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Honda Pilot Window Not Working (How to Fix/Reset)

A troubling trend for Honda Pilot owners is the vehicle’s windows not working. And the majority of them do not have a clue how to fix or reset the window control system.

The common causes of a Honda Pilot window not working are a blown fuse, a faulty motor or a worn-out regulator. Each repair will need assistance from a service technician.

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From time to time, a Honda Pilot window will malfunction and not work. Often, due to a failing window motor or a regulator (window track) that is worn out and needs replacement. Sometimes, it is a combination of problems with the SUV’s electrical system. The solution to your Honda Pilot window problem could be replacing all parts. Also, do not rule out resetting the window control system if you install a new battery. All are helpful suggestions for restoring your power window’s auto functionality.

Reason Why Honda Pilot Window Won’t Roll Up or Stuck

Car power window controls

A concern for Honda Pilot owners is a power window that won’t roll up or get stuck. Too many in this group lack the experience to know what the next step is.

If you have a power window failing to roll up or stuck inside your Honda Pilot, no worries, you have a fail-safe quick-fix option available.

The reason a Honda Pilot window will not roll up or get stuck mid-stream is a blown fuse in the window control system. Other areas of concern include a malfunctioning window motor or an inoperable switch button, which will require a service technician to make the repairs. The window control system uses a reversible electric motor that will need replacement at some point.

Nevertheless, here is a simple fix to get your power window back working in no time. Open and slam the door while holding the switch button in the closed position. It may take a few minutes before the window moves upward. 

Remember, we are offering a temporary solution that will help get your Pilot to a Honda dealership for further assistance. Usually, this fix will work once. The goal is to get your windows rolled up, so you get immediate repairs.

Reason Why Honda Pilot Window Won’t Go Down

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A frustrating situation has your Honda Pilot window failing to go down upon request. The driver is limited in what they can do while navigating the road.

Losing a feature like your Honda Pilot power windows can be disappointing. It is a convenience that has become a common problem with potential solutions. 

At first, power windows were a highlighted feature offered in most luxury vehicles. Now, they have become commonplace inside all automobiles sold today. However, if your Honda Pilot window fails to go down, it will take a bit more effort to diagnose the location of your problems.

The first step is to press the switch button on the door to see if you hear a clicking noise. Also, check the cables and wiring connected to the window motor. Over time, they will become tattered and ineffective. Finally, confirm the condition of the window motor. You need a voltmeter, which provides a numerical reading of the motor’s condition. Ideally, you want to see between +12- -12 on the meter. This range confirms the motor is working efficiently. If not, the motor is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

It is best to take your Pilot to a local Honda dealership. The service dept offers experienced technicians who can repair or replace the window motor inside the door panel.

Reason Why Honda Pilot Window Off Track

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A troubling trend with the Honda Pilot is their windows are coming off track. Often, vehicle owners are unsure if there is an easy solution to this problem.

If your Honda Pilot window looks off track, you have a worn-out regulator. The glass is rolling up at a crooked angle, but do not get frustrated. There is a solution to your problem.

Do not feel helpless, there is a solution to putting your Honda Pilot’s window back on track. Take the door panel off and inspect the condition of the regulator. If the connecting parts are not functioning properly, then the regulator will have to be replaced.

Move the glass back into alignment after installing the new window regulator. You want to place the glass into the regulator’s track, which controls if the window goes up or down. Also, check to see if the new tracking system is lubricated. Due to the daily usage, the rollers and tracks will dry out quickly from the dirt and dust buildup. Apply some WD-40 lubricant to the surface and spread with a small paintbrush. 

To confirm if the window is correctly positioned, you will need to confer with your Honda Pilot owner’s manual.

Honda Pilot Window Switch Not Working

Car power lock and window buttons

Honda Pilot owners are baffled as to why their vehicle window switch button is not working. It leaves them unsure of what to do next.

If your Honda Pilot window switch button is not working, you may need to replace the part. But troubleshoot the problem before making any repairs.

A Honda Pilot window switch button makes life easier for all traveling inside the vehicle. It assists with controlling how far open or close the window will be during the drive. The switch button is attached to the door or master panel on the driver’s door. 

However, you will need to replace a blown fuse, a faulty motor or a worn-out window regulator due to excessive use. The symptoms are easy to look out for if the vehicle’s window switch is failing to operate.

First, one of the windows will stop working at once. The switch button acts like there has been a sudden loss of power in connection to the window motor. Usually, this is an indicator that a blown fuse is causing the switch button not to work. 

If the window is still not working after changing the fuse, you may have a faulty window motor. A Honda service technician should inspect this electrical issue. They can identify a specific cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Finally, if the windows are controlled only by the master switch after replacing the window motor, the door switch will need to be replaced. Again, a repair of this nature will need the expertise of a Honda service technician. They can inspect the window control system and make repairs.

Honda Pilot Rear Window Won’t Latch

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A new concern for Honda Pilot owners is the rear window failing to latch properly. Unfortunately, most of them have never experienced an issue of this nature before. 

If you are having trouble securing the latch of your Honda Pilot rear window, do not be alarmed. You will have to troubleshoot the components to find the root of your vehicle’s mechanical issues. 

Most times, the issue is with either a blown fuse or worn wiring with the rear window’s latch mechanism. Usually, if the latch is failing to operate, check all of the working parts. It is best to replace the entire assembly to avoid further issues. The problem lies with the lock mechanism failing to recognize the request to lock the rear window.

This type of repair will require a visit to your local Honda dealership. Their service department is knowledgeable and trustworthy to provide excellent care to your Pilot.

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How to Reset Honda Pilot Window Control Unit

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After taking care of the repair work done to your Honda Pilot, the windows fail to rise or lower upon request. Vehicle owners are thrown-off because they’re unfamiliar with the window control unit needing to be reset.

It is not an uncommon procedure to reset the window control unit in your Honda Pilot after installing a new battery. The window’s auto function was disabled in the process.

A simple repair like installing a new battery in your Honda Pilot will require resetting the window control before heading back onto the road. The process begins by pressing the ignition button and driver’s door window switch button simultaneously. Keep pressing until the window is fully open.

Next, wait a few seconds before closing the window completely. Hold the switch button for a few seconds afterward. In a minute or two, the windows should be working. If not, head over to a Honda dealership for further assistance. 

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