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What is The Honda Accord Wrench Light For?

Most Honda Accord owners have no idea the purpose of the wrench light going on the dashboard.

The Honda Accord wrench light is a reminder to the car owner that their vehicle needs minor maintenance repairs like an oil change. It helps to prevent further performance issues and more expensive repairs from taking place. The light will remain on your dashboard until the work has been completed.

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A yellow wrench light appears on your Honda Accord’s dashboard, it is time to service your vehicle. In most cases, the car’s oil supply is low and limited. A Honda service technician should inspect the car shortly after the wrench light has appeared on the dashboard. They can properly diagnose and fix all problems found and get your Accord back on the road in no time. 

Servicing your vehicle will prevent major mechanical performance issues from becoming expensive repairs. Maintaining a strict car maintenance schedule will help to prolong the life of your Honda Accord. 

It is wise not to ignore the yellow wrench light when it comes on your dashboard.

What Does It Mean If The Honda Accord Wrench Light Is On?

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If you recently purchased a Honda Accord, you might have questions about what the yellow wrench light is in the middle of the dashboard.

When a yellow wrench light appears on your dashboard, it is an indication that your Honda Accord needs car maintenance. You should set a service appointment with your local Honda dealership.

Honda has designed a maintenance program that has a display light appear on the vehicle’s dashboard when it needs repairs. Usually, a yellow wrench light serves as an early indicator of potential mechanical issues with your Accord. It is wise to schedule a service appointment at your local Honda dealership. 

The wrench light is a feature that helps Honda Accord owners to preserve their car’s life. Your dashboard is the Accord’s central information center. The dashboard’s display screen is where you can check your speed level and the amount of fuel left in the vehicle. Other display lights will appear as a helpful reminder that your car needs maintenance. In most cases, your Honda Accord’s oil level is low and needs to be changed.

All display lights should never be ignored, but it does not mean that your car is unsafe to drive. The Honda preventive maintenance system has detected an issue with your vehicle. The indicator means that you should schedule an appointment for repair work. The wrench light will continue to illuminate until you bring your Accord to a dealership for service. Keep in mind, there is no exact mileage range as being “safe driving distance” while the wrench light is on.

The odds are good that your car has entered “fail-safe” mode, which limits the amount of engine power generated. The “fail-safe” mode allows a Honda Accord to drive safely without causing any further damage to the car’s engine components. You can continue to drive your vehicle, but the longer you wait to make the necessary repairs, the more susceptible your Accord is to becoming an unsafe vehicle on the road. One day, you may have trouble starting your car.

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Oil temperature is the biggest factor in curtailing a Honda Accord’s engine life. It can go up or down by the number of miles driven, the number of extended trips driven and the vehicle’s average speed on the road. To maintain a good service schedule, take your car to a local Honda dealership every 5,000 miles for maintenance. 

A Honda dealership service technician will begin a diagnostic test on your vehicle. The codes received will confirm what is wrong with your Accord. Some possible issues include the above-mentioned oil change, replacing the oil filter, inspecting the condition of the drive belt and changing the engine coolant. 

The wrench light is the universal symbol in all automobiles that maintenance work is needed. It is a reminder to Honda Accord owners to schedule a service appointment at your local dealership. Maintaining a maintenance schedule will ensure a long lifespan without too many major repairs to your vehicle.

How to Reset Honda Wrench Light

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The hard work is over as you made the necessary minor maintenance repairs on your Honda Accord. Trouble begins if you cannot reset the car’s computer. 

To remove the wrench light, Honda Accord owners will have to reset the car’s computer system. The process is not too hard to complete. 

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The wrench light is part of Honda’s preventative maintenance program. It helps to alert car owners that their Accord is due for maintenance repairs. The wrench light comes on after the vehicle’s computer system has calculated when service should be done on your Honda Accord. The numbers come from your daily driving habits. 

Most Honda Accord owners will change the oil in their car themselves. If that is the case for you, manually resetting the vehicle’s maintenance reminder system can be done without any professional assistance. 

Here are the steps to reset your Honda Accord’s wrench light:

Turn the Honda Accord on, the wrench light should reappear on the car’s dashboard. Press the small button near the steering wheel or dashboard display screen, which is away from the wrench light. Scroll through the list until you see the “Engine Oil Life” or “Engine Oil Indicator” on the dashboard display screen. The wrench light should begin to blink. Select the reset mode by pressing the information button on the steering wheel. Hold the button down for approximately 15 seconds. The trip mileage screen will return to zero and the wrench light will disappear, 

If successful, you have reset the Honda preventative maintenance system back to 100 percent capacity. The wrench light will go on once again when your Accord needs some form of maintenance repairs.

Keep in mind, if you have repair work done at your local Honda dealership, a service technician will reset the maintenance system once the repairs have been completed. 

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