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Toyota Prius Windows Not Working

Like with all cars, there are times that you may find that your Toyota Prius windows are not working correctly. This can be concerning issues opening or closing the windows or having them not respond at all when you go to press the button. The good news is that there are several easy fixes that you can do yourself to fix your Toyota Prius windows.

In a Toyota Prius, if the windows are not working, it could be due to a blown fuse. The power windows have a dedicated fuse, which can blow from electrical issues or overuse. Locate the fuse box, often under the dashboard or in the engine compartment. Find and replace the blown fuse designated for the windows. This simple replacement can often restore window functionality.

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Another solution is to reset the window control system. Sometimes, the system can lose its calibration, especially after a battery disconnect. To reset, roll down the window completely, then roll it up and hold the button for a few seconds. Repeat this for each window. This recalibration can often restore proper function to the windows.

Toyota Prius Windows Won’t Roll Up/Close

There are a couple issues that could cause your Toyota Prius windows to not roll up or fully close. In identifying these issues it’s important to note if there is any movement in your windows at all.

If your Toyota Prius windows don’t roll up or close fully, you should first run a reset. This is the easiest method to try and also prevents taking apart your door panel. If a reset does not solve the issue, you should check your fuses. If there is a blown fuse, you will be unable to use your windows as there is no power.

In some cases, you may need to access the switch. To do so, you can remove the panel inside your door that houses the switch. Taking a screwdriver, remove the screws on either side and carefully lift it out. You will see connectors beneath that provide the power for your window switch.

Check these connectors to make sure that they are properly attached and not damaged. It’s also a good idea to clean them out. Dust and debris can build up over time and prevent the signal from telling your windows to roll down. Using compressed air, hold the can at least ten inches away and gently blow out any debris.

The next area to check is the power itself. While the car is still on, use a voltage meter in the connection area of the window switch. If there is no road, you will need to remove your door panel to see if there is damage to the wires. You should also check the bundle of wires that is encased in flexible tubing directly inside your door.

This is the point at which your window connectors receive signals. If it is damaged at all, it can result in faulty signal transmission.

Toyota Prius Window Reset

If your Toyota windows aren’t working properly, like with most electronics, performing a reset is often the fastest solution to the issue. When you reset your Prius windows, it can prevent the issue of having to remove parts of your Prius when you often don’t even need to.

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To do a Toyota Prius window reset, leave your car running. Push down the driver’s side window button for five seconds and then pull up for five seconds for the windows to go up. Do this in the order of the driver’s side window, the driver’s side rear window, then move to the rear right window and then. To the passenger side. 

You should be able to use your windows. This method is easier than removing your door panels and should be done first.

Toyota Prius Window Off Track

You may notice that your Toyota Prius windows are not functioning properly. This may include extra noise or resistance when you go to roll them down or up. Usually, this issue is related to the window being off track.

If your Toyota Prius’s window is off track, your first step is to remove the door panel. Once you remove the panel, you can see where the window is mounted on a plastic piece. When you press the window button you can notice that your window clasp is out of track.

The most common issue behind your window going off track is when the bolt that connects the plastic piece is loose. When this bolt is loose, the plastic piece will not be able to properly support your window. You can replace the bolt and your window should be on track again.

Toyota Prius Window Switch Flashing

You may find that after replacing your battery your window lights are flashing. This often doesn’t turn off, even after you’ve rolled your windows up. To solve this issue, there is a very simple fix.

If your Toyota Prius window switch is flashing, your best option is to perform a reset. Resetting your windows overrides any conflicting signals that are being transmitted. Hold your window button in the up position for five seconds. You then want to hold the window switch down for ten seconds.

This should stop your window switch from flashing. You can also reset your warning lights. To run this reset you want to turn on your Prius, but not start it. Near your odometer, you will see a small button that is labeled ‘reset’. Press that and you will be able to filter through many options on your center screen. Once you see the option that is labeled ‘trip A’, hold the reset button and turn your Prius back off.

Then you want to turn your Prius on again. Don’t release the button until you see a zero near your odometer light. This should remove any flashing window lights.

Toyota Prius Window Won’t Go Down

Like when your windows won’t go up, oftentimes when your windows won’t go down, the first step that you should take is to run a window reset. Hold down your window buttons for five seconds and then hold them up for five seconds. If that doesn’t solve it you may be facing a power issue.

If your Toyota Prius windows won’t go down and you’ve already run a reset, it’s time to check your power. Make sure that your car battery isn’t low. Next, look at your fuse box. A blown fuse will prevent your window from going down.

If neither of these is your issue, you’ll want to look at the connections to the switch itself. Remove the panel that houses your window button. Once you do so, you will be able to see the connecting cables that run from your Prius’s hard drive to your window switch.

Make sure that all of the cables are attached correctly. You should also check to see if there is any dust or debris that has built up in the cables over time. If there is, you can use compressed air to remove it. Just be sure to hold the canister at least ten inches away, otherwise, you could damage it.

You can gain further access to the wires by removing your door panel. Once you remove the door panel, you will be able to see if any frayed or damaged cables need replacing. Otherwise, you may need to replace your window switch itself.

Toyota Prius Windows Not Working

If your Toyota Prius windows are not working, often you can solve the issue without removing your door panel. The first areas that you should check are your window’s power sources and attempt a reset. If that does not solve the issue you can easily access the components of the window by removing the interior of your doors.

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