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Honda Pilot Radio Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

We expect the radio in our Honda Pilot to work without any problems. When it doesn’t work, what can you do?

Car radio touchscreen

Resetting the Honda Pilot radio is the first step in getting it to work again. This can be done in a step-by-step process but sometimes, it’s just a matter of either removing the fuse or disconnecting the battery terminal cables. You can power on the radio after a few minutes to reset it.

You may also need to get a code from the dealership or the Honda website. That Honda radio code can also be found on a sticker in the glove box or in the owner’s manual.

Start with the ignition in the on position but without the engine running. Push the volume control to turn the radio on, wait 10 seconds, and then turn the radio off.

With the radio off, press and hold the power button until the display changes and gives you the chance to enter your pin code. Enter the code using the preset buttons on the radio. You have three chances to get it right or you’ll have to go to the dealership.

After entering the pin code successfully, turn the ignition off and then turn it back on again.

Honda Pilot Radio Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

There may also be other options that get your Honda Pilot radio back up and running again. These include issues that may be associated with the fuse.

Make sure that the fuse is not loose by pressing on it to reseat it into the fuse box. If the fuse is burnt or if the radio is still not working, you should replace the fuse.

Sometimes, you may also need to disconnect both battery terminal cables and hold the cables together for 30 seconds. When you reconnect the battery cables and turn on the radio, it should be reset.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific issues that can occur with a Honda Pilot radio and see how to fix them.

Honda Pilot Radio Buttons Not Working

Finger adjusting radio settings

One of the more frustrating problems that can happen with your Honda Pilot radio is for the buttons to stop working. Is this the signal that the radio is finally dead?

Typically, if the button stops working on your Honda Pilot radio, it means the ribbon cable is loose or has been disconnected. If you are able to pull the radio from the dashboard and take it apart, you can try pushing the connectors to ensure that they are properly seated.

Although this may work, it is beyond the ability of many people who have a problem with the radio. At times, if the buttons are working, it may be corrected by a reset.

As a way to quickly reset the radio, pull the fuse associated with the radio and leave it out for a few minutes. When you put the fuse back in, the radio should be reset and working again.

Honda Pilot Radio Cutting Out

Are you experiencing a problem with your Honda Pilot radio cutting out? This is a very common issue.

Although this is an issue that often requires some help from the dealer, it is typically associated with the MOST Bus. You will have to take it to the dealership and have this replaced as well as the housing. If the car is under warranty, they may cover it and even offer you a loaner vehicle.

If the radio is cutting out and it is associated with a Bluetooth-connected device, it may actually be the device or the connection. The easiest way to test this is by removing the device and then re-pairing it again.

You can navigate to the settings to view the Bluetooth devices. It is easiest if you just remove all of them at this point and then start pairing them one by one.

Honda Pilot Radio Screen Black

Person pressing car touchscreen

We use the screen in our Honda Pilot radio for multiple reasons. If it is black, you will have a difficult time navigating your way around.

If the Honda Pilot radio screen is black it can be reset along with the rest of the radio. Remove the cables off the battery and leave them disconnected for a few minutes. You can also connect the battery cables together when they are not connected to the battery for a minute. This should reset the screen.

When you reset the Honda radio in this way, it will not affect many of the other systems in the car because they have their own, internal settings. The oil life and odometer are examples of some of the systems that will not be affected.

You may also find that it is necessary to remove the fuse from the fuse panel. Removing the fuse that is associated with the radio will help to reset it even further so that the black screen is now functioning properly.

Honda Pilot Radio Won’t Turn Off

We often think about an issue with the radio not turning on but what do you do if your Honda Pilot radio is not turning off?

One issue that can cause a Honda Pilot radio to not turn off is if you are not locking the car properly. The auto-lock system may not be hooked up to the same system as the button locks. In that way, the car will think that someone is still listening to the radio and will keep auxiliary power on.

Generally speaking, even the radio running on auxiliary power will shut off after a certain length of time. That is another indication that it does have to do with the auxiliary power in the vehicle.

In order to get things working properly, you should exit by the driver’s door and push the button on the key fob twice so that the car locks and the horn sounds. This will fully shut off everything, including auxiliary power and it should shut the radio off as well.

If all else fails, you can force the radio to shut off by removing the fuse. If the fuse is out of the radio and is still running, you should go to a mechanic to see what is behind this unusual issue.

Honda Pilot Radio Won’t Turn On

Hand changing car radio knob

A more common problem that we experience in our Honda Pilot is with the radio. If you push the radio button and it doesn’t turn on, how can you fix it?

One of the problems that can cause a Honda Pilot radio to not turn on is for the fuse to be bad. If the fuse is failing or loose, it will not allow power to get from the battery to the radio. Try replacing the fuse or simply pushing in on the fuse to ensure that it is seated properly.

At times, you may need to reset the radio in your Honda Pilot when it will turn on. This is not always going to correct the problem but it is one way to ensure that you have tried everything.

Turn the ignition to the on position and press the volume control knob. After 10 seconds, press the control knob again to turn the radio off.

Then, you will press and hold the power button. A window should pop up on the display that prompts you to enter a pin code. That pin code can be given to you by the dealer or you will find it in your owner’s manual.

Use the preset radio buttons to enter the Honda radio code. You will have three different attempts to get the code correct and if you don’t, you will be locked out and have to go to the dealer.

