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Honda Accord Sunroof Won’t Work/Close/Open/Stuck

Many vehicle components, unfortunately, go ignored by Honda owners. This is no fault of theirs, as even automotive experts state that manuals don’t mention critical features like sunroofs and their maintenance requirements. Still, you can prepare yourself for potential issues.

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A common issue with the Honda Accord sunroof not working can be caused by a blown fuse, which prevents electrical flow to the sunroof’s motor. Fixing this problem involves locating the fuse box, identifying, and replacing the specific fuse responsible for the sunroof, using the vehicle’s manual as a guide. Ensuring the replacement fuse has the correct amperage is crucial to maintaining system integrity.

On occasion, the Honda Accord sunroof may cease to operate as a result of a defective sunroof motor, an essential component that facilitates the sunroof’s opening and closing mechanisms. Factors such as wear and tear, aging, or electrical complications can precipitate motor failure, inhibiting the sunroof’s operation. A thorough examination of the motor for visible damage, wear, or electrical inconsistencies, followed by necessary replacement or repair, can mitigate the issue. Given the intricate nature of sunroof motor replacement and the imperative for accurate installation, it is prudent to enlist professional services to ensure precise and secure replacement, thereby reinstating the sunroof’s operational capacity.

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Another potential cause for the sunroof’s failure to operate could be attributed to obstructed sunroof tracks, which can impede the sunroof’s mobility. Accumulated debris, dirt, or physical barriers within the tracks can prevent the sunroof from seamlessly opening or closing. A meticulous cleaning of the tracks, coupled with lubrication and ensuring no obstructions are present, can enhance the sunroof’s operation. Regular upkeep, encompassing cleaning and lubricating the sunroof tracks, can avert future complications and assure consistent, smooth operation of the sunroof. Should the sunroof persist in malfunctioning post-cleaning and lubrication of the tracks, additional professional examination may be requisite.

Most of the time, problems with the Honda Accord sunroof are pretty straightforward. However, you might find that more severe issues like leaks and cracked gaskets merit professional help. The overview below will walk you through DIY solutions and note when an expert is needed.

Honda Accord Sunroof Won’t Close All the Way

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Sometimes years of use on a sunroof begin to wear on the mechanism, so much so that the component stops working entirely, leaving you exposed to environmental elements like rain and wind.

If you’re getting ready for a long trip or need to park your car outside, this can become a pretty severe issue rather quickly. Luckily, there’s a quick way to fix this.

Although you’ll still need maintenance after you close it, you can temporarily resolve issues with a stuck sunroof by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Locate the sunroof’s controls in your car on the ceiling near the rearview mirror, between the two front seats (next to the switches for the cabin lights). The Honda Accord sunroof motor should be underneath this control module.

Step 2: Open this module to locate the screws securing it to the roof. (In many cases, there will be an attached sunglasses storage compartment. You will most likely find the necessary screws in this portion of the module.)

Step 3: Remove the screws.

Step 4: Pull the module off the roof to reveal the sunroof module.

Step 5: Using a 4 mm Allen wrench, turn the motor until the sunroof has shut completely. (Be prepared, as this may require lots of effort.) Do not continue cranking the motor once the sunroof has closed entirely, as this may damage the roof or motor.

Honda Accord Sunroof Not Working

Car sunroof

Just like any other part of the car, the sunroof can give way to wear and tear after a while. Unfortunately, this isn’t a component that vehicle owners think about very much, as it does not directly influence the vehicle’s functionality.

Still, the mechanisms powering the sunroof are pretty complex, so you’ll need to give them the proper care and attention to avoid any more operational hiccups.

Yet, if you’re able to anticipate these problems, you will be better prepared to care for your vehicle and – quite literally – keep a roof over your head. Here are some of the main reasons why a Honda Accord’s sunroof might fail over time:

Step 1: The sunroof’s rubber gaskets (responsible for keeping a tight seal) can break or crack over time due to extended sun exposure.

Step 2: The panel may be poorly aligned with the car’s roof.

