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Honda Odyssey Radio Won’t Turn On (How to Fix/Reset)

The radio is more than just the entertainment center in a modern Honda Odyssey. It controls the hub for navigation (SATNav), communications (your mobile phone connection), and vehicle settings. You may not even realize how much you rely on your radio while driving, so when it stops working, it feels like your whole car is affected and no longer works properly. The faulty radio and infotainment system is not only a loss of a luxury feature but can also cause the disabling of safety features like your rearview camera, the speedometer, and parking assistance, making the car more dangerous to drive.

Car mechanic holding radio unit

As a general rule, the Honda Odyssey Radio will not turn on when there is a break in electric power, or there is a loss of communication between the radio and the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the car.

Once you restore the electric power supply to the radio, you may need to reset it when it does not turn on. If this problem recurs often, you must report all your issues to a certified Honda dealer. You will need to keep all the details of the visit and documentation of all the repairs to the radio and the expenses incurred, as you may be entitled to replacement or compensation depending on the nature of the repairs.

Top Reasons Why Honda Odyssey Radio Won’t Turn On

Pressing car radio touchscreen

Of course, the top reason why your Honda Odyssey radio won’t turn on is the lack of electric current getting through to the radio. So you first need to check if the battery and all the radio fuses are in order and all the wiring is intact.

There are four main reasons why the Honda Odyssey radio won’t turn on. First is the power cut because of battery problems, second is a faulty fuse, the third reason is the microprocessor crash, and lastly, MOST failure.

The latest Honda Odyssey models are controlled by the electronic control unit (ECU), which, in effect, is a computer with a microprocessor. As with all computers, sometimes things go wrong, and miscommunication occurs between the main computer and the radio. Usually, computers reset themselves if you leave them alone for a few minutes, and the same applies to the car radio. Often, switching off the car for a period of time and then starting it again will reboot the microprocessor, and the radio will work again.

Since 2021, the Honda car manufacturer seems to have had a continuous problem with the faulty Media Oriented System Transport (MOST) system in their infotainment units. This has resulted in many Honda owners experiencing various malfunctions with their infotainment systems and radios.  Honda is working on the problem and periodically informs all owners if a new fix to the malfunctioning equipment becomes available. So far, they have not found a permanent solution to all the various problems reported.

If you think that the reason why your Honda Odyssey radio won’t turn on is because of the MOST failure, you need to report it to the Honda dealer and keep all the documentation. For this reason, a class action suit is being organized against Honda, and you may or may not want to join them.

Honda Odyssey Radio No Power

Driver adjusting car radio volume knob

Usually, if all components are working correctly, there will be power getting through to the radio as long as there is power in the car battery. When your battery is drained or low because your alternator is faulty and the battery does not get recharged during normal car operation, it is possible that the radio will have no power.

As a general rule, there will be no power getting through to the Honda Odyssey radio if there is a problem with the battery or a problem with the alternator. Another cause of a radio with no power can be a faulty fuse.

In a situation when there is nothing wrong with the battery, it may be the faulty fuse that prevents power from getting through the connections. If replacing the fuse does not return the power to the radio, you may need to check the wiring. 

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Honda Odyssey Radio Display Not Working

Pressing car radio touchscreen

Sometimes, the radio display may go blank for no apparent reason in a few of the Honda Odysseys. The blackout is serious because it causes a loss of Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth functions, and navigation. The Honda owners also reported a loss of the air conditioning and backup camera functions when the radio display stopped working.

When the Honda Odyssey radio display does not work, the radio may need rebooting. Turn off the engine and turn it on again, or if you are driving, do not touch any buttons for a few minutes to see if it will reboot automatically.

The radio is an important feature in your car; you expect it to work when you switch it on, especially in a luxury car such as the Honda Odyssey. If your radio is “dead,” but the radio lights still come on, it could be a fault with the microprocessor. The new cars are like modern computers, so it’s no wonder that things often break.

Sometimes, it may seem like gremlins got hold of your car and are causing all the electronic things to stop working, but don’t be discouraged. If the radio does not reboot on its own after switching the car on and off, try disconnecting the battery’s negative terminal to cut the power and force the reboot.

If you have tried everything and the display is still not working, you may need to take your car to a Honda dealer so that a professional can diagnose the problem with the screen. Hopefully, it is something that they can fix, and the fault is not a part of the widespread malfunctioning of Honda Odyssey infotainment systems. So far, nobody knows the reason why some of the units misbehave and malfunction. Even Honda manufacturers themselves are not sure of the cause and are still working on a permanent solution to this problem.

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