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Toyota Hilux Bluetooth Is Not Working

An increasing problem for Toyota Hilux owners is having trouble connecting with the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. Most in this group are unsure of the next step in fixing the matter.

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When your smartphone keeps disconnecting from the Toyota Hilux Bluetooth, first try removing or disabling the Bluetooth connections to other devices in the car. To reduce interference, turn on the WiFi hotspot.

Remove Other Bluetooth Connections

Not all Toyota Hilux Bluetooth features are compatible with every smartphone available on the market today. If your device is an older model, it may have trouble connecting to your Toyota vehicle.

It is smart to remove all previous Bluetooth connections that will appear in your phone’s settings.

It may help to secure a more reliable connection with your Hilux Bluetooth feature.

The final step is confirming your device will be accepted by the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature settings. Often, smartphones require a digital code to be entered before the device connects with the Toyota Hilux Bluetooth feature.

Disable Bluetooth On Other Devices

Interference problems can come into play if multiple devices are trying to gain access to your Toyota Hilux Bluetooth feature simultaneously. Ideally, you wish the other devices had a powerful WiFi hotspot capacity inside the vehicle. It would allow you to disable the Bluetooth setting on those devices while traveling inside your Toyota Hilux. If not, you will have to turn those devices off until you reach your next destination. 

Turn on WiFi Hotspot

Another potential problem area is the Toyota Hilux’s Bluetooth frequency is generating more power than your smartphone can handle. A solution to this problem is turning off the device’s WiFi hotspot option before entering the vehicle.

Also, turn off other wireless devices inside your Toyota Hilux. The less potential for interference occurring, the more likely your smartphone will connect with the Bluetooth feature.

Reasons Why A Toyota’s Hilux Bluetooth Is Not Working

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Today’s Toyota owners feel the Bluetooth connection is the most critical feature in their vehicles. However, trouble begins when Bluetooth technology does not work during a drive. 

A Toyota’s Bluetooth stops working for several reasons. Often it’s a compatibility issue between a phone and the car’s Bluetooth. Sometimes it’s a mechanical failure in the car’s stereo volume controls. Also, corrupt or infringing copyright audio files may prevent Bluetooth from functioning properly.

The reasons why your Toyota Bluetooth is not working can range from a simple mechanical fix to a more complex, expensive repair. To find a solution to your connecting issues, you will have to troubleshoot several areas before locating the problem.

Toyota Bluetooth Greyed Out

If your Toyota Bluetooth has greyed out (not connected), you will likely have a vehicle computer software issue. Your device is failing to connect with the Toyota Bluetooth feature. A problem of this nature may need a service technician’s experience to confirm if there is a glitch with the vehicle’s computer software. 

The solution to your Bluetooth connecting issues is administering a factory reset on your Toyota computer system. Once the reset has been completed, you should be able to add your smartphone to the Bluetooth feature without delay.

It is simple to perform a master reset of your Toyota computer system. First, you must confirm your Toyota Bluetooth feature is not working and you cannot add a device to the system.

Once confirmed, press and hold the audio knob until the computer system is powered off.

Next, press the ignition button, but do not start the engine. Hold the app button on the console’s touchscreen until the diagnosis check screen appears.

Select the “yes” option to delete all personal information stored in the vehicle’s computer system. Restart your Toyota and the Bluetooth connection should be back to the original factory settings.

Software Compatibility is a Concern

Another potential problem is software compatibility between your smartphone and the Bluetooth feature. Often, you will become frustrated after several failed attempts to connect. Often, the solution is initiating a software update that removes the threat of unexpected error codes appearing on the console’s touchscreen.

If you need to reset your Toyota Bluetooth software, there is a simple process to follow. You begin by turning off your device’s Bluetooth icon in the Settings heading. You will do the same on the Toyota touchscreen console.

Wait a few minutes before restarting and reconnecting your smartphone to the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. If it takes more than a few minutes, end the connection request and begin again.

Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection option on the device’s settings icon, then tap to connect.

Confirm that you completed the task by looking at the console’s touchscreen settings option. If so, you have reset your Toyota Bluetooth software. 

Corrupt Audio Files

If you are having trouble playing an audio file because your device is not connecting with the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. Often, the problem is the audio files are corrupt. If you have converted a series of YouTube songs into mp3 flies, they may have become corrupted and unplayable in the conversion process.

It might be wise to check your Toyota owner’s manual to verify the type of certified audio files that can be played through the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature. All homemade downloaded audio files cannot be transferred from your device to the Bluetooth feature.  

Toyota Stereo Volume Control Not Working

If you are having trouble using your Toyota Bluetooth feature, it may be because the vehicle’s stereo volume control is not working. The device is connected, but the volume is failing to go up or down. First, check if the volume knob is functioning when the radio is on. If so, the Bluetooth feature is failing to work. Often, you need to reset the vehicle’s computer system.

