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Toyota Camry Windows Not Working

Having any part of your car stop working is frustrating, but windows that refuse to open or close can leave you feeling exposed or closed in. You need functioning windows to help you regulate things like airflow and temperature, not to mention to utilize a drive-through.

If your Toyota Camry’s windows are not working, it could be due to a blown fuse. The windows are powered by an electrical system that relies on fuses to function properly. Locate the fuse box, often found under the dashboard or in the engine compartment. Check the fuse associated with the windows and replace it if it’s blown. This simple fix can often restore functionality to your car’s windows.

A faulty window regulator is another common culprit when Toyota Camry windows fail to operate. This component is responsible for the up and down movement of the windows. If it breaks or wears out, the windows will cease to function properly. To fix this, you’ll need to replace the window regulator, which involves taking off the door panel to access and swap out the regulator. While this repair can be somewhat complex, it’s essential for restoring window functionality.

Car rear window rolled down

Because these fixes are all related to specific problems it is essential to figure out what the root of the issue is first. Read on to learn how to solve the most common issues that can cause your Toyota Camry window to not work.

Toyota Camry Auto Window Reset

Finger pushing power window button

The automatic windows on your Toyota Camry are equipped with an antijam feature to prevent the window from catching fingers in as it closes. While this is certainly useful if you have pets or small children, it does create opportunities for error.

You will need to reset the automatic windows anytime you work on the window system when there is a rapid change in vehicle voltage, or anytime the antijam system is knocked out of calibration.

NOTE: The steps involved depend on whether your vehicle was manufactured in Kentucky (TMMK) or Japan (TMC). To determine this, look at the beginning of your VIN. TMMK vehicles start with “4T” and TMC starts with “J”.

Reset Toyota Camry TMMK

To reset your automatic windows on a TMMK vehicle:

  • Make sure all other electrical components are off.
  • Turn ignition into the “IG” position.
  • Close the window by pulling “up” on the auto-up switch and holding the switch in position for 6 seconds after the window is completely up.
  • Push down on the Power Window Regulator Master Switch Assembly (the driver’s switch) and hold the switch down for at least one second after the window is completely open. Release.
  • Push down on the switch again and hold it for 4 seconds.
  • Close the window by pulling up and holding the switch for one second after the window is completely closed.

If this does not work you can try to repeat the process. Ensure that your vehicle is TMMK and not TMC.

Reset Toyota Camry TMC

To resit your automatic windows on a TMC vehicle:

  • Disconnect the Window Regulator Connector to reset it to its default state. Reconnect.
  • Turn the ignition to the IGN position. At this point, the light on the master switch should blink.
  • Press down on the switch until the window is completely open.
  • Pull up on the switch and completely close the window. Hold the switch in the up position for one second.
  • The master light should no longer be blinking. If it is, the process failed, and you need to complete the next steps.
  • Lower the window by at least 2 inches and then close the window again.
  • Hold the switch in the auto-up position for one second after the window completely closes.

This should reset your automatic window system in your Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry Window Goes Down But Not Up

Female driver looking out car window

If your window has no problem going in one direction but absolutely refuses to reverse then your first step should be to recalibrate your system using the steps above.

If the recalibration does not work you need to start looking for other symptoms like wires that are broken or worn, other broken components, or window track issues.

In this case, the issue usually stems from a broken or faulty window motor. If you cannot hear the window motor or it sounds strained then that is absolutely your problem.

It is a good idea to replace the regulator at the same time. Luckily, you really only need the proper parts and some basic tools to do this.

Replacing the Power Window Motor

To replace the motor to your power windows:

  • Remove your door panel by unscrewing the screws that hold it to the frame. Use an accessory tool to release the panel clips.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the door panel.
  • There may be a thin sheet of plastic you need to remove. Gently peel this back.
  • Unbolt the motor and regulator from the door.
  • Unplug and remove the motor and the regulator.
  • Replace with new units, bolting them into place.

Make sure to test your window before replacing the door panel in case anything is done incorrectly; this can save you a lot of time. Once everything functions properly you can put the door panel back on.

Toyota Camry Window Won’t Stay Up

Car rear view mirror

You are driving down the road with your window completely up. You hit a bump, and suddenly your window has decided to drop an inch.

This can happen for a number of reasons, including the window being off track, a bad fuse, or a faulty regulator.

Window is Off Track

The tracks in your door panel can wear down over time, and general use of your car can knock your window off track.

Inspect the system to see if your window is off track. If it is, the fix is usually as simple as realigning. It.

If this is not the issue, inspect the tracks. If there are signs of wear or they are loose, you can purchase replacement tracks, and this should solve the problem.

Alternatively, you can use glue to attempt to keep loose tracks in place, but this is a temporary solution.

Bad Fuse

If you are only having problems with your window you will not find a solution here. But if you are also having issues with power locks or your power moonroof, the problem is likely a faulty fuse.

Toyota uses a 30A fuse in the fusebox to control all three of these systems, so if it goes out there is a pretty good chance that the fuse is your problem.

Purchase a replacement from your local auto parts store, remove the old fuse, and insert the new one to fix the problem.

Faulty Regulator

The window regulator is what pushes the window back up and controls the speed at which it moves. The regulator can go out with time, weakening and allowing your window to slip and slide or move more slowly

If you suspect that the regulator has either gone out or is on its way out you can replace it using the same steps outlined for replacing the window motor. Again, it is recommended to replace both parts at the same time.

Toyota Camry Driver’s Window Not Working

Car passenger window

When you have only a single window that is not working it means you need to have a deeper look at that specific window’s system. There is likely a problem with the wiring, switch, or motor for that specific window.

While we already know you can usually hear if the motor is working or not, wiring problems and broken switches have their own symptoms.

Window Wiring Problems

Any problems related to the wiring are pretty easy to spot. The wiring in the door, especially the driver’s door, is prone to break down with use and time.

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Typically, you can assume your wiring needs to be replaced if there are any of these signs:

  • Frayed wires
  • Exposed wires
  • Melted plastic
  • Discoloration

This does not always mean that wires are your only problem, but replacing faulty wires is necessary.

Broken Window Switch

The switch for that particular window may be corroded or broken.

Corrosion is pretty easy to spot, but that involves removing the door panel first. A switch with corrosion usually still shows signs of trying to draw power, like dimming lights. Because it is not easy to clean the corrosion, your best bet is to replace a corroded switch.

If the switch is not obviously corroded you should still check to see if it might be broken. Remove the door panel and disconnect the switch. Run 12v (you can run it from your batter) to the two contact points on the window motor’s wiring harness. If the window works, the switch is the problem.

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