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Toyota Prius Trunk Not Working

When your Toyota Prius’s trunk isn’t working it can be very frustrating. What makes it more complicated is that there are only a few ways to open your trunk, with the option of using a key not being one of them. So when you are facing issues with your Toyota Prius’s trunk, what should you do?

A common issue with the Toyota Prius trunk not working is a malfunctioning or discharged trunk latch battery. If the trunk doesn’t open with the electronic button, manually opening it and replacing or recharging the trunk latch battery can fix the problem.

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Another cause might be a problem with the trunk’s mechanical latch. Over time, the latch can become stuck or misaligned. Applying lubricant to the latch mechanism and ensuring it is properly aligned can often solve issues with a non-functioning trunk. If lubrication and realignment don’t work, the latch mechanism may need to be replaced.

Toyota Prius Trunk Stuck

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When it comes to a Toyota Prius, often when your trunk is stuck it is because of the latch. Your trunk can become stuck when there are issues with the latch, the button, or any of the connectors. 

If your Toyota Pruis trunk is stuck there is likely an issue with the latch. To replace the latch you need to remove the inner panel in your trunk. You can do this by easily popping out the panel. You’ll also need to remove the outside trip panel that sits above the button that you press to open the door.

It is held on by four bolts that need to be removed. You will have several connectors, detach those and then you can remove the latch panel. After that’s been removed you can replace the button. After replacing the button, make sure that none of the connectors are damaged. If they are, they will also need to be replaced. 

Toyota Prius Trunk Not Opening

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There are a few different issues that could be behind your Toyota Prius trunk not opening. One common issue is related to trying to open your Pruis with the key fob while the car is still running. You may notice that you get no response after pressing the button.

If your Toyota Prius trunk is not open and running, one of the most common problems could be because your car is on. If your Prius is on, you will need to open your trunk manually from your driver’s side door. You will not be able to open it using the key fob. 

Your key fob itself may also be to blame. Replacing the batteries in your key fob is always a good first step. You should also check to make sure that the buttons on your key fob aren’t stuck. Over time, debris can get stuck, causing the buttons to not function properly. If that is the case, you need to clean your key fob.

If there is no issue with the key fob, or if you are attempting to open your Toyota Prius trunk when the battery is dead or disconnected, you will need to manually open it. 

Once the seats are down, remove the carpeting in your trunk. You’ll notice that there are two knobs, one on each side of your trunk, located close to the door. If the arrow on the knobs is facing forward, your truck floor is currently locked. Turn the knobs horizontally. This will allow you to lift the flooring to access the area beneath.

There is an area that is just beneath the area where your hood will open. You can use an object or your finger and find the silver lever. Pull that button towards you. Your trunk should open. 

Toyota Prius Trunk Latch Won’t Close

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When your Toyota Prius trunk latch won’t close. When you go to close your trunk, you’ll know that the latch is working properly if you hear the click as you close your trunk. If you don’t hear that, or if your Prius alerts you that your trunk is open, there is a simple fix.

If your Toyota Prius latch won’t close, you need to manually flip the latch switch. This is because the latch is stuck in the closed position. To do so, open your trunk and access the panel that is on the back of your trunk door. Once you do so, you will notice a metal switch. Using a screwdriver, push it to the side.

Once you push that to the right you will see that the switch on your latch will open again. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you will likely need to replace your latch. To do so, you will need to remove the other panel, the trim piece that covers the outside button that you press to open the trunk.

Once under there, you will be able to access the latch. 

Toyota Prius Trunk Won’t Close

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Depending on how you are attempting to close your Toyota Prius trunk, there might be a few different issues that you may be facing. If you are using your keyfob to attempt to close your truck, ensure that the batteries are working properly. 

If your Toyota Prius trunk won’t close, there is a good chance that you are facing issues with your latch. Your latch is located on the inside of your trunk. If you open the door and see that the latch has a bar extended, then the latch is in the lock position. To right this you need to manually right the latch. Take the inner panel of your trunk, just behind the latch. From there you will see a metal bar. Using a screwdriver, flip it.

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Now, when you go to look at your latch, it should no longer be in the closed position.

 Toyota Prius Trunk Won’t Stay Open

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When your Toyota Prius trunk door opens but you notice that it will slowly begin to close, it is frustrating. Usually, when this issue happens, you won’t see the opening, closing, or latching of your trunk affected. So what causes your Prius’s trunk to not stay open?

If your Toyota Prius trunk won’t stay open, your tailgate lifters, which are hydraulic pistons, are beginning to wear out. To fix this issue, you’ll need to replace them. Once you find your make and model, you need to purchase replacement tailgate lifters.

When it comes to tools, you’ll need a bit of torque. The hydraulic piston has two screws. The first is where the hydrologic piston is connected to the trunk. The second is at the base just behind the weather stripping. 

Remove the screws and then you can remove the hydraulic position. Once that is removed, you can easily install the new one.

Remember to screw in the base first, rather than the area that connects to the trunk of your Prius.

Toyota Prius Trunk Won’t Lock

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If your Toyota Prius trunk will not lock, you will be alerted on your center council screen that the locking mechanism is not working. If your trunk is closed, this can be a confusing issue to face.

If your Toyota Prius trunk won’t lock, one of the most common issues is concerning your car battery. If your battery is low or dead, your Prius’s locks will not work. It can also be a blown fuse. Check your first set of fuses to ensure that they are working properly.

If your fuses are dead, they are cheap and simple to fix.

Toyota Prius Trunk Not Working

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If your Toyota Prius’s trunk is not working, a good first place to check is to ensure that your car battery and key fob are working correctly. These are both simple and easy to fix. If both are functioning correctly you should turn your attention to your latching mechanism, lock, and your trunk’s hydraulic pistons.

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