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Toyota Highlander Trunk Not Working

A Toyota Highlander has one of the most spacious trunks among SUVs. However, it can be inconvenient when the trunk won’t work. This article identifies the most common Toyota Highlander trunk problems and suggests ways to fix these issues.

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A Toyota Highlander trunk not working can be due to a malfunctioning glass door, dead key fob, faulty trunk lock, defective trunk button, damaged trunk latch, bad trunk sensor, or worn-out trunk latch. Contact a service member to check these parts and replace the damaged ones.

The Toyota Highlander has a lift gate feature that allows easy and hands-free access to the trunk when you need to load or unload it. If your vehicle’s trunk has failed, read the below sections to identify the causes and learn how to fix this issue.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Won’t Open

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When your Toyota Highlander trunk doesn’t open, it can be a headache, especially when you are in a hurry to load or unload the trunk.  Nevertheless, identifying the cause puts you in a better position to resolve the issue.

A Toyota Highlander trunk won’t open due to physical obstruction, dead key fob, faulty door latch, or broken trunk lock. Call a service member to Inspect these parts for faults or malfunctions and replace any damaged parts.

Accumulation of dust and debris can accumulate on the Toyota Highlander trunk lock, causing a physical obstruction. In this case, use a multi-purpose lubricant to clean the lock and try popping the trunk.

When the keyfob batteries run out of power, the trunk won’t open. Likewise, the keyfob may develop mechanical issues when its wires break. In this case, replace the batteries or have a dealer replace the key fob.

The trunk door latch allows it to open or close. It has a unit that connects to the car frame when you close the door to seal the trunk. Hence, when the latch is damaged, it can get stuck closed. Likewise, the lock may get damaged due to excessive force or internal wiring problems. Call a service member to check these parts for faults and replace any damaged components in this case.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Won’t Close

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A Toyota Highlander trunk that doesn’t close can be dangerous to you and your family. In addition, it increases the risk of losing your belongings to thieves and burglars.

A Toyota Highlander trunk won’t close due to bad wiring, an open glass trunk window, a faulty door latch, a dirty sensor, or an unpressed button. Clean the dirty parts. Press the trunk button and close the rear glass trunk window. Check the door latch and wiring and replace any that is broken.

A Toyota Highlander has a rear glass window that opens when you press a manual button near the trunk. When you accidentally press the button, the trunk won’t open to avoid hitting the window. In this case, press the button to close the window and open the trunk.

The trunk button is located in the glove compartment to control its movement. Thus, you must press this button before closing the trunk.

Sometimes, the door latch may collect pebbles or debris that could cause obstruction and subsequent failure to close the trunk. In this case, clean any dirt and try closing the trunk.

Likewise, constant opening and closing of the trunk may damage the door latch. Hence you should call a mechanic to replace it if broken.

The sensor sits under the trunk door in a Toyota Highlander. It is a safety feature to prevent accidental cuts from the trunk. Thus, the trunk won’t close when it senses any objects near it. Sometimes, the sensor collects grime that interferes with its operation. Use warm water and a piece of cloth to clean it before attempting to close the trunk.

The trunk door can lose power if the wiring is broken. In this case, get a mechanic to check the wires and replace any damaged ones.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Stuck

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You will find a Toyota Highlander trunk helpful when moving houses, going on a vacation, or grocery shopping. But what do you do when the trunk is stuck? The following section addresses this issue and suggests ways to resolve it.

A Toyota Highlander trunk stuck can be caused by a broken electric connection or a jammed or broken lock. Spray a lubricant to clean the lock and try to remove any foreign object jamming the lock. Get a mechanic to check the wiring for faults and damages and replace any broken ones.

When a Toyota Highlander trunk is stuck closed, you can access it inside and locate the locking mechanism. Insert a screwdriver in the center of the tailgate and manipulate the lock to unstuck it.

Sometimes, water can seep through the trunk lock as you wash the car, causing it to rust. Similarly, dust and grime can collect on the lock, causing it to jam. In this case, use a multipurpose lubricant to clean and unstick the lock mechanism.

