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Toyota Prius Radio Not Working

When the weather is warm, there may be nothing better than jumping into your Toyota Prius, rolling down the windows, and blasting your favorite songs on the radio. So, it’s only natural to feel upset and frustrated if the radio doesn’t work. But what would cause a Toyota Prius radio not working?

A common reason for the Toyota Prius radio malfunction is a compromised fuse. The radio relies on specific fuses for proper operation, and if one burns out, the radio won’t turn on. To remedy this, access the fuse box, typically situated under the dashboard, and change out the radio-associated fuse.

Car radio touchscreen

Another factor that might hinder the Toyota Prius radio’s operation is an unstable wiring connection. Wires can detach or degrade over time, impacting the radio’s performance. It’s beneficial to examine the radio’s wiring, ensuring it’s firmly connected and devoid of any damage, to ensure continuous function.

Toyota Prius Radio Keeps Turning Off

Car radio buttons

A radio that keeps turning off can be an annoying problem to have. If the radio won’t stay on then you won’t be able to listen to your favorite podcast or your local news. 

If the Toyota Prius radio keeps turning off, the first thing you should check is the wires and connection to the speakers. If the wires are frayed or damaged, or the connection is not secured, the speakers on the radio can keep cutting out. 

Any damaged wires will need to be replaced in order to fix the problem. Make sure to check the connection of the wires to the radio and the speakers as well as they can sometimes become loose over time. 

Toyota Prius Radio White Screen

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A white screen on your Toyota Prius radio screen isn’t just annoying, it is also a sign that something is amidst with the radio display. 

When the Toyota Prius radio has a white screen, the issue is typically caused by an internal connection located on the vehicle’s display circuit board. This will require the panel being repaired or replaced.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem and will require the help of a technician who has experience in fixing or replacing display circuit boards.

Toyota Prius Radio Buttons Not Working

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When the buttons on your radio stop working, you won’t be able to change stations, connect your phone, or adjust the volume. 

If the Toyota Prius radio buttons stop working try holding the right seek button for several minutes. This should allow the buttons to start working again.

The actual cause of this problem is still not known, but it may be a glitch. Many Prius owners have experienced this problem and have found that holding the seek button usually fixes it. Keep in mind, however, that the buttons may stop working again in the future. If this occurs, repeat the process of holding the seek button down.

Toyota Prius Radio No Power

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Radios require power in order to work. Without it, the radio cannot turn on, let alone play your latest playlists. If your radio isn’t getting any power, you may want to check the fuse. 

If your Toyota Prius radio doesn’t have power, you can point the blame directly at the fuse. A blown fuse is the most common cause of a car radio with no power.

The good news is that a blown fuse is not difficult to fix and can be taken care of in a matter of minutes. You will need to know the location of your vehicle’s fuse box, as well as which fuse is for the radio. Furthermore, you will also need a new fuse to replace the blown one.

Toyota Prius Radio Not Working After Battery Change

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Having to change the battery in your Toyota Prius will not only cause the time on your radio to mess up, but it can also cause your radio to just not work.

When the Toyota Prius radio stops working after a battery change it could be due to the anti-theft feature. This feature automatically turns on when the battery is removed. To fix this problem, simply enter the correct car radio code.

To enter the code, you will need to hold the Tune button and the number 1 button down at the same time. You will see 3 lines appear on the screen. Use the number buttons to enter in the correct code. Once you have the code entered, hold the Scan button. The screen will show SEC. The radio will become enabled once the SEC disappears from the screen.

If you don’t remember the code, you will need to contact the dealership where the car was purchased for assistance.

Toyota Prius Radio Won’t Turn On/Off

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One of the great things about radios is that you have control over when you want to listen to it. If, however, the radio starts to malfunction, it can take this control away from you.

When the Toyota Prius radio won’t turn on/off, the issue is typically due to a wiring problem. In most cases, it is an incorrect switch wiring or a problem with the memory wire. The only way to correct this issue is to replace the offending wires.

Another cause of a radio not turning on/off is a bad ignition cylinder or ignition switch. When the ignition cylinder or switch goes bad, it cannot signal to the radio that the ignition is off. If you feel comfortable tackling the problem yourself, then you can replace the bad wiring, ignition cylinder, or ignition switch. There are, however, professionals who do these jobs for a living that you can hire to fix the problem if you don’t feel comfortable with the repair process. 

Toyota Prius Radio Display/Screen Not Working

Car touchscreen that is white

The screen on your Prius allows you to control not only the radio, but other important aspects of your vehicle, such as the backup camera and navigation system. But if this screen stops working, you’re left dead in the water.

If the Toyota Prius radio display/screen isn’t working there is an internal issue with the display itself. It could be a faulty display or a malfunction with its circuit board. Unfortunately, this will require having the display/screen replaced or repaired. 

Toyota Prius Radio No Sound

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Radios help pass the time while driving. They can also help keep you alert and awake on long trips. But if there is no sound coming from the radio then how can you enjoy it? 

When your Toyota Prius radio doesn’t have any sound, the first thing to check is that the radio isn’t mutated. If it is not, then there may be a damaged wiring going from the radio to the speaker.

It’s not uncommon for wires in your vehicle to become frayed over time. When this occurs, the wires cannot keep the speakers working as intended. Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes for this problem and it will require replacing either the speaker wires or the entire speakers themselves. 

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