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Toyota Prius Hood Not Working

Having a Toyota Prius hood not working can be beyond frustrating. This is especially true if you need to gain access to all the components located under the hood. Before you get too upset, however, there are some simple fixes you can do yourself to fix the malfunctioning hood.

You can force a Toyota Prius hood not working open by pressing down on the hood near the hood latch. Keep pressing and holding it down while a second person pulls the hood release lever. Once the person has the lever pulled and held, pull up on the hood to force it open.

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The Toyota Prius is a well-respected and reliable vehicle that can provide you with years of use. Unfortunately, like with any other vehicle, things can happen overtime and parts of the vehicle can start functioning improperly. A hood that won’t open or close is one such problem that can affect any Prius, no matter the age. Thankfully, most of the issues that cause this annoyance aren’t difficult nor expensive to fix.

Toyota Prius Hood Not Opening

You can blame the cable release if your Toyota Prius hood won’t open. This release connects the hood latch to the hood lever, and gives you the ability to open the hood by pulling the lever located inside the vehicle. If, however, the cable release is either broken or has moved out of its position, it will prevent the hood from opening.

If the Toyota Prius hood won’t open, the release cable will need to be replaced. A broken release cable will prevent the hood from opening. Before replacing the cable, however, make sure it hasn’t simply become misaligned.

If the cable is simply misaligned, then you won’t have to replace it and will just need to reposition it. If, however, the cable is broken, then it will need to be replaced. You will first need to get the hood open by forcing it, which will require the help of another person.

If you cannot force it open, then you will have to disconnect the hood latch assembly. To do this, use a 3/8 inch extension and 10mm socket to remove the bolts holding the latch assembly in place. You can gain access to the latch via the front grill. Once the bolts have been removed, you can lift the hood just enough to reach the latch to manually release it.

Toyota Prius Hood Latch Won’t Close

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A hood that refuses to close is a disaster waiting to happen. Hoods are designed to latch securely so that they don’t go flying up impending your view when driving. While a hood latch that won’t close is dangerous, you can correct the problem in a matter of minutes.

Toyota Prius hood latch that won’t close is typically the result of corrosion developing on the latch itself. This corrosion can prevent the latch from closing properly and instead keep it in the open position. To correct this problem, liberally spray the entire latch mechanism with WD40.

The WD40 loosens the hold that the corrosion has on the latch. You may have to wait several minutes to allow the chemical to do its job. After a few minutes, close the hood and see if it latches properly. If not, reapply the WD40 and repeat the process.

Another possible cause of a hood latch that won’t close is debris getting stuck inside the latch. Examine the latch, looking for any debris or dirt buildup that could be impending the latch’s ability to work properly. Use a stiff bristle brush to scrub the latch and remove the debris. If necessary, spray the latch with some WD40 to help remove any stuck-on debris. Once it has been removed, use a paper towel to wipe away the excess WD40.

Toyota Prius Hood Release Cable Broken

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When the Toyota Prius hood release cable is broken, you won’t be able to open the hood via the hood release lever. This means you are left forcing the hood open, which isn’t an ideal long-term solution.

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When the Toyota Prius hood release cable is broken, the only fix is to remove the broken cable and replace it with a new one.

To gain access to the broken cable, you will have to remove the front grill of the vehicle and then disconnect and remove the hood latch. You will see a spring tension near the latch. The release cable is located at the end of the spring tension. Disconnect the cable. Move to the hood release lever and carefully loosen it.

Once it is loosened, you can begin to pull the broken cable out of the Prius. Discard the old cable and then feed the new cable through the driver’s side of the vehicle and through the hood. Connect one end of the hood release cable to the release lever and then connect the opposite end to the hood latch. You just want to perform the same steps that you did to disconnect and remove the cable but in reverse order.

Toyota Prius Hood Latch Stuck

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When your Toyota Prius hood latch is stuck, it can quickly turn from an annoyance to dangerous. Especially when it is stuck in an open position. A hood that cannot close and securely lock creates a safety hazard to not only the driver and passenger in the car, but to anyone else on the road at the same time.

When the Toyota Prius hood latch is stuck, apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the entire latch assembly. The lubricant helps to work the latch free, allowing you to shut and secure the hood close.

Corrosion is usually the culprit of a latch that won’t function properly. It can cause the latch to freeze in the closed or open position. The bad news is that corrosion is hard to prevent. Vehicles are subject to elements, which means rust and corrosion are a common problem for all vehicles, not just your Prius. The best way to help prevent future problems is to regularly apply lubricant to the latch.

Furthermore, if you notice any rust or damage to the hood latch, replace the latch assembly as soon as possible. This will help ensure you are never stuck dealing with a malfunctioning hood latch.

Toyota Prius Hood Won’t Latch

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If the Toyota Prius Hood won’t latch, then the hood of the vehicle won’t be secured. What this means is that it can fly open at any time. Because of this potentially dangerous situation, you should avoid driving the vehicle until the problem is fixed.

When the hood won’t latch, the issue may be with the hood latch assembly. Try to clean the latch assembly with soapy water and a stiff brush, and then lubricate it with WD40.

If cleaning and lubricating the latch assembly doesn’t work, then you will need to release the entire latch assembly, which can be purchased at various auto part stores.

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