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Honda Pilot Trunk Not Working (How to Fix)

When it comes to your Honda Pilot trunk not working, it is a frustrating problem to have to deal with, especially when you’re faced with it unexpectedly. The good news is that fixing your Honda Pilot truck isn’t as difficult as you may think. 

If your Honda Pilot’s trunk isn’t working, it might be due to a defective trunk latch. This latch can become worn or stuck over time, making it difficult or impossible to open the trunk. The solution usually involves either lubricating the latch to improve its movement or replacing it entirely if it’s beyond repair.

Electrical issues can also cause the trunk of a Honda Pilot to malfunction. It’s similar to when a lightbulb won’t turn on due to a wiring issue. If the trunk’s wiring or fuse is damaged, it disrupts the signal from the key fob or internal release. Checking and repairing any faulty wiring or replacing a blown fuse can resolve this issue and restore functionality to the trunk.

Top view of SUV trunk

Another reason might be a problem with the trunk’s hydraulic struts. These struts assist in opening and holding the trunk open. If they are weak or faulty, they might not be able to support the weight of the trunk, making it difficult to open or causing it to close unexpectedly. Replacing the hydraulic struts will ensure the trunk opens smoothly and stays open, making it easier and safer to load and unload your Honda Pilot.

Honda Pilot Trunk Won’t Open

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If your Honda Pilot trunk won’t open, the first place to check is your fuse box. If you have a blown fuse your trunk won’t receive the signal when you attempt to open the trunk with your trunk button or your keyfob. Your trunk fuse is the 15A fuse. Using a power meter check the fuse. If there is no power simply replace the blown fuse and then try opening your trunk again. 

If your Honda Pilot trunk won’t open and the issue is not related to the fuse, your car’s battery may be dying. If your battery is dying/dead, many of the electrical components of your Honda Pilot will stop working. There could also be an issue with your release switch. Your release switch is the part on the inside of your trunk door that controls it.

If the issue is with your release switch you’ll need to replace the connectors to it. These can become damaged.

Honda Pilot Trunk Stuck

Outside back view of SUV

If you try using both your button and your keyfob for your Honda Pilot and the trunk won’t open, there are a few things to rule out first. Make sure that your keyfob has batteries in it. Also, check inside your Honda Pilots’ fusebox to make sure that you don’t have any blown fuses. Your trunk will also be stuck if your battery is dead. If you rule out those, there are a few other areas to check.

If your Honda Pilot trunk is stuck, there is likely an issue with the latch itself. Remove the inside panel that is located right behind your latch. If you are unable to open your trunk at all, the best way to access this is by putting down your back seats and getting into the trunk. Once you take the panel off you will see a plastic cover and a latch. Flip that latch to the side and your trunk will open.

Once you open your trunk it’ll be easier for you to access the connectors. Two connecting cables connect the latch to your hatch button. Over time, because of the heavy use, can run into issues. First, check to make sure that the cables are connected properly. You can also use some compressed air to clean them out.

If dust or debris has built up in your connector ports, the connection signal can be lost. Be sure when you are using compressed air around any ports or connectors that you hold it at least ten inches away, otherwise, you can cause further damage. 

Honda Pilot Trunk Not Closing

Back view of open SUV trunk

When you go to close your Honda Pilot trunk and it won’t close, first check to make sure that nothing is obstructing the sensors. Another area that you might not think to check, but is a simple step, is to check both your car’s battery power and the fuses. If the battery is dying, or if there is a blown fuse, your trunk won’t have the power to close.

If your Honda Pilot trunk won’t close and you’ve checked all these areas, there is most likely an issue with your latch or your actuator. You can access both of these by removing the small panel on the inside of your Honda Pilot’s trunk. Once you remove the panel you can manually flip the latch, it works, and you need to replace your actuator.

This article and its contents are owned by Know My Auto and was first published on 07/28/2022.

Honda Pilot Trunk Won’t Stay Open

SUV trunk

Your trunk will likely get a good deal of use over time. You may notice that when you open your trunk it will no longer stay open, or close slightly. 

If your Honda Pilot trunk won’t stay open, it is most likely your lateral supports. These are what keep your trunk open. While they have a long life, they can get damaged over time. You can easily replace these by removing the screws at the base of your car and the screws connecting the lateral supports to your Honda Pilot’s trunk panel.

Honda Pilot Latch Stuck

Car trunk latch

Your Honda Pilot trunk has a latch that allows you to open and close it. Without this latch, your trunk would not be able to operate properly. Your latch is located right where your press button is to open your trunk. If your latch is stuck, you might notice that when you go to press it there may be a noise that indicates that your trunk is trying to open – or you’ll get no response.

If your Honda Pilot latch is stuck you need to manually switch it. To do this you need to access the panel on the inside of your trunk. This panel will be the small one located just behind where you latch it. You do not need to remove the full paneling around the door. Once this panel is off you will see a plastic piece that sits just in front of your latch.

Either using a small screwdriver or your finger you can manually flip that latch and open your trunk. If the latch itself is a little hard to flip, you can grease the latch to make it move easier on its own. Over time, dust and debris can build up in that space, this can prevent your latch from working properly. Using compressed air, hold it at least ten inches away and clean out that area.

If there is an issue with your button that is leading to your latch being stuck, you can replace the button that controls the latch. There are a few green connectors that are attached to the button. Disconnect these and remove the screws around the pins that hold the button in place. Then you will be able to easily remove the button. 

Honda Pilot Truck Not Working (How to Fix)

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If your Honda Pilot trunk is not working your first area of troubleshooting should be power sources. If your car’s battery is dead or dying your trunk won’t open or close. If that’s not the issue, the next place that you should check is your fuses, a blown fuse will prevent your trunk from receiving the signal that it needs to open or close. Otherwise, you may need to replace your button or your trunks actuator. These can both be accessed on the inside panel of your Honda Pilot’s trunk.

This article and its contents are owned by Know My Auto and was first published on 07/28/2022.

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