Step 3: Your roof drains may be clogged.

Step 5: The inner components that control the sunroof are poorly lubricated.

To prevent these issues from damaging the sunroof and getting you back into the situation that warranted the above section’s instructions, you’ll need to maintain the roof using the instructions below and have it detailed once yearly.

Clean to Prevent Honda Accord Sunroof from Getting Stuck

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Cleaning your sunroof is essential to maintaining its performance. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to address this responsibility until you get to the dealership. Instead, you can take care of this on your own, as often as you see fit.

Follow these simple steps to manage your sunroof’s condition as-needed:

Step 1: Open the sunroof.

Step 2: Clean the entire visible surface by wiping it down, using an air compressor (10 psi or lower), or using a vacuum, if needed.

Step 3: Wipe down the mechanism’s moving components, gasket, slides, and tracks. (Make sure you only use a soft cloth and toothbrush with a designated automotive cleaner.

Step 4: Lubricate these moving components with lightweight, heat-tolerant grease.

Step 5: Clean the glass with an ammonia- and vinegar-free solution. (Otherwise, these chemicals will vaporize in hot weather and could cause respiratory irritation.)

If you detail the sunroof yourself, clean more thoroughly with the compressed air, removing any traces of clogged debris. Then, use a non-pointed wire into the sunroof’s drain tube. Twist and insert the tube to ensure any obstructions are dislodged and check once more for leaks.

Honda Accord Sunroof Leaking

Car sunroof opening

After detailing your sunroof, you’ll need to check for leaks. (Do this by pouring water over the glass and watching for any inappropriate runoff.) Typically, a leak is the direct result of a clogged drain. Here are a few more ways to verify a potential clogging:

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  • The car’s headliner will be wet (the material lining the ceiling in the cabin).
  • Water drips from the headliner, especially when the car is turning. (It may spill on the driver’s or passenger’s head, depending on the direction you turn.)
  • The car’s roof pillars (the components bordering the windshield) are wet.
  • The carpet is damp, or puddles are forming in the footwells.

To clear the blockage, you’ll use essentially the same method required during detailing. Open the sunroof and insert an air compressor’s or canned air container’s tube into the drain system. Verify that the clog has been cleared by inserting a soft wire into the drain.

Repeat the pour-test mentioned earlier and note if any water falls into the cabin. If you do find leakage, search for cracks or faults in the seal. Those who are unable to identify the cause of the leak should seek professional assistance.

Honda Accord Sunroof Reset

Car sunroof control power buttons

Sometimes, a Honda Accord sunroof stops working due to electrical problems. In these instances, you’ll need to reset the mechanisms altogether to get the component functioning normally again. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Close the driver’s door. This must remain closed for the entire time you’re resetting the sunroof.

Step 2: Set the ignition switch position to “Lock.”

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Step 3: Press the sunroof “Tilt” switch and hold it. Simultaneously, turn the ignition position to “On.”

Step 4: Let go of the “Tilt” control and return the ignition to the “Lock” position.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3-4 four times.

Step 6: Toggle the Auto On and Off functions. If they are still operating normally, they’re not cleared. In this case, you’ll need to go back to Step 1. If not, proceed to Step 7.

Step 7: Press the “Open” switch for 3 seconds minimum after the moonroof is open.

Step 8: Repeat Step 7, but for the “Close” control.

Step 9: Confirm that the reset has worked by using the Auto Open and Close functions.

You can use this reset system if you’re having persistent problems with a Honda Accord sunroof that won’t open/close.

Replace the Honda Accord Sunroof Motor

Open car sunroof

If you’ve exhausted all your options and discovered that no other part of the sunroof system is faulty or has malfunctioned, the last possible explanation is the motor itself. The average motor should last up to 150,000 miles. So, if you’ve passed that, it’s likely time to have it replaced.

It’s best not to wait until the need arises to gather these funds, as it can be a bit pricey, especially if you need a professional technician’s help. Expect to pay around $450-520 for the service, parts and labor included.

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