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Honda Pilot Engine Light Flashing (How to Reset)

Your Honda Pilot is equipped with the Electronic Control Module (ECM), which is an electronic onboard computer control system designed to diagnose and correct any problems within the engine. If the system encounters a problem it cannot correct, the light on your dashboard lights up, sending a warning that you need to check your engine.

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Honda Pilot Engine Light Flashing is a warning sign that something in your engine is not working properly. Sometimes it could be a small problem that lights up the signal or a critical issue that needs urgent repair to prevent further engine damage.

When the light turns on, a “troubleshooting” code that identifies the problem is stored and can be read by a scanning tool by Honda auto repair mechanics. The code identifies whether the problem is serious like a failing engine part has been identified, or a minor problem with one of the sensors, such as a loose gas cap. There are also scanning tools available for purchase by do-it-yourself enthusiasts. 

What Does It Mean When Honda Pilot Check Engine Light Is Flashing

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When the check engine light is flashing, it means that the problem identified by the ECM is serious and requires your urgent attention. If you ignore the flashing light on your dashboard, you risk facing substantial repairs of costly engine components. 

As a general rule, when the Honda Pilot check engine light is flashing, it indicates that the detected problem in the engine is critical and needs to be urgently repaired before serious engine damage occurs.

One of the serious problems indicated by the dashboard light flashing may be an engine misfire. During a misfire, unburnt fuel is dumped into the exhaust system. It raises the temperature of the catalytic converter, causing overheating and damage to the converter. You should stop the car as soon as it is safe after noticing the flashing engine light. It can save you costly repairs or replacement of the catalytic converter. 

What Does It Mean When Honda Pilot Check Engine Light Is On?

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The Honda Pilot check engine light may also light up for minor problems. In this case, the light displays a steady glow. A loose or missing gas cap is one of the most common, easy-to-fix issues resulting in the engine light coming on. Check that the gas cap is on properly and not cracked or worn, as it will not sufficiently seal the gas tank, resulting in a warning light. 

As a whole, when the Honda Pilot check engine light is on in a steady glow, it indicates a problem of a less critical nature than an imminent breakdown. The light might have come on due to something simple like a loose or missing gas cap or dirty spark plugs.

Other possible problems which cause the check engine light to glow include the dead or malfunctioning battery, faulty oxygen sensor, malfunctioning mass air flow sensor, and many more issues. 

What Does It Mean Honda Pilot Engine Light And Drive Flashing?

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 If your Honda Pilot engine light and drive light are flashing, it indicates that there may be an urgent problem with your transmission system. There may be a fault with the transmission’s clutch, gearbox, or solenoid parts. Of course, it can also indicate something simple like a low transmission fluid level in the reservoir. A simple check and a top-up of the correct fluid will sort out the problem.

When the engine light and drive are flashing in a Honda Pilot, it is most likely due to a fault in the transmission system. Transmission faults are picked up by the warning system when the transmission fluid is low, or there is a problem with the solenoid or clutch pressure sensor.

Low transmission fluid levels in your system will lead to greater strain and heating of the gearbox components. Insufficient lubrication will lead to increased wear and tear of the gears, eventually damaging your gearbox, clutch, or any of the other components of the transmission system. Repairing or replacing a damaged gearbox is very expensive. You can avoid the expense by acting when you see the engine and drive lights flash on your dashboard. Even if there is a possibility that the engine light and drive flashing indicate a minor problem, you need to attend to it as soon as possible.

Should You Drive Your Honda Pilot If Check Engine Light Is On?

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It can be quite disturbing when the engine light comes on while driving. The light is a signal that your car is not functioning optimally, but it does not differentiate whether the brewing problem will cause an imminent mechanical breakdown or if it is just a minor, easy fix that can be delayed for a couple of miles it takes to reach the closest auto repair shop.

It is recommended that you should only drive your Honda Pilot when the engine light is on for up to 50 to 100 miles. When you see the light come on, you should either come to a safe stop and call the tow truck or drive yourself promptly to the closest repair shop. 

The bottom line is that you need to decide whether it is safe to continue driving your car or stop and call a tow truck. You can mentally assess the car by thinking back to what you were doing and how the car was behaving immediately before you noticed the glowing engine light on your dashboard. If you just pumped gas, there may be a fault with the gas cap that caused the light to turn on. If you remember other symptoms, like strange noises, jolts, or vibrations coming from the car, it could be a sign that you need to stop and make that call to the mechanic to prevent further damage to your car.

What Is The Typical Honda Pilot Engine Maintenance Schedule?

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It can be quite problematic when your Honda Pilot engine light suddenly comes on while driving. If you are a responsible owner and follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, chances are that the pilot light flashes because of a minor issue.

On average, the typical Honda Pilot engine maintenance should be done every 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. Essential preventative engine maintenance should be done every 30,000 miles.

Engine oil changes are the lifeline of your car working well for a long time. Clean, clear oil will ensure your car will perform at its best and minimize wear and tear on the engine parts.

At around 30,000 miles, you will also need additional checks, including checking your brakes, brake lines, exhaust system, steering alignment and suspension, and fuel lines and hoses.

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Ensuring your car is taken for regular service checks will ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and delivers a safe ride for you and your family.

How To Reset Honda Pilot Engine Light?

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The check engine light is your first warning that something is about to go wrong under the hood. Usually, the warning is a good thing, but if you have already taken the car to the mechanic and are sure that whatever the problem was is resolved and the engine light is still blinking at you, you may become annoyed. 

To reset the Honda Pilot engine light, once you have resolved all problems with the engine, try these four solutions: continue driving, use an OBD2 scanner, turn the ignition on and off, or disconnect the battery (ECM hard reset technique).

These methods will remove the engine light, but if there is something wrong with the engine and you ignore the warning the engine light is signaling, you risk causing serious damage to your engine. It is best to check the engine one more time before resetting the engine light to ensure that no new problems have cropped up after the previous issues were fixed.

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