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Honda Accord Rear Camera Not Working/Always On

The Honda Accord is one of the most commonly purchased vehicles on the market. If you drive an Accord model released in 2013 and beyond, you are familiar with the backup camera. An Accord’s rear camera rarely malfunctions, but when it does, knowing how to fix it can save you time and money.

A frequent issue with Honda Accord’s rear camera not functioning is due to a faulty camera wiring connection. Over time, connections can become loose or corroded, causing the camera to stop displaying an image. Inspecting the wiring and ensuring a secure and clean connection can help regain camera functionality.

Another reason are software glitches in the infotainment system can sometimes cause the rear camera to malfunction. If the camera hardware is in good condition but still doesn’t display an image, a system reset or software update might be needed. Following the car’s manual for system reset procedures or visiting a dealership for a software update can address this issue.

Car rear view camera

Use this article as a guide to help you fix your Honda Accord’s rear camera in several situations. You will learn everything from what to do when your rear camera is not working, what to do when the rear camera is foggy, and everything in between. Read on to find out what to do if your Honda Accord’s rear camera is not working properly.

Honda Accord Rear Camera Not Working

Car rear view camera

If your rear camera stops operating, there are a few steps you can take before taking it in for a repair. Before going through these steps, confirm that your camera is not working and that it was not just a one-off occurrence. Accord owners often mistake fixable camera issues with wholesale car problems. Take a look at your options below.

Disconnect your Accord’s battery.

  • If you disconnect your battery, it might fix your camera issue, but your settings will be factory restored.
  • This option is worth a shot because it is the most hassle-free choice to go with, but it does not guarantee a fix.
  • A faulty connection might also be a sign that it is time for you to replace your car battery.

Check with Honda regarding a Software update. Your camera malfunctioning is most likely a software issue that should be looked at by a car technician at a Honda dealership. Contact Honda and inform them of your camera issue. If your warranty is up, you can still reach out to a qualified technician to help you fix your camera issue.

Honda Accord Backup Camera Dark/Black

Car rear view backup camera

Your rear camera might be dark for one of two reasons: your brightness is low, or your camera has a manufacturer defect.

Camera Settings

You can set your camera brightness settings. Some drivers do not realize this and assume there is an issue when, in fact, the settings are the problem.

  • The brightness of your rear camera can be adjusted when your car is in reverse.
  • You will see a settings logo popup on your screen.
  • You can adjust your brightness to your liking without it affecting the rest of your settings.


If your camera screen is completely dark, there is a possibility it is not a camera issue but a display issue.

  • Check your wiring and plug everything correctly.
  • If your display says it is having signal issues, you will know it is a software issue and not the camera itself.
  • Most cameras only operate when the car is in reverse, so make sure to test it out.

Manufacturer Issues

If your display is working, but your camera screen is still black, you will need to replace your camera. If your car is still under warranty, your best bet is to contact a dealership.

If the brightness and clarity of your rear camera display are affected by sunlight, the installation and software of your camera might not be properly working. Clarity and brightness issues in sunlight can be seen as a manufacturer issue and should not be considered normal.

Honda Accord Rear Camera Loose

Car rear view backup camera

A loose rear camera can be the cause of a dark or spotty display. If your camera seems off, check its alignment to see if it has not shifted since its original installation. Your rear camera can get loose from time to time when you constantly open the trunk of your Accord. The clips that hold the camera in place can break off and loosen your camera.

  • If one of your clips breaks off, you will have to replace the entire camera setup.
  • If a clip breaks off and loosens the camera, the camera will still be secure enough to not fall out.
  • If your camera is loose but its position is not affecting your ability to effectively use it, you might not need to repair it.
  • If you are still under warranty, take your car to a dealer.

If your camera is loose and dangling from its socket, there is a possibility that someone may have tried to steal it. If there are no signs of an attempted robbery, a loose camera can also come down to being a manufacturer’s issue. Either way, your best bet will always be to take your vehicle to a dealership for an effective repair job.

Honda Accord Backup Camera Foggy

Car rear view backup camera

If your rear camera works but is foggy, it should likely be an easy fix. Take a microfiber towel and wipe the lens of your camera and check to see if its clarity improved. If your camera is blurry, it can be caused by several things. When your camera is foggy and hard to see, it is likely due to natural elements such as:

  • Rain
  • Mud
  • Fog
  • Natural perspiration

You should keep a microfiber towel in your car because of the frequent occurrence of natural elements like the ones listed above. After you clean your camera, make sure you did not move it out of place or loosen its hold. Keep track of the elements affecting your camera because even the slightest interior perspiration can damage your camera.

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If your rear camera remains foggy after being wiped and there is no structural damage caused by interior perspiration, you should check for fault network connection and issues within the installation. Often, you will find that the root of the issue is in your fuse box. A blown fuse will cause your software to malfunction.

Fixing a blown fuse is typically inexpensive and will get your vehicle’s software back and running like normal. If it is not a fuse box problem, you can always trace the issue back to the dealership and have them fix the camera for you at no cost under warranty. Make sure to test the clarity of your camera several times before making a decision.

Honda Accord Rear Camera Always On

Car rear view backup camera screen

If your rear camera stays on while you are driving and not intending to use it, there is likely a software issue. This can be a dangerous malfunction of the camera because it can be distracting to a driver. Aside from being distracting, you will not have access to the rest of your display menu until the problem is resolved.

However, for drivers that prefer to keep their camera on at all times, there is a way to program your camera to stay on at all times while also giving you the option to go back to your regular display menu at will. You can keep your camera on for your drive, and then your software will resort back to normal settings after you restart your car.

This is the most likely reason you will find your rear camera staying on all the time. You could have inadvertently programmed the backup camera to remain on. The rear camera always being on is not necessarily a malfunction, but for drivers who find themselves in this position by mistake, it can be worrisome.

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  • Try restarting your car.
  • If your rear camera stays on, even after you restart your car, it is a software issue.
  • Contact your Honda dealership to provide a solution.

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