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Toyota Highlander Key Not Working

According to Murphy’s Law, the day your key to your beloved Toyota Highlander stops working is the day that you have a million important errands planned that cannot be postponed. You need to open your car and get it to work as quickly as possible before your whole world collapses and you will miss deadlines. 

Guy holding car keys in one hand and pointing to it with the other hand

If you find yourself with a Toyota Highlander key not working, the three possible causes include a depleted battery, a damaged key fob, or damaged power circuits. The easiest way to open and use your car again is to use the spare key provided. 

It seems obvious to try the spare key first, but many people forget that they have two keys for their car because they use only one. Of course, you will have to find out the cause of your original key not working. It could be due to one of the three causes mentioned above. Other causes may include buttons worn on the remote, poor battery contacts, water damage, signal interference, and an unpaired key that requires reprogramming.

Toyota Highlander Key Battery Low Warning

Hand holding car key fobb

When the battery voltage in your key fob starts depleting, a warning light lights up on the dashboard, letting you know that you will need to replace the battery very soon. 

As a general rule, when you see your Toyota Highlander key battery low warning light, it means that the computer that monitors the key fob battery output has found that the battery voltage is getting too low, and a light on the dashboard lights up to let you know to replace batteries.

Most key fobs can be opened to allow you to replace the battery yourself without having to take the car to a service station. If you are still determining what type of battery you need and how to open the fob, look in your owner’s manual to find that information.

Toyota Highlander Key Fob Blinking Red

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Sometimes, things that look weird to us have the simplest of explanations. The remote key fob on the Toyota Highlander starts blinking red when you get close to your car. It would make sense for the light to come on after you press the button to open or lock the car. But the light seemed to be flashing for no reason.

Usually, the Toyota Highlander key fob’s blinking red light shows an interaction between the car’s computer and the key fob. It happens when the key fob is within range of the car for communication to take place. Now you can open the doors or start your car.

The red light on the fob is a kind of communication light. Inside the car, on the dashboard, there is a corresponding light with a symbol of a car and a lock on it. It will blink when the immobilizer is active. 

Toyota Highlander Key Light Flashing

Car key fob

Your Toyota Highlander is equipped with a very sophisticated security system that allows only the key programmed for the car to be inserted into the ignition to start the car. When the control module of the security system senses that the key inserted into the ignition does not have the same code as the one programmed for it, it will send out an error code. 

When the key light flashes in a Toyota Highlander, it gives a warning that there is a security error code. The light comes on when the vehicle control module indicates that the key in the ignition is not programmed to the vehicle. The red light will show an error in the vehicle security protocol.

Most of the time, the vehicle will not start when the warning light is on. You will need to tow it to the repair facility, and the security system will need to be serviced and reprogrammed to your vehicle again.

Toyota Highlander Key Not Detected

Hand holding car key fobb

Usually, when there is a break in communication between your fob and your vehicle, the dreaded Key Is Not Detected message appears. 

When a message that your Toyota Highlander key is not detected appears on your dashboard, it can be for the following reasons: the battery in either the car or the fob is low, the keyless operating system is faulty, the remote is broken, or it needs reprogramming.

If you can lay your hands on the spare keys at the time when you are stranded with an undetectable key, use it to see if the car starts. If it starts, at least you know the fault is with the key, not the car. If not, check the owner’s manual for a suitable solution.

Toyota Highlander Key Won’t Open Door

Car keys put into door lock

Toyota Highlander’s power locks are a great convenience until your key does not want to open them. Getting the door locks fixed most of the time is as simple as changing a battery in the vehicle or the key fob. On the other hand, sometimes, it may be quite an expensive problem.

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The Toyota Highlander Key won’t open the door because of three possible problems. There is a bad fuse or a relay. There can also be a problem with the bad actuator motor. But the problem often turns out to be a dead battery in either the key fob or the car itself.

A proper diagnosis will ensure that you can easily fix what isn’t working. If you are not sure how to diagnose the problem yourself, it is better to have the car seen by an expert.

Toyota Highlander Key Detected In Vehicle

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All car owners over 50 have locked their car keys inside their cars at least once. It is inconvenient and expensive to call a locksmith to unlock your car for you because you forgot your car keys. Toyota Highlander wants to prevent this by installing a sophisticated warning system that stops you from locking the doors when the car senses that the keys are still inside the vehicle.

The Toyota Highlander key detected in-vehicle warning is a safety feature to help you prevent accidentally locking your keys in the car. The warning is activated when the computer detects your keys inside the vehicle after all the doors are closed, and the car has stopped.

Of course, the system can malfunction if you keep your spare set of keys hidden inside the vehicle while trying to lock it. The computer will detect the spare key inside the car and refuse to lock the doors.

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Toyota Highlander Key Won’t Turn

Car key in ignition

It can be frustrating to enter your Toyota Highlander and find that your key will not turn in the ignition. Before doing anything else, check that you are sitting in your own vehicle. If not, get out and find your car. 

If your Toyota Highlander key won’t turn, you may be in the wrong car. Jokes aside, perhaps your steering wheel is locked, the key is damaged, or the ignition is faulty.

To fix this problem, try these easy fixes. Wiggle the key in the ignition or pull it out a little. If your key is worn, moving it around may make it pop in correctly into the slots and start the car.

Toyota Highlander Key Stuck In Ignition

Car key in ignition

Not often will your key get stuck in the ignition in your Toyota Highlander. If it does, remember there should be a simple reason why it has happened, and refrain from trying to rip it out forcefully. You may cause more problems by forcibly removing it from the ignition.

The most common reason your Toyota Highlander key is stuck in the ignition is that you forgot to engage the parking lock. Keeping the key in the ignition is how your Toyota tells you to ensure you put it in park before leaving the driver’s seat.

Other reasons your key may be stuck include a damaged key, a steering lock that binds the key in the ignition, and a faulty ignition lock cylinder. When trying to figure out what is causing your key to get stuck, try examining it for signs of any noticeable bends or kinks, rust, or signs of wear and tear.

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