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Honda Odyssey Window Not Working (How To Fix/Reset)

Automatic windows are a convenient feature that enables you to close or open your windows with just one press of a button. The function relies on a sensor and an electrical component to “know” when the window is open and when it is closed. When the Honda Odyssey window not working, the fault will lie in one of those components.

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The most common cause of the Honda Odyssey windows not working is after replacing the 12V battery. To fix the problem, you may need to reset the memory settings for your windows.

Most commonly, the window’s automatic function will lose its memory when the electrical current is interrupted because the car’s battery is disconnected. Normally, the battery supplies the current for all the electronics, even when the car is switched off.

To reset your automatic settings, press the switch and lower the window all the way down, keep the button pressed for an extra 2-5 seconds, then raise the window and hold the button for 2-5 seconds. This should reset the memory of your automatic window settings.

Reason Why Honda Odyssey Window Won’t Roll Up Or Stuck

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As convenient as electrical windows are, they are also sensitive to their environment. The window can become stuck because dirt and grime collect in the narrow channels the window pane travels up and down, physically blocking the movement of the glass. Other causes can include a fault in the electronic components like the switch or the motor that initiates the movement of the window. Also, sometimes the child lock gets turned on accidentally, and it prevents the window from opening.

Generally, the reasons the Honda Odyssey window won’t roll up can be grouped into three categories. There could be a physical blockage, the child lock may be turned on accidentally, or there may be a fault with electronic components.

To figure out which problem prevents your window from closing, you need to rule out all the possible causes systematically, probably starting with double-checking that the child lock is not turned on.

Reason Why Honda Odyssey Window Won’t Go Down

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Sometimes, when you try to operate the electrical window in your Honda Odyssey, you may find that when you press the switch, the window refuses to go down into an open position. But when you press it to go up, it goes without any problems.

It may be confusing, but this also indicates that the fault lies with the wiring of the window and not the motor. In other words, when you press the switch, the ground wire does not connect properly to allow current to flow to the motor and lower the glass.

The answer to why the Honda Odyssey windows won’t go down may lie in faulty or loose wiring. If you remove the window switch and test all three wires independently with a voltmeter to see if there is a continuity in the power flow.

Honda Odyssey electric windows work on a system that “lifts” the earth wire according to which way the switch is pressed, making contact with the motor and allowing the electricity to flow in the required direction, either to lower or lift the glass.

Reason Why Honda Odyssey Window Off Track

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When you open and close windows during the normal use of your Honda Odyssey, dirt and grime can enter the window tracks or channels that accommodate the glass moving up and down. Once sufficient debris collects in these small channels, the window cannot glide smoothly along the track and may get misaligned.

The Honda Odyssey window may be off track when dirt and grime accumulate in the window tracks or channels, displacing the glass. Once you remove the door panel, clean the tracks with a brush and lubricate them with silicone spray to allow the glass to glide smoothly.

To be able to visualize the window tracks, you will need to remove the door panel from the door. While there, check that the motor and wires are in good condition, and remove the pane from the tracks. Clean them out. Now that the tracks are clean and smooth, you can realign the glass pane by using one hand to move the pane downwards into the channels, and the other hand can stabilize the bottom of the pane to ensure it fits snuggly into the frame.

Honda Odyssey Window Switch Not Working

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Automatic windows in your Honda Odyssey are convenient to use, but the more you use them, the more wear and tear happens to the parts that keep your window magically going up and down. Over time, switches, fuses, or even the motor can break down in your window mechanism and need to be replaced.

You will know that your Honda Odyssey window switch is not working when you notice the following conditions. Your window works intermittently, all windows stop working at once, the window does not open, but it works when pressing the master switch.

If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you can attempt to remove and replace the faulty switch yourself, but for everyone else, it would be best to take your car to your nearest Honda service center, where a qualified mechanic can replace the window switch.

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Honda Odyssey Rear Window Won’t Latch

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When you are driving your Honda Odyssey, and the passengers in the back seat are playing with the rear window by rolling it continuously, you can lock it from the driver’s seat by pressing the window lock button. If the window does not lock, it could be that the window switch lock button is faulty.

When you want to latch or lock your rear window in the Honda Odyssey, you can do that by pressing the window lock button located on the window switch console adjacent to the automatic door locks. If it does not work, the switch may be faulty.

If the window lock switch does not lock your rear window, you will need to replace it.

How To Reset Honda Odyssey Power Window Control Unit

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Whenever you replace your car’s battery, you will need to reset the Honda Odyssey power window control unit to ensure that you can use the power window feature that allows you to close and open windows with one push of a button.

The method is simple, but the steps must be completed in 5 seconds. Don’t be discouraged if it does not work the first time. If you find that it has not worked, try to repeat the steps a couple more times.

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To reset the Honda Odyssey power window control unit, try the following steps: turn the ignition off, hold down the window switch, turn the ignition on, and release the window switch. Complete those steps in 5 seconds.

Once you have completed the steps listed above, wait 1 second and confirm that the windows go up and down. Pull on the switch to get the window into the up position and hold it for a few seconds. Then press the window down and hold for a few seconds. Your power window control unit should be reset.

The Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle with many features that make driving pleasurable. When you experience your Honda Odyssey window not working (how to fix/reset), we hope that this guide has helped you solve the issues and that you are enjoying your car again.

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