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Toyota 4Runner Radio Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Modern cars like the Toyota 4Runner use technology to keep us, the drivers informed, entertained, and able to communicate with clients and family while driving.

The multimedia center that everyone refers to as the radio is a convenient feature when it works. But, when it “goes on the blink,” it can drive you to distraction. So, to help you figure out what kind of gremlins possessed your prized communication central, we give you this guide.

Pushing car radio control buttons

As a general rule, the Toyota 4Runner radio not working (how to fix/reset) issue can get frustrating. When a radio suddenly stops working, it is distracting and can lead to dangerous situations in traffic.

Normally, you don’t pay much attention to the radio when it works, but when it is not doing what’s expected, your whole attention suddenly focuses on it. It means that you are paying less attention to the road and traffic around you, and accidents can happen. So, before you start fiddling with buttons trying to get your radio to work, keep yourself and other road users safe by finding a parking spot.

Toyota 4Runner Radio Keeps Resetting

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Sometimes, you may find a software incompatibility between your phone and the radio in your Toyota 4Runner, causing it to reset continuously. Your radio will work fine for a while and then repeatedly reset itself at odd times.

To fix that problem, you can download an update from Toyota Downloads to make the software in the radio compatible with your phone and solve the random resetting issue.

When you have a problem with Toyota 4Runner radio that keeps resetting, it may be caused by software incompatibility. Look for Toyota Downloads in Google to download the latest software package onto a thumb drive and upload that to your car radio. 

The updates from Toyota Downloads can be saved on a thumb drive and uploaded to the car radio unit. All it takes is a couple of minutes, and it will save you tonnes of frustration and let your radio and phone communicate seamlessly.

Toyota 4Runner Radio No Sound

Car radio controls console

You may feel annoyed when you turn on the radio, and no sound comes out. Before you panic, make sure to check the radio’s functions. Sometimes the source menu is set for another function like CD, AUX, or BT Audio. All you have to do is choose the correct function, and the radio’s sound will return. Also, if your best tunes are saved on another source, ensure it is plugged in correctly and that the source input is not corrupted. Lastly, make sure that the Mute button is not activated accidentally.

When your Toyota 4Runner’s radio turns on, but there is no sound, check these four things first. Make sure that “Radio” is selected in the source menu. Ensure the AUX or USB sources are plugged in correctly. Make sure the radio is not muted. The volume level is set above zero.

The front dash speakers are prone to slight shifting out of position during normal use of the car. If all the radio functions seem fine, but there is still no sound, you will need to investigate if there is anything wrong with the speakers. Check that the speaker is not touching any metal parts around its casing. Touching metal may cause the speaker to short, and you may need to replace the speakers to fix this problem. Also, check that all the speaker wiring is intact, as this may be the cause of the problem.

Toyota 4Runner Radio Freezing

Pushing car radio power button

If your Toyota 4Runner radio screen keeps freezing sporadically, there may be a glitch in the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the radio. Of course, it is annoyingly distracting while driving, causing you to take your eyes off the road. Luckily, it should be easily fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting your Bluetooth connection. You can also try turning the car off and on to get the radio to work again.

When your Toyota 4Runner radio is freezing, it may be stuck in a reboot cycle. The screen freezes, goes blank, and the reboot process starts. A faulty Bluetooth connection causes this. To fix it, you need to delete the Bluetooth connection and reconnect. 

If the problem persists after you try to disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth, you may need to update your radio’s software or replace the radio head unit.

Toyota 4Runner Radio Keeps Turning Off

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Looking at Toyota forums, the radio turning-off problem is quite common among Toyota 4Runners. Still, when it happens to you, it’s not funny, and you want to know what to do to stop it from happening.

The Toyota 4Runner radio keeps turning off due to faulty communications or corrupted files between the phone, an SD card, and the radio unit. If you already have updated the radio software, you may need to replace the head unit to fix this problem.

If this problem keeps recurring, and the fixes you do only last for a few days, consider taking your vehicle for a flash radio software update at the nearest Toyota service station. The technicians will help you test all the electronic components to determine the cause of the radio repeatedly turning off.

Toyota 4Runner Radio Volume Not Working


Usually, when you turn the volume control, you expect the level of volume to change. So, what does it mean when you press the volume control and the audio level stays the same?

Often it means that there is a breakdown of communication between the radio control unit and the speakers. The breakdown can be three-fold. Either the speaker is not working because it has blown, or the speaker fuse has blown. The other cause of the volume not working is a faulty electronic chip inside the radio unit that controls the audio to the speaker.

Generally, Toyota 4Runner radio volume not working can be caused by either of three factors. A 20 Amp fuse labeled radio#2 has blown, there is a fault with the internal chip electronic inside the radio, or the speaker has blown.

To diagnose which factor is causing your problem, you must check each one and rule them out systematically.

Toyota 4Runner Radio Lights Out

Car radio screen not turning on

If your Toyota 4Runner radio light is out, you may think that your whole radio will need replacing. Of course, you can do that, but there could be a way to fix the problem without going through the expense of replacing the whole unit. A backlight that goes, making the screen black and the other parts are working, means that something went wrong with the LED electronic circuit board.

When the Toyota 4Runner radio light is out, something goes wrong with the circuit board’s LED lights. You cannot replace any bulbs to restore the light, but make sure all the wiring is intact and proceed with a soft or hard reset of your unit to make the light work again.

First, check the harness plug to ensure all the wires are intact. If that does not appear to be the problem, your best way to fix it is to proceed with the resetting procedure for the radio.

How To Reset Toyota 4Runner Radio

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Since the radio in Toyota 4 Runner works like the window computer, it is prone to developing corrupt files and susceptible to reaching memory overload. The memory gets full of stored temporary files and history logs which are supposed to be used for troubleshooting problems with the audio and navigation systems. When the memory gets full, the radio will attempt to reset independently.

When the Toyota 4Runner radio is not working, you may want to reset the factory settings. To do that, you will need to either disconnect the 12V car battery or remove the radio fuse from the fuse box for a few hours or overnight.

Removing the electrical power from the radio-electronic circuits will automatically remove all information stored in the memory. It also takes care of any corrupt files. If this method does not solve your problem, you may need a factory reset. Once reset, your radio should work fine.

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