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Troubleshoot Toyota Prius Bluetooth Not Working Problems

Your Toyota Prius is equipped with sophisticated infotainment connected to Bluetooth technology. It is a popular method of transferring data between two devices wirelessly. This hands-free data transfer method enables you to listen to music, access navigation software, make calls inside your car without having to touch your phone, and concentrate on driving.

Yet, technology likes to develop glitches and small failures that are easy to fix, even though they can drive you to distraction.

Car Bluetooth controls on steering wheel

Toyota Prius Bluetooth not working problems can be divided into categories: Bluetooth connection does not work, cannot add devices or pair devices because Bluetooth is grayed out, or your songs are not playing.

Read on to find out how to make operating your Bluetooth technology as seamless and glitch-free as possible.

Toyota Prius Bluetooth Not Connecting

Pressing car bluetooth phone button

Life would be simple if all Bluetooth devices connected to each other effortlessly. But the reality is that various devices use different versions of this communication protocol, which can make pairing difficult. 

If your Bluetooth is not connecting your phone to your car, try updating the Bluetooth software on your phone. Bluetooth technology has a funny quirk: the latest technology will always work with all the previous software versions, so making sure you have the latest version of Bluetooth on your phone should solve the problem. 

If not, you can try the following simple trick to get the connectivity issue sorted.

Toyota Prius Bluetooth does not connect when things go wrong while your phone is trying to pair up with the audio system in the car. To fix the problem, start with the simplest solution of switching the infotainment unit on and off. This will reboot the connection and hopefully solve the issue.

Also, ensure your phone is close to the infotainment unit during pairing. The pairing process often requires far smaller gaps between the devices, so you should hold your phone close to the dashboard for best results. Sometimes obstructions like juice bottles or such can cause pairing failure, so remove those.

Toyota Prius Bluetooth Greyed Out

Bluetooth phone car connection

When you notice that your Bluetooth functionality on the infotainment unit is grayed out, it may be due to a software failure inside it. The gray Bluetooth button will prevent you from connecting your phone to the infotainment or adding any new devices. 

If your Toyota Prius Bluetooth is grayed out, it indicates a glitch or a problem within the software of the infotainment unit. To fix this, you should factory reset the infotainment to restore software functionality. 

If you struggle to bring some life, color, and functionality back to the Bluetooth or the phone button, and the trusty fix of switching the device on and off does not work, you may have to perform a factory reset to restore the Bluetooth function back from the dead. 

Toyota Prius Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

Woman talking through her Bluetooth ear piece in car

One problem that keeps recurring is an intermittent connection to Bluetooth. It may occur due to a loss of signal strength. Bluetooth technology relies on a WiFi signal to transfer data, and when you travel through areas where the signal is weak, Bluetooth connectivity will be lost, resulting in intermittent connectivity.

One common reason Toyota Prius Bluetooth keeps disconnecting is the loss of signal strength. When the signal reception gets weak as you travel, it may become too weak to support the Bluetooth wireless connection, like when you cannot use your phone in low-signal areas. 

The problem should sort itself out as soon as you enter an area with a good WiFi signal. 

How To Pair Toyota Prius Bluetooth

Car touchscreen console

Pairing a Toyota Prius Bluetooth with your phone is a great way to use your phone while driving. The functionality allows for listening to the music playlists saved on your phone, using the phone function to answer and make calls hands-free, and accessing the navigation system.

Pairing your Toyota Prius Bluetooth means connecting your phone to the car’s infotainment system to allow wireless data exchange between the two devices. The advantage of the wireless Bluetooth system lies in allowing you to access functions on your phone without using your hands.

To pair the Toyota Prius Bluetooth, you need to follow these steps:

Turn on the car’s infotainment unit and turn on Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, and make sure you set it as discoverable.

Press the settings on the infotainment and choose Bluetooth, then choose “Add new device.”

Check your phone to see if your car’s infotainment appears as one of the available devices. Click on it to connect.

Enter the PIN that will appear on the infotainment, and the connection should be established. 

Once that is done, your phone should pair automatically every time you enter your car. 

How To Setup Toyota Prius Bluetooth

Car touchscreen console

Getting your car connected to your phone using Bluetooth technology lets you tap into all the advantages this technology offers. When you enter your vehicle for the first time, you must pair your phone to the Entune Multimedia system found in your Toyota Prius. The technology is compatible with both Apple and Android phones.

To set up a Toyota Prius Bluetooth, you should follow a couple of simple instructions outlined below. 

The process of pairing your phone to Entune is fairly simple; just follow these pairing instructions.

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. Activate Bluetooth on the Entune Multimedia System by pressing “Setup,” selecting “Bluetooth,” and then selecting “Add.” 

The car’s identification should appear on your phone screen for you to choose it. You may receive a confirmation pin that will need to be entered. Enable the connection, and you are done. If prompted, allow Entune access to your messages and contacts.

How To Reset Toyota Prius Bluetooth

Car touchscreen console

When your Toyota Prius Bluetooth connection does not want to work, despite your best efforts, you may need to perform a master reset of the software to clear up any bugs or glitches in the software. There are two ways you can do it. The general way will reset the software without wiping out all your personal data or the deep master reset that will remove all data from Etune’s memory.

If your Toyota Prius Bluetooth is not working, you may need to perform a master reset on the Toyota Entune Infotainment unit. You can choose to do a general or deep master reset.

Performing a general master reset is quite a simple procedure. To reset the Entune infotainment unit, simply press and hold the audio knob, and Entune will power off and on by itself. The restart should reset the memory, still keeping your personal data. 

If this is not sufficient to sort out the Bluetooth problems, try a deep reset by removing all your personal data. You may need to re enter it all after the reset procedure. 

Start the car and wait for all the apps to power “On.” You don’t need to start the engine. Hold down the Apps button on the infotainment unit and simultaneously cycle the headlights on and off three times. 

A diagnosis check screen will be displayed. Hold the INIT button until the personal data initialized screen appears. All your data will be erased when you press “Yes” in the prompts. 

Restart your vehicle to fix your Bluetooth. All functionality should come back. 

Despite the simplicity of Bluetooth technology, it may become tiresome when it does something other than what you want it to do. However, patience and following the above instructions should fix the most commonly seen problems that make it worth having Bluetooth in your car.

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