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Honda Odyssey Heater Not Working (How To Fix)

The heater in your Odyssey keeps everyone in the passenger compartment nice and toasty for the trip. When it does not work, the cabin temperature is less than optimal, and everyone gets grumpy.

There are various reasons why the Honda Odyssey heater is not working. From low coolant levels to HVAC control unit malfunction. If you know how to diagnose and fix common heating issues, read this guide.

Adjusting car heater temperature

If you are experiencing heating problems in your Honda Odyssey, always start your diagnosis with the simplest fix. Checking your coolant levels and the coolant hoses is always a good place to start.

Honda Odyssey Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

Hands feeling car vents blowing air

When traveling in your car during winter, you need it to warm up to a liveable temperature to ensure you keep focused on the road and not trying to keep warm. The car’s heating and cooling system is designed in such a way as to stop the cold coolant from reaching the engine while it is still heating up. Once the engine is warm, the thermostat valve closes to let the coolant heat on the engine block and blow warm air into the passenger compartment.

Your Honda Odyssey heater will not blow hot air when the thermostat is stuck. This critical valve can get stuck and prevent the coolant from heating up. Cold coolant flowing through the heater assembly will not warm up your car.

If the thermostat is stuck in the open position, your coolant has no way of warming, and your car will stay cold. A faulty thermostat also causes engine damage, increased fuel consumption, and higher tailpipe emissions.

Honda Odyssey Heater Fan Not Working

Car temperature controls

Your fan is the working horse of climate control in your Honda Odyssey. When it stops working, your AC ends up underpowered. A fan is needed to push the warm air around, so you will need to get it back in working order.

If you find yourself in a situation where your Honda Odyssey heater fan is not working, the most obvious reason is the faulty electrical connection caused by a blown fuse, faulty relay, or bad electrical connection.

Checking the fuses, relays, and electrical connections may seem like something you want to tackle yourself, but in this instance, having expert assistance can help you save both time and money. Unless you are familiar with the location of all the electrical components in your vehicle, taking your Honda Odyssey to the nearest Honda service station will be your best solution.

Honda Odyssey Heater Fan Noise

Car AC vents

Sometimes, when you turn on the heater in your Honda Odyssey, the fan either starts screaming at a high pitch or some other ungodly noise is emitted. The reason for this may be as simple as a piece of dirt or loose leaves getting stuck in the fan and causing the racket.

The Honda Odyssey heater fan can suddenly start making strange noises which are caused by debris stuck inside the fan or around the vent intake. A simple cleaning of the fan and under the hood around the vent can eliminate the strange noises quickly and painlessly.

The debris in your fan can be quite small, but irrespective of its size, the noise it causes is very loud, usually increasing in volume as you increase the blowing speed. It is fairly easy to remove the fan from its housing, so perhaps check the fan and clean it out if needed before replacing it with a new unit.

Honda Odyssey Seat Heater Not Working

Car seat heater controls

Heated seats in your Honda Odyssey are a nice feature that makes your journey comfortable and keeps you warm while you drive. When one of your seat heaters stops working, it is easy to figure out where the problem lies by troubleshooting the most common causes of malfunction in the heating system.

The reasons for your Honda Odyssey seat heater not working could be threefold. One, the fuses or relays for the seat heaters are faulty. Two, the seat heater control module is malfunctioning. Three, there is a fault with the heated seat switch.

Replacement of fuses, relays, and seat switches is easy enough for a do-it-yourself project. However, if the heater control module malfunctions, it is probably better to take your vehicle to a professional Honda service center for a replacement.

Honda Odyssey Heated Seat Won’t Stay On

Car front seats

It could get frustrating if you turn on your heated seat, but the indicator light stays on only for a few seconds, and the seat does not warm up. You will probably try to switch it on a couple more times. Each time the indicator light stays on for a shorter period. Eventually, you will realize that there is something not right with the seat heater.

Your Honda Odyssey heated seat won’t stay on because either the seat heater switch is faulty or the element of the seat heater is damaged. Whatever the reason, a replacement will be the most likely solution in this case.

You may have to be warned that the Honda Odyssey forums are sad about the high cost of a replacement switch. Still, the part should be covered under the guarantee or the extended guarantee. It is best to check with your service station technician.

Honda Odyssey Rear Heater Not Working

Car rear seats

The Honda Odyssey has a great climate control system that has both front and rear heaters. This allows for better air temperature control regardless of where you are seated. Once you get used to small creature comforts like these, it is difficult to give them up. So, when the heater stops working, you want to know what has caused the malfunction and to fix it as soon as possible.

When the Honda Odyssey’s rear heater is not working, the main problem could be a blocked or faulty heater core. The heater core should be replaced every two years as a part of the normal maintenance service.

When the heater core gets blocked, the only way to fix it is to flush it out. You can buy a flushing kit to do it yourself, but if you are not very technically minded, it would probably be better to have it done by a professional.

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Honda Odyssey Rear Heater Won’t Turn Off

Air blowing through car vents

We have discussed many situations when the heater in the Honda Odyssey will not work. However, sometimes, the heater will not switch off. Even if you turn off the ignition, the heater keeps on blowing. Obviously, you cannot leave the heater on indefinitely because it will drain your battery in no time. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem.

If you are stuck with a Honda Odyssey rear heater that doesn’t turn off, you need to check the relays located in the HVAC compartment. Find the defective one and replace it.

The Honda Odyssey’s rear heater motor is activated by four relays that are located in the rear HVAC compartment. To find the defective one, you will need to disconnect each one in turn, and the one that stops the heater from turning is the one you need to replace.

The heater in your vehicle is one of the important luxuries. Cold days happen in both cold and warm climates, and driving a warm and toasty car on a cold day turns running errands into a pleasure trip. So, make sure you take care of your heating system now that you know the possible problems that may crop up when the Honda Odyssey heater not working (how to fix).

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