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Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Problems Not Working

Too often, Toyota Highlander owners will experience problems with the Bluetooth feature that stops working for no apparent reason.

If you’re having Bluetooth problems inside your Toyota Highlander, the reason could be your smartphone is not compatible with the SUV’s entertainment system.

Finger pushing car touchscreen

Toyota’s Bluetooth technology is considered pretty innovative within the automobile industry. It offers hands-free access to your smartphone’s contact list and streaming your favorite music. However, you may experience problems connecting your phone to the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature from time to time.

Usually, it will not appear on the touchscreen. If the system is not working, you have several troubleshooting options to find a solution to your Bluetooth problems. And if you need further assistance, visit a local Toyota dealership. Their service department offers trained technicians who can assist with all electrical issues.

Why Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting/Dropping?

Adjusting car settings

All Toyota Highlander owners have similar issues when it comes to their vehicle’s Bluetooth feature disconnecting or dropping without cause or reason.

Your smartphone should connect to the Bluetooth feature inside your Toyota Highlander without delay. But, too many users have experienced a phone call disconnection after a few minutes of talk time with another party. To solve the problem, you have several options available.

Having a Bluetooth feature inside your Toyota Highlander is an ideal way of staying connected with the outside world while traveling to your next destination. Unfortunately, smartphones will disconnect unexpectedly. Suddenly, an added convenience turns into a frustrating problem.

Here are some of the reasons why a vehicle’s Bluetooth feature keeps disconnecting or dropping include low battery life, interference with other devices, compatibility issues and too many apps on your smartphone. 

If the battery is running low on your smartphone, it will hinder the effectiveness of the device’s functions inside the Toyota Highlander. Obviously, it is best to keep your smartphone fully charged before beginning a road trip. 

For some individuals, a Bluetooth feature is very capable of connecting more than one device while traveling inside a Toyota Highlander. However, you run the risk of battling interference from another device if you’re trying to use a smartphone in the vehicle. Often, the Bluetooth feature will interface with the primary connection and disregard all other requests.

Check the Bluetooth feature specifications in your Toyota Highlander owner’s manual before attempting to connect your device. If a smartphone, laptop or tablet is not compatible, an error malfunction will occur after each attempt to connect to the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. Those specs may force you to change devices.

Finally, if your smartphone holds too many apps, they may run in the background while attempting to connect with the Highlander’s Bluetooth feature. You may need to further educate yourself on what apps will cause interference when attempting to connect to the system. Keep in mind, some smartphones will limit the number of apps that can run simultaneously with one another.

Reasons Why Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Greyed Out

If your Toyota Highlander Bluetooth feature is crashing and you’re having trouble gaining access from the Settings icon, you have a “greyed out” problem. You may need to reboot the Bluetooth feature.

Toyota Highlander owners have considered the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature as the standard for connecting wireless devices. However, connectivity issues or “greyed out” can be frustrating and force you to reboot the system to make the Bluetooth feature effective once again.

Greyed out connectivity issues will render the Bluetooth feature inside your Toyota Highlander to be an ineffective driving tool. You will have no access to road maps or online assistance if the vehicle is temporarily inoperable.

The main cause for the SUV’s Bluetooth feature to “greyed out” could be the system’s settings. It is the most common mistake as Highlander owners have failed to turn on the Bluetooth feature or set the pairing mode correctly. To confirm if the feature is enabled, select the menu icon on the touchscreen. Next, push the setup icon which should lead you to the Bluetooth setting. You can confirm if the Bluetooth function is on and remove all error codes on the touchscreen. 

If problems have occurred, you will need to reset the Toyota Highlander’s entertainment system. If you have further Bluetooth issues, take your vehicle to a local Toyota dealership for assistance. Their service department offers technicians who have electrical experience. They can troubleshoot the Bluetooth feature and locate where the problem.

Reasons Why Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Not Pairing

Pairing car Bluetooth

New Toyota Highlander owners have experienced trouble pairing up their wireless devices with the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. 

You are not alone as most Toyota Highlander owners have experienced similar troubles pairing their wireless devices with their vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. Often, it will take troubleshooting several areas before resolving the issue. 

There are several reasons why a Bluetooth feature and your wireless device are not compatible and will not pair. Thankfully, there are solutions to these issues. Often, it comes down to software issues with your wireless device and Bluetooth feature. These glitches will make connecting a difficult process. Each attempt will generate an error code that will show on the Highlander’s touchscreen.

The repair is simple as you need to reset the Bluetooth feature inside the Toyota Highlander. First, press and hold the audio knob until the entertainment system has powered off. Wait a few minutes before restarting the vehicle as the Bluetooth feature should return to factory settings.

How to Fix Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Phone Echo

Bluetooth phone echoing during a call inside your Toyota Highlander makes it impossible for anyone to hear the other person on the line clearly. And many SUV owners are looking for a solution to their problem.

It is frustrating for Toyota Highlander owners to conduct a phone call inside their vehicle if there is a constant echo during the conversation. However, Bluetooth phone echoing is a temporary issue that can be removed quickly.

Bluetooth phone echoing can be an annoying problem while driving your Toyota Highlander on the road. Often, the best course to fix the problem is to adjust the setting of the vehicle’s entertainment system and your smartphone.