Understanding Copyright Protection Laws

It is rare, but your Bluetooth feature might not be working because of copyright protection laws. Either a downloaded song or podcast has fallen under the guidelines of copyright protection laws, which will block the attempt to play on your Bluetooth feature. The app that you have downloaded the audio file may prevent you from hearing the entire song or podcast until a fee has been paid.

A clear warning sign that copyright protection has occurred is the audio file will play briefly before shutting off. It might be wise to gain a better understanding of copyright protection laws. This will be helpful before concerning yourself with Bluetooth feature connection issues. 

Things to Try to Fix Toyota Sienna Bluetooth Not Working

Bluetooth technology is a popular feature found in most Toyota Sienna models. But there is nothing more frustrating than the Bluetooth feature not working.

The most common reason Toyota Sienna Bluetooth is not working is because of software incompatibility between your device and the car’s Bluetooth system. Install the appropriate software updates and try removing and reconnecting your device to the car’s Bluetooth feature.

Do not be surprised if your smartphone is not compatible with your Toyota Sienna Bluetooth feature. Look for a notification bar with a Bluetooth icon at the top of your smartphone’s screen.

If you see this icon, your device has Bluetooth capability to connect with most Bluetooth systems.

However, problems lie when no Bluetooth icon and software updates are available to make your smartphone more compatible with the Toyota Sienna Bluetooth feature. If the latter is true, you will need to replace your current device with a newer, more compatible smartphone. 

If your device and the Toyota Sienna Bluetooth feature inside your vehicle are deemed incompatible, you must “forget” this possible connection option on your smartphone. It will clear a path for your new smartphone to make a possible connection with your Toyota Sienna Bluetooth feature.

It is simple to “forget” your Toyota Sienna Bluetooth feature on your smartphone. First, you will open the Settings icon on your device. Scroll down and select the Bluetooth heading.

Next, choose your Toyota Sienna from the list provided. A popup screen should appear. Select the “forget” option. Turn the smartphone’s Bluetooth icon off, then back on by using the sliding option on the screen.

Next, go to your vehicle’s console touchscreen and select “add a device” to the Bluetooth feature.

Follow the instructions as it may ask you for a six-digit code. Type in four zeroes as the “forget” process should block out the ability for both devices to connect with one another. 

General Fix For When a Toyota Hilux Bluetooth Is Not Working

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Toyota owners love the innovative technology found in their vehicles. But they can become frustrated when the Bluetooth feature is not working. 

When your Toyota Bluetooth is not working, try checking if the Bluetooth auto-accept option is turned on. If that’s not the problem, make sure your phone’s software is updated. Compatibility issues between devices are a common phenomenon. Resetting Toyota’s Computer system is the last resort as a fix.

Auto-Accept Connection to Your Toyota Bluetooth

Usually, when connecting any device to your Toyota Bluetooth, you must auto-accept before moving forward in the process. It will help to improve the connecting compatibility between both.

Depending on the smartphone brand, either you will have to press an accept button or type in a passcode to gain access. If not completed, the Bluetooth connection process cannot move forward.

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Look for an alert message on your smartphone’s screen. If nothing appears in a few minutes, restart the process to unlock a path in connecting with your Toyota Bluetooth feature. Keep in mind, you will have to restart both your smartphone and the vehicle’s computer system.

Update Device Software

If your Toyota Bluetooth is not working, you may have compatibility issues. Granted, not having access to the hands-free feature while driving can be frustrating. The next step is troubleshooting your Toyota computer system and smartphone. It will help to confirm whether the current running systems are compatible with one another. Often, you may have to update the software that runs both devices.

Keep in mind, your smartphone’s software needs to be updated for improved results. And if you are having difficulty connecting with your Toyota Bluetooth feature, it’s best to seek an updated version of your device’s software.

A recent version of the software might make your smartphone more compatible with connecting with the Toyota Bluetooth feature. To begin the process, you must search for system updates on your device’s Settings app. If any are available, select and install. The process to upgrade your device’s software should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Reset Toyota Computer System

Bluetooth technology can be troublesome if you have problems connecting with a device’s wireless software. Sometimes, a Toyota Bluetooth feature will refuse to connect with your smartphone. Often, you will have to reset the system to get everything back in good working order.

First, shut off your Toyota vehicle. Open and close the driver’s side door as this will trigger the Bluetooth feature to shut down. Wait a few minutes before turning over the engine.

Next, press your device’s power button until a menu appears on the screen. Select to power off the device. Again, wait a few minutes before restarting the smartphone. Now, you can attempt to reconnect your device with the Toyota Bluetooth feature.

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