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Honda Pilot Clock Doesn’t Work (How To Fix/Reset)

Since the beginning of 2022, there appears to be a widespread problem with Honda Pilot clocks. The clock seems to be stuck way back in time on January 1, 2002. The issue is widespread, affecting not only American and Canadian owners of the Honda Pilot but also vehicle owners in the United Kingdom are reporting the same problem.

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If your Honda Pilot clock doesn’t work, it may be due to a glitch in the navigation system. Honda manufacturers are assuring drivers that the clocks will right themselves on August 17, 2022. 

The glitch occurred on this year’s first update, January 1, 2022, when Honda Pilot clocks stopped at a certain time, and the calendars reset to 20 years ago. Honda manufacturers are working to resolve the glitch, but the earliest that the issue will be resolved is August 2022, when an over-the-air fix is expected to correct all the Honda clocks.

Honda Pilot Clock Won’t Adjust/Change

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If you find that the time on your Honda Pilot clock is wrong for some reason, it is normal to want to reset it yourself. Unfortunately, the clock is connected to a satellite navigation system that automatically sets the time and date. To adjust the clock as needed, you will need to disconnect the automatic settings first before you can set the correct time yourself.

As a general rule, the Honda Pilot clock won’t adjust or change because vehicles with navigation systems have clocks that adjust automatically. To adjust the clock yourself (manually), you need first to disconnect the automatic date and time selection. 

To turn off the automatic date and time selection, you need to go to the home screen in the settings menu.

First, press the home icon and select settings. From the menu, select System, then Date and Time.

Select Set Date and Time. Select the Automatic Date and Time button, then select OFF. This turns off the automatically adjusted settings.

Select the Set Time option. Now you can change the time to the required hour and minutes by using the Up and Down arrow keys.

Once you are happy that the time is correct, select Save to set the adjusted time.

Why Is My Honda Pilot Clock Showing Wrong Time?

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The Honda Pilot clock usually stops when no electrical current is flowing. It means that every time your car battery is disconnected for some reason, the clock stops and needs to be reset once the battery is connected again. The clock will show the wrong time when your car goes for repairs, and the battery is taken off. It can be reset by turning on the GPS or manually resetting it.

The Honda Pilot clock may show the wrong time because it needs to be reset if the battery has been disconnected, or it could be due to the daylight savings time difference. The wrong time may also appear due to widespread glitches in the Honda sat nav date and time system.

Even though the sat nav system sets the time automatically on the two days of the year when the clocks are turned back or forward one hour, your dashboard clock may show the wrong time.

Your clock may also be showing the wrong time due to the glitch in the date/time system in the sat nav of your Honda Pilot. The manufacturers are working on resolving the glitch, and on August 17, 2022, all clocks should be back to normal, as promised by the Honda manufacturer.

Why Would My Honda Pilot Clock Run Fast?

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Unless you are a person who is chronically late, having a dashboard clock run fast is of no use to you. In fact, if you notice that your clock is continuously gaining time, it may be a sign that something is not right with the clock itself or that the whole instrument cluster that the clock is a part of is not working properly.

 As a general rule, the Honda Pilot clock may run fast because the timepiece may be faulty, or it signifies that the instrument cluster it is a part of is about to break down.

The best way to treat this problem is to take your car to a Honda Service Centre near you and let the professionals run diagnostic tests to find the cause of the problem. 

Why Honda Pilot Clock Keeps Resetting

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It can be most annoying if the dashboard clock resets itself every time you start your car—the resetting is caused by the interruption in the electricity flow from the battery to the clock mechanism. The most common causes of such interruptions include low battery charge, a loose connection of the fuse controlling the clock, ignition temporarily draining power when starting the car with a drained battery, or faulty wiring.

The reason the Honda Pilot clock keeps resetting can be caused by the intermittent interruption of the electrical current. The clock relies on an uninterrupted current supply from the battery. If the current is interrupted, the clock stops and resets once the current is flowing again.

If you cannot stand this constant resetting of the clock, take your car to a professional technician to identify the problem and replace what is needed. 

How To Reset/Set Honda Pilot Clock

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Your Honda Pilot clock is automatically set to receive the correct time, and date from the built-in sat nav system. However, there may be times when you will need to reset the time manually, like to adjust for daylight saving time or when your car comes back from repairs where the battery was removed.

Usually, the Honda Pilot clock can reset to the right time by itself. It is equipped with a sat nav system that automatically sets the correct time according to the car’s location. 

To be able to reset the time manually, you must first disconnect the Automatic Date and Time setting. Now you can select the Set Time option and use the Up and Down arrow keys to adjust the hours and minutes as needed. Once the time is correct, press the Save button to set the correct time on the clock, and you are done.

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