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Toyota Highlander Window Not Working

The Toyota Highlander has electric windows that open and close by touching the corresponding button. It is a modern convenience that can easily turn into an inconvenience when the automatic windows stop working. 

Automatic electric windows rely on sensors and electrical components to interpret when a window is open or closed. Since mechanical and electrical components need to work in tandem for a window to operate smoothly, many parts can break and cause the window to malfunction.

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Most of the time, you will find your Toyota Highlander window not working after the automatic window function sensor setting gets scrambled when the power source is removed from the car. To get back window functionality, you will need to reset it.

To make sure you are never stuck with the Toyota Highlander window not working, read on to find out how to fix/reset it yourself without visiting your mechanic.

Toyota Highlander Window Won’t Go Up/Stuck 

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It can be a great inconvenience when the window gets stuck in an open position and doesn’t roll up or down. You won’t be able to stop the rain from getting into the car or secure your valuables when you want to leave the car on a public road. 

When the Toyota Highlander window doesn’t go up or gets stuck halfway, it may be because of too much friction between the glass and the rubber. You will need to lubricate the channel with waterproof lubricant to relieve the excessive friction, and the window should roll up and down normally.

It is recommended to spray the sides of your windows with lubricating spray at least once a year as a part of regular maintenance. Pay special attention to those windows that are opened the least to protect the rubber seal.

Toyota Highlander Window Won’t Go Down

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Being stuck with a window that won’t open can be annoying, especially if you need to let air into the car or get food at a drive-through. The cause for the window being stuck can be mechanical or electrical. To diagnose what is the most likely cause of the malfunction is to press the button to open the car and listen to whether the electric motor engages or not. 

The solution for a Toyota Highlander window that won’t go down may be either mechanical or electrical. If you can hear the motor making a buzzing sound when you press the correct button, but the window won’t budge, it indicates a mechanical fault. 

If you press the button to open the electric window and you hear no sound, it could be a faulty fuse or even a burned-out electric motor which will need replacing.

Toyota Highlander Window Won’t Stay Up

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In the case where the window won’t stay up after it reaches the closed position, the dirty or distorted window runs may be culprits. The window rolls up, and instead of staying closed, it rolls back down again. This safety feature is built into the sensor to prevent accidentally choking someone who has stuck their head through the window at exactly the same time as you are trying to close it. The window will roll down again when the sensor senses resistance.

Toyota Highlander window won’t stay up due to the anti-choke safety feature on the window. After the window closes, the motor senses resistance and winds the window back down. The dirt or distortion of the window runs often trips the anti-choke feature and cleaning the runs should solve the problem.

To fix this problem, examine the window runs carefully. If they look dirty, puckered, or distorted in any way, you will need to replace them. If the window runs appear smooth, spray them with silicone spray and roll the window up and down a few times. The lubrication will reduce friction and prevent tripping the “anti-choke” feature.

Toyota Highlander Rear Window Not Working

Rear passenger window down

If you are driving your Toyota Highlander without passengers, it is likely that the rear window is only used sometimes. Over time, grime and dust can collect inside the window tracks, making it difficult for the pane to move up and down. If you find that the rear window has fallen into the door and will not come out, it may be due to a faulty window switch or the pane has rolled off the tracks.

To fix the Toyota Highlander rear window, you may need to remove the door panel and replace the switch connector located inside the panel. Or if the problem lies with the window that has come off its tracks, you will need to replace the tracks. 

This is not an easy fix, and if you are not a do-it-yourself enthusiast, it is advisable to take your car to an accredited Toyota mechanic to help you replace any damaged parts.

Toyota Highlander Window Off Track

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The easiest way to diagnose if your Toyota Highlander window is off track is when you hear a grinding sound when you attempt to roll the window up. If the window pane is sitting in the tracks incorrectly, you may not be able to close the window all the way. Try pushing it up while you or someone else is holding down the window switch. You may need to grip the window from the top to exert enough force to move it. Be careful because the window may break in your hand or start moving suddenly if you manage to pop it back into the tracks.

When your Toyota Highlander window comes off the track, you can roll it up manually by physically pushing the glass upwards while holding down the window switch.

If you manage to get the window up, take the car to the Toyota authorized service center to get a professional to help you diagnose and replace any damaged parts. 

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Toyota Highlander Passenger Window Not Working

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If you are in a situation where the passenger window will not work, it may be because the switch is broken. Sometimes, you may find that pressing the switch will normally open the window, but when you press the switch to close it, it refuses to budge. You may find that you can close the window using the switch on the driver’s door. However, replacing the passenger door switch will provide a better solution to this problem.

When a Toyota Highlander passenger window is not working, the problem may be with the side door switch. Replacing the switch will solve the problem.

Other causes of the passenger window not closing may have to do with the broken plastic clip that holds the window to the guide rails or the window regulator assembly being damaged in some way.

How To Reset The Toyota Highlander Power Window

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You will need to reset the car window memory whenever you remove or replace the Toyota Highlander battery. It is quite a simple process, so you can do it yourself without taking the car to a mechanic. Remember, you will have to reset each window individually to ensure each opens and closes correctly. 

To reset the Toyota Highlander power window, turn the ignition to the “on” position, press the switch to lower the window completely and hold the button for 2-5 seconds. Release, and pull up the switch to close the window completely. Again, hold the button for a further 2-5 seconds and release.

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The process should reset the automatic window function by resetting your car’s computer.

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