Finally, turn the ignition off and remove the key. Reinsert the key and start the car and your radio should be working.

If this doesn’t work, you will have to go to the dealer or to an audio service to have the radio checked and likely to have it replaced.

Honda Pilot Radio Volume Not Working

We expect the radio volume to work when we try to turn the sound up and down. If the volume is not working in your Honda Pilot radio, what can you do?

If the radio volume is not working in your Honda Pilot, try removing the fuse from the fuse panel. You can find the appropriate fuse by looking at the guide on the door of the fuse box. After removing the fuse, wait five minutes and then replace it.

If the radio itself is working but the volume is not working, this is likely a problem with a loose fuse or perhaps it may just need to be reset again. Removing the fuse will reset the radio and get it back up and running again.

Another issue that could result in the volume not working is if there is something wrong with the dial. If you can pull the dial off of the radio, you can spray some cleaner in the dial itself and then work it back and forth. It is best if you do this with the power off to the radio.

If, after trying these suggestions, the radio is still not working and the volume is not adjusting, it may be necessary to go to the dealer or an audio shop. They can help you and give you direction as to whether it can be repaired or if it is something that needs to be replaced.

When it becomes necessary to replace the radio in your Honda Pilot, you don’t always have to go with a stock radio. You can choose an aftermarket product that will likely be less expensive and have better options.

Honda Pilot Radio Screen Not Working

Car radio touchscreen

It is very inconvenient when the radio screen in your Honda Pilot is no longer working. If this happens to you, is there anything that can be done?

Resetting the power on your Honda Pilot radio may get the screen working again when you are seeing a black screen. Disconnect both battery cables and hold them together for about one minute. After reconnecting the battery cables again, the radio should be working.

Another possibility is that the fuse is either failing or is not connecting properly. It may be sending power to the radio but not enough to work the screen along with all of the other functions.

Carefully push on the fuse to make sure that it is seated properly. You can also replace the fuse, as they are relatively inexpensive.

Sometimes, the radio screen is no longer working because the radio is dying. If that is the case, you can either replace it with a stock radio through the dealer or you can go to an audio professional and have an aftermarket radio installed.

Honda Pilot Radio No Sound

Is your radio on but no sound is playing? If this happens in your Honda Pilot, what can you do?

At times, the radio sound in your Honda Pilot may not be working because the radio functions are not set properly. Enter the settings on the radio and check to ensure that everything is established and set properly for the sound to be working.

One of the primary ways in which this can happen is if the radio is muted. This may sound like a simple issue but it is one that can sometimes cause a very frustrating problem with an easy fix.

If the mute button on the radio is not the issue, it may be a problem with the connection. Depending on why you are using the radio, you may need to check the connection more thoroughly.

For example, if you have an external device connected to the Honda Pilot radio through a USB cable, it may be a problem with the cable itself. It could also be an issue with the USB port, which could be dirty.

Other problems can also occur, such as Bluetooth not working properly. Although Bluetooth is a fantastic technology, it will experience problems from time to time that can keep the sound from working on the radio.

If you are connecting through Bluetooth, try removing the device from the Bluetooth settings and pairing it again. This will often be enough to get the sound working again.

Honda Pilot Radio Popping Noise

Fingers adjust car radio volume knob

Are you experiencing a popping noise in your Honda Pilot radio? This is a common problem that is extremely frustrating.

Many newer Honda vehicles are suffering from a problem that causes loud crackling and popping noises over the radio. These sounds may come out of the speaker, even if the sound was turned down or the radio is off.

Unfortunately, there is not typically an easy fix for this problem. In fact, it has been such an ongoing problem with newer Honda models that there is a class-action lawsuit against Honda.

If these issues continue to occur, you can discuss them with your local dealership or you can contact someone to become part of the class-action lawsuit. In addition, there are some things you can try on your own to get the problem fixed.

One way that this issue is sometimes fixed is by simply disconnecting the audio. Remove the fuse that powers the radio and the problem may be corrected. Unfortunately, there may be other items that are also connected to the same fuse.

One other thing you can try is removing the radio and putting in an aftermarket radio. This is not an inexpensive option but if you enjoy listening to the radio, then it is worth considering.

How To Reset Honda Pilot Radio

Your Honda Pilot radio is equipped to prevent theft if at all possible. This can also be an inconvenience that sometimes requires that you restart your radio. Restarting it may also help to correct small issues.

Take the following steps to reset your Honda Pilot radio back to factory specs:

1. Turn the Ignition on – Turn the ignition to the on or ACC position but don’t start your engine. You want to power the inside of the vehicle but you don’t want the engine running.

2. Push the on Knob – The volume control knob on your Honda Pilot radio is also the knob that turns the radio on and off. Press the knob to turn the radio on.

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3. Wait – After turning the radio on, wait for 10 seconds and then turn the radio off again.

4. Press and Hold – Press the power button on your Honda Pilot radio and hold it in until the display changes. It will prompt you to enter a pin code. That code should have been supplied to you by the dealership or you can find it in your owner’s manual. Otherwise, check the Honda website or look for a sticker inside the glove box.

5. Turn off – Turn the ignition to the off position, remove the key and then reinsert the key. Turn the ignition back to the on position and your radio is reset.

When your Honda Pilot radio is not working, it is often a matter of resetting the radio to get it working again. If you reset the radio and that doesn’t work, try changing the fuse.

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