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What is The Honda VSA Light? (How to Reset)

Honda Honda car owners love the manufacturer’s modern technology found in all of their automobiles. However, the warning dashboard signals can be confusing. Many drivers do not know why the VSA light has gone on.

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The VSA light on the dashboard is a warning signal that the system is in use. It helps to improve the driving experience for a Honda car owner. The technology provided is quite advanced and helps Honda to have the safest vehicles on the market today.

Honda’s vehicle stability assist (VSA) is a computer program that provides more traction and vehicle steering control in poor road conditions. The technology has significantly reduced the number of accidents involving Honda automobiles.

Also, the VSA system helps the car to navigate sharp corners on roadways wrapped around a mountain. The sensors determine whether or not the vehicle is being under or over-steered. It limits the threat of having the car skid off the road.

The VSA system will activate itself once the sensors have identified the hazardous road conditions that will make driving difficult. It will help gain a smooth transition by maintaining the car’s acceleration on questionable terrain.

What Does it Mean if The Honda VSA Light is on?

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All Honda vehicles are equipped with a vehicle stability assist (VSA) that maintains control of the car in rough driving conditions. However, few Honda owners know the meaning of the VSA light when it comes on.

The Honda VSA light is a warning signal for the driver that the system is running. No need to worry as the VSA system is a valuable driving feature that helps to steer the vehicle in questionable weather conditions.

The reason for the Honda VSA light coming on is that the system is in use. Also, the VSA system has detected a mechanical malfunction with your car. Your owner’s manual considers the VSA light to be a system indicator. The dashboard symbol is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside.

However, if the VSA light stays on, you may have accidentally turned the system off. The vehicle will not have access to traction and steering stability assistance in questionable road conditions. To turn the VSA system back on, you will need to find the main switch button. Usually, it is located to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard.

Why Won’t My Honda VSA Light Turn Off?

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Most Honda owners are confused as to why the VSA light on the dashboard won’t turn off inside the vehicle.

The VSA is a computer system that ensures the car’s tires have enough traction to keep the vehicle straight on the road. However, if the VSA dashboard light remains on, the system might be sending a message of a possible mechanical issue with the car. 

A sudden alert of this nature may distract you from keeping your eyes on the road. Usually, this dashboard indicator turns on more in regions where a large amount of snowfall occurs in the winter months. Unfortunately, all Honda cars are susceptible to getting stuck in snow drifts. During your effort to get the vehicle out of the snow and back on the road, you may have turned off the VSA system button on the dashboard.

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It is a simple procedure to manually turn off the VSA dashboard light in your Honda car. First, locate the VSA button, which is to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard. Press and hold the button until you hear a beep. Shortly after that, the VSA light on the dashboard should turn off. 

The VSA system will revert to its original factory settings. The dashboard light should light up when the Honda car needs additional traction.

Why is My Honda VSA Light Flashing?

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Every driver has been surprised with a dashboard light alert while driving their Honda vehicle. It is a classic case of the driver not knowing why the VSA light is flashing.

The surprise of having the VSA light flashing would cause a driver to pull their Honda vehicle off the road. It is an alert for further inspection of the car before continuing on your trip.

A flashing VSA light is a warning signal of mechanical issues with the system and your vehicle. There are several causes as to why the light is flashing. Some of the most common reasons include different-sized tires on your Honda automobile. It could have occurred while changing the tires at the dealership. The VSA system can diagnose that one or more tires are spinning at the correct rate of speed to maintain good stability on the road.

Another pertinent mechanical issue is engine malfunction, which will cause the VSA dashboard light to flash. The flashing will not stop until you have your Honda inspected by a service technician. After they diagnose and fix the problem, the engine malfunction code will disappear and the VSA light will stop flashing.

Finally, the Honda VSA system may be faulty and need repair. It does not happen too often, but the VSA system will break down from time to time. The computer system is the most important component of the vehicle. So it is wise to take your Honda to a local dealership for an inspection. The service department has experienced technicians who can diagnose and fix all issues pertaining to the VSA system.

Do not disregard if the VSA dashboard light is flashing. It could be a minor mechanical issue that turns into a major repair if left unattended.

Honda CRV/Odyssey/Accord/Pilot VSA Light Keep Coming On

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Honda automobile owners (CRV, Odyssey, Accord and Pilot) misinterpret why the VSA light keeps coming on.

There is a simple explanation as to why the VSA light keeps coming on the dashboard of your Honda vehicle. The light serves as an indicator that the system is in use. If the light remains on for a long period of time, your car could have mechanical issues. 

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Having vehicle stability on the road is key to avoiding an accident with another automobile. The VSA system offers additional traction to a driver when road conditions are questionable. The VSA dashboard light alerts them that it is in use. The light indicator is a message from a series of computer sensors that detects how fast the wheels are spinning.

If the VSA light remains on, the system alerts the driver of a potential mechanical issue with their Honda vehicle. It might be wise to bring your car to a local Honda dealership for further inspection.

How to Reset Honda VSA Light

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Honda owners might notice the VSA dashboard light remains on following repair work. Often, it does not make sense to them.

The most asked question by Honda owners is how to reset the VSA dashboard light. It is troubling to them why the light remains on after having service done to their Honda vehicle.

It is important to keep a good maintenance schedule for your Honda vehicle. However, the service department may have forgotten to reset the computer system following repair work.

Resetting your Honda VSA light is a straightforward process. Press the engine start button twice to gain the vehicle’s access mode. Click on the home page, then choose the Settings heading. Select the Maintenance Information icon, then choose the Select Reset Items heading. Your selection will allow you to reset all dashboard lights.

You can reset one, two or the entire row of dashboard lights. Choose the All Due Items icon after making your selection. The VSA system should reset and the dashboard light should disappear until the VSA automatically comes on. 

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