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Honda Accord Clock Not Working, Blinking, Resetting, Etc.

Cars require maintenance periodically. Often, it is something small that seems minor but can begin to bug you over time. Your Honda Accord is no different. Occasionally, the clock on your Honda Accord may start resetting or blinking for seemingly no reason.

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If your Honda Accord’s clock is blinking, flashing, or just not working, it may be pointing to a larger problem. You may also want to change the time on your clock depending on the time of year or where you are. Read on to learn how to reset your Honda Accord’s clock when it is not working.

Honda Accord Clock Not Working

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There are several reasons your clock may stop working on your Honda Accord, especially if your car is an older model. Sometimes the electric components of older model cars start to go on the fritz.

A common issue causing the Honda Accord clock to stop working is a compromised fuse. Fuses act as safety devices for electrical circuits, and if the clock’s fuse is blown, the clock won’t operate. To remedy this, find the fuse box, usually positioned under the dashboard, and swap out the damaged fuse associated with the clock.

Another potential culprit behind the Honda Accord’s clock malfunction is a failing internal clock component. As the clock ages, its internal parts can wear out, leading to operational issues. In such situations, the best course of action is to replace the entire clock module.

Moreover, electrical grounding problems within the car can have an impact on various systems, including the clock. An inadequate grounding connection may result in the clock working sporadically or not at all. Ensure all grounding points in the vehicle are free from corrosion, tightly connected, and make adjustments or replacements if required.

Honda Accord Clock Reset And Is Blinking/Flashing

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Just like with a digital clock at home, if your Honda Accord clock is blinking or flashing, it means that it has reset at some point on its own. When the power to the clock goes out or resets, the clock will start flashing with the incorrect time until it is set correctly.

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However, there is no good reason the power should go out randomly to your Honda Accord’s clock. This should not happen, so it is important to find the reason and fix it. To get your clock working again, you can set your clock when it has gone haywire.

How to Set Your Honda Accord Clock

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There are several reasons why you may need to reset the clock in your Honda Accord. For most, the only times the clock needs to be reset is at the beginning and end of daylight savings time.

Many Honda Accords come with navigation capabilities, so the clock will reset and update on its own. On other models, there are options to have it update independently. Regardless of what model you own, you can always manually reset the clock on your Honda Accord.

Steps to Follow to Reset Your Clock

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How you reset your Honda Accord’s clock will depend on which model you own. Each model offers different display settings. The general principle is the same, however.

If you have questions about the specific model of your Honda Accord, you should consult your owner’s manual, which will have all the information for reference.

This article will focus on Honda Accord models that have been released within the past decade.

If Your Honda Accord’s Model Is Type A

If your Honda Accord is a little older, then it could be a Type A model. If so, you will follow these steps. Please note the first step differs if you have one display or two.

  • If you have one display: Start the process by choosing Settings.
  • If you have two displays: Start the process by choosing DISP.

Then proceed to these steps. Please note that you will be using the knob to navigate through these steps. To select, press the knob like a button.

  • Navigate to System Settings.
  • From there, you will want to go to Clock and then Clock Adjustment. Once you have done this, you will set your desired time.
  • Turn the knob one final time to finalize your selection and set the clock.

If Your Honda Accord’s Model Is Type B

Honda Accords from 2010 to 2015 have three model types. If yours is a Type B, follow these steps:

  • There is a button in your Honda Accord that reads Clock. Press it.
  • After you have pressed it, use the “4” and “5” buttons to set your desired time.
  • When you are finished, repeat step one. Your clock will be set.

If Your Honda Accord’s Model Is Type C

If you own a Type C model Honda Accord, you will follow these steps:

  • First, you need to turn the ignition, but not all the way. You do not want to start the car to begin the process.
  • You will press the Menu button in your car.
  • As with other methods, you need to use the knob to navigate and select options to reset your clock. Using the knob, you will navigate to Clock Adjust.
  • The final step is to use the knob to set the time, and then you are all set.

If Your Model Has Color Audio

When resetting your Honda Accord’s clock when you have color audio, follow these steps:

  • Start by pressing the Menu/Settings option.
  • From there, find Adjust Clock.
  • Using the knob, you will then change the time. After each element (hour, minute), you will press the knob to finalize your choice.
  • After changing the time, turn the knob one final time to finalize the entire selection. Your clock will now be updated.

If Your Model Has Display Audio

If your Honda Accord’s model has display audio, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Navigate from Home to Settings on your display screen.
  • From there, navigate to System. You will see an option there for Date & Time. Navigate there and select the option to Set Date & Time.
  • You will see arrows. These arrows are used to set the time.
  • When you have completed your selection, select Save, and you are done.

If Your Model Is a Touchscreen Model

Honda Accords from 2016 and 2017 have a model that is equipped with a touchscreen. If this is your model, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • From there, find Clock/Info and navigate to Clock Adjustment.
  • From there, you only need to adjust your time as necessary and then finalize it by selecting OK.

If Your Model Is a Non-Touchscreen Model

Honda Accords from 2016 and 2017 also have a model that is a non-touchscreen model. If this is your model, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • From there, go to System Settings and select Clock and then Clock Adjustment.
  • Set the time, and then, when you are finished, you will hit Back to finalize the selection.

What Causes a Honda Accord Clock to Stop Working?

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When the clock stops working, it is a symptom of a different issue. It could be there is something wrong elsewhere in your vehicle, typically with the electrical components.

Battery Issues

The most common culprit for a car’s clock acting strangely is an electrical issue. Throughout your car, there is electricity. If any of these pathways are interrupted, then the clock will respond.

  • Replace the battery, which means you had to disconnect it and replace it with a new one.
  • Recharge, or jump, the battery, which essentially “resets” the battery

Other Electrical Issues

While the battery is one of the biggest reasons your Honda Accord’s clock may not be working, there are other electrical issues to consider. These include:

  • Wirings in the dashboard
  • Fuses throughout the car
  • Your ignition is not working properly

All these issues can cause the clock to act strangely. In every case, it is interrupting the power supply to the clock. If the supply is interrupted or loose, the clock will act accordingly.

When to Visit the Dealership

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If you have reset your clock, but the issue persists, then there may be something else wrong. One of these issues may be to blame.

If your troubleshooting does not work, you should visit your dealership. They will be able to look at your Honda Accord and diagnose the issue. Most likely, it is an electrical issue. If this is the case, the dealership will be able to fix it.

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