs have been created in the last few years to combat latency and provide higher quality audio. So, your car might not have these features, which could be slowing it down. You could always try switching to USB, which might offer a better connection anyway.

Toyota Corolla Microphone Not Connected / Not Working

A male driver having road rage and yelling at traffic

Your microphone’s two most common reasons won’t connect or work is wiring issues or the settings. Luckily, these can be fixed. Below are some ways you can do that.

Take It to the Dealership

We know that this probably isn’t your favorite option. We get it. But, let’s explain. Sometimes the problem with your microphone is simply due to the system. If you take it to the dealership, they can help by plugging their computer into the system and resetting the “clarity.” There shouldn’t be any charge for a software adjustment, but be aware that it could come up.

Install a Desktop Microphone

Perhaps the quality of your microphone was never really there. You might consider uninstalling the microphone and replacing it with a simple desktop microphone. Luckily, the solution is also pretty budget-friendly. However, if you want to upgrade even more, you might consider installing a magnetic microphone instead. They are of higher quality and are best for communicating internationally.

Make Sure You Are Aware of the Model

You might not be aware, but there are different types of microphones for your vehicle. In some cases, you will have to press the microphone button to speak. However, in other cases, your Bluetooth microphone might be hands-free. If you are attempting to speak “hands-free” with an older version that is not compatible, you definitely won’t have any luck.

There Was an Update

When Toyota had the Entune update about a year ago, it seemed to cause many problems with the microphone’s functioning. One solution for this problem (Entune update) is to unplug your car battery for about 30 minutes. When you plug it back in, it will do a “reset.” You will be asked to update Entune again. Don’t update it. This should help the problem until Toyota comes up with an improved update.

Toyota Corolla Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

An annoyed female driver with hands up off steering wheel

Say you are taking a phone call. Everything is going well; you can each hear and talk to one another. Then, not even 30 seconds later, the phone cuts out. It disconnected from the Bluetooth in the car.

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We’ve already discussed problems as to why your device might not connect to Bluetooth, and most of those factors still apply here. However, there are other factors that you might need to take into account if your vehicle’s Bluetooth keeps disconnecting. Below are a few things you will want to consider:

  • What Toyota Corolla model do you have? Some models’ Bluetooth systems don’t connect well to certain devices. You will want to make sure they are compatible. Is your phone’s brand, model, and carrier supported?
  • Does your device connect to Bluetooth in other vehicles? If it does, then the problem would probably be with your car’s Bluetooth. On the same note, can other devices connect to your Bluetooth without disconnecting? If they do, then the problem is likely to be that specific device that you should make sure is compatible again.
  • Is the problem of disconnecting always occurring? Or, does it only happen in certain locations? Your device might not connect properly if, say, it is connected to another Bluetooth system. Or, there could be interference blocking the devices from pairing in certain locations, like the mountains.
  • Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the audio? This could “reset” the system to allow you to use it again.

Overall, there are many different factors at play, but we have given some key tips and tricks to hopefully help you out!

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