First, try moving your smartphone away from the console. It will remove the risk of getting feedback while using the device. Next, confirm the entertainment system’s microphone is not obstructed. Usually, it can be found on the back of the front panel. Finally, turn off the microphone on your smartphone. It will allow you to set the device in hands-free mode on the Toyota Highlander’s touchscreen. All incoming phone calls will ignore the smartphone’s microphone when accepted on the touchscreen.

However, if both devices’ microphones are on, you will experience an echo during the conversation.

Other troubleshooting options to eliminate Bluetooth phone echoing include lowering the volume of the entertainment system to reduce the background noise during the phone conversation. The system’s microphone will pick up noises coming outside the vehicle if a window is open or if the air conditioner is running.

How to Fix Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Audio Player is Not Connected

Pairing phone with car touchscreen

A troubling situation inside your Toyota Highlander is the Bluetooth audio player fails to connect with no definitive reason why this occurred. 

If your Toyota Highlander Bluetooth audio player fails to connect, the reason could be a failure to pair with your smartphone. The problem can be alleviated by attempting to troubleshoot the connection of the vehicle’s entertainment system.

Having your Bluetooth audio player not connecting with the Toyota Highlander’s entertainment system can be quite frustrating. Especially if the feature is a part of your daily routine to begin your day. But, there are several options to improve the situation.

Sometimes, your smartphone may not connect with the vehicle’s system. Often, you have no clues as to what is causing the problem. You may need to do some troubleshooting before figuring out the cause of the connection being broken. A simple solution to your problems is confirming the settings are correct on your smartphone and the Toyota Highlander’s Bluetooth feature. If both settings are correct, you should gain an immediate connection. Unfortunately, one or both devices may have their pairing mode turned off. This setting will deny any attempt to connect. 

Locating the settings icon on your smartphone could be a simple process. However, you may need to consult the Toyota Highlander owner’s manual to find the settings icon for the Bluetooth feature on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

How to Fix Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Won’t Connect

Most Toyota Highlander owners become frustrated with the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature if they cannot connect with their smartphones. And they may have trouble fixing the issue because of their unfamiliarity with electrical devices.

If your Toyota Highlander Bluetooth feature fails to connect with your smartphone or other wireless devices, it is likely caused because the pairing mode being off on each device.

If you’re having trouble connecting your wireless devices to the Toyota Highlander Bluetooth feature, you may need to reset all before attempting to reconnect with one another. Bluetooth connection issues can be frustrating at the moment, but they’re easy to fix if you’re given the right direction.

It is important to make sure your smartphone or other wireless devices are ready to be connected with the Toyota Highlander Bluetooth feature. Keep in mind, most devices are not ready to connect with the Bluetooth feature found in most vehicles. Often, you will need to set up your wireless device in pairing mode before making a connection request. You accomplish this by going into the device’s settings menu. Also, confirm the Toyota Highlander’s Bluetooth feature icon in the system’s settings has been turned on. Each task will make the connection between the device a smooth experience.

How to Setup Toyota Highlander Bluetooth

Finger pushing car touchscreen

New Toyota Highlander owners have trouble setting up their vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. Why? Well, the majority of them have never had the feature before in other automobiles owned. 

From a safety perspective, you want to have a steady connection with your Toyota Highlander Bluetooth feature. It helps to make and receive calls much easier from your smartphone. Surprisingly, the setup process to connect with a Bluetooth feature is very simple. 

Enabling the Bluetooth feature inside your Toyota Highlander is a straightforward process. First, you must press the menu button on the vehicle’s touchscreen. Select the phone icon, then choose to pair your smartphone with the SUV’s Bluetooth feature. You must pick your device from the list provided. Confirm the PIN number or password on the touchscreen is the same as the one on your smartphone. 

Your confirmation will allow the Bluetooth feature system to download all of the phone contact numbers that are saved to your phone. Also, you gain access to listening to music or podcasts downloaded onto your smartphone. 

How to do Toyota Highlander Bluetooth Reset

If the Bluetooth feature inside your Toyota Highlander is not working correctly, you may need to reset the system. However, most SUV owners are unsure of the process.

No question, the thought of resetting your Bluetooth feature can be intimidating at first. However, the system available inside your Toyota Highlander is very user-friendly. And the resetting process is simple and easy for all vehicle owners. 

Advanced technology features inside your Toyota Highlander are helpful driving tools in navigating new roads. However, nothing is more frustrating than experiencing connecting issues that force you to reset the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. 

Toyota dealership service technicians believe they’re two approaches to resetting your Bluetooth feature in a Toyota Highlander. First, try shutting off the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone or wireless device. Wait a few minutes before turning the device’s power back on.

If that approach does not work, delete your smartphone from the list of paired devices on the settings icon of the touchscreen. You will have to reset your smartphone onto the touchscreen once again. Go into the settings icon and select the phone icon, then choose to pair your smartphone with the Highlander’s Bluetooth feature. You must pick your device from the list provided. Confirm the PIN number or password on the touchscreen is the same as the one to your smartphone.

You will be alerted if the Bluetooth feature is available, try re-connecting with your smartphone or other wireless device. You should be able to connect without much trouble. 

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