When you have cleaned the lock, but the trunk is still stuck, it indicates the lock is broken. Call a mechanic to replace any damaged lock and repair any loose wiring to resolve this issue.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Button Not Working

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A power liftgate is one of the unique features of a Toyota Highlander. It makes it convenient to access the trunk with full hands by simply pressing a button on the key fob. But what do you do when the trunk button is not working?

A Toyota Highlander trunk button not working can be due to a dead key fob, an open rear trunk glass window, or a switch on the glove box that has not been pressed. Close the trunk window and press the button on the glove compartment to resolve this issue.

The Toyota Highlander trunk button won’t work when the rear glass window is open. The safety feature prevents the window from breaking when you accidentally press the trunk button.

There is a switch on the glove compartment that controls the trunk movement. Therefore, you have to push it before pressing the trunk button. Likewise, a dead key fob will not power the trunk button. Hence, replace the key fob batteries or have a dealer check its internal wiring systems.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Beeping

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Most Toyota Highlander owners appreciate its ample trunk space when transporting bulky items. It’s normal for the trunk to beep to confirm that it’s locked. However, if the beeping won’t stop, it indicates a problem.

A Toyota Highlander trunk beeping can be due to keys locked inside or driving when the trunk is not properly closed. Park the vehicle and close the trunk properly. If you left the trunk open intentionally, flip a pin or blade through the lock to give an impression of being locked to stop the beeping.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Won’t Shut

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Owning a Toyota Highlander means you probably spend a lot of time traveling and discovering the local off-roading opportunities. If you are camping with friends or family, this vehicle’s spacious trunk will come in handy. But what if the trunk won’t shut? Read the section below to find out why and how to resolve the issue.

A Toyota Highlander trunk won’t shut due to dirty hydraulic arms, sensor obstruction, open rear glass window, or stuck open switch on the glove compartment.  Clean the hydraulic arms and clear sensor obstructions. Close the glass window and press the glove compartment button to resolve the issue.

Toyota Highlander Trunk Latch Stuck

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If you own a Toyota Highlander, you might have experienced the issue of your trunk latch getting stuck. It can be frustrating, especially when you urgently need to put something inside your trunk.

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A Toyota Highlander trunk latch stuck can be caused by dirt, rusting due to moisture, failed internal latch mechanism and physical obstruction. Access the trunk through the back seat and use a screwdriver to disengage the latch. Clean it and clear any obstructions. Replace the broken latch.

Sometimes, the trunk door latch may collect dust and grime, causing an obstruction. In addition, water can seep through the trunk when washing the car and cause the latch to rust. In this case, use a multipurpose lubricant to clean the latch.

When you get into a minor accident where someone hits your bumper, it can cause the latch to get misaligned or broken in worst-case scenarios. Try adjusting the latch to unstuck it. Alternatively, replace the door latch if it’s broken.

How To Reset Toyota Highlander Liftgate

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When your Toyota Highlander liftgate starts acting up, your normal reaction will be to call a mechanic to resolve the issue. However, you save yourself some dollars by resetting the liftgate.

You can reset a Toyota Highlander liftgate by pressing the liftgate button and opening the trunk. Press and hold the liftgate button and hold for a few seconds. You will hear four beeps, a pause, and two more beeps. Close the liftgate and open it again. The liftgate is now reset.

Resetting a Toyota Highlander liftgate is a simple process that will not require any tools.

Step 1: Park the vehicle and turn off the power.

Step 2: Press the liftgate button under the license plate and lift the gate.

Step 3: Press and hold the liftgate button for a few seconds. You will hear four beeps, a pause, and two more beeps to signal that the liftgate has been reset.

Step 4: Lower the liftgate and open it once more to test if the resetting worked.

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A Toyota Highlander trunk malfunction can be due to an open trunk window, a dead key fob, a broken trunk lock, a stuck glove box button, or a broken trunk latch. Call a service representative to inspect these components and replace any broken ones.

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