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How To Fix Trunk Door Problems with Your Toyota Sienna

If you are experiencing problems with your Toyota sienna trunk door, there are ways to reset it and get it working again. Often, it just requires you to push the right buttons.

It is possible to reset the liftgate in the Toyota sienna by using the liftgate close button on the door itself. Locate the rear liftgate close button and press it until you hear it beep four times. Hold the button for a few more seconds and you will hear a single beep.

At that point, you can let the button go because the liftgate is reset.

Rearview of minivan

Resetting the height of the liftgate is one way to reset the gate completely. It may also be necessary to reset it in that way if you are experiencing some problems where it is stopping the lifting process too early or if it is traveling too far.

In other words, you may be able to reset the liftgate by pressing that button but it is also something that may be done from time to time to simply keep the tailgate calibrated.

You may also be able to reset the liftgate by pressing the open/close button inside of the vehicle. This button is located in the area of the dashboard and pressing and holding it will start the reset process.

If all else fails, you may need to reset the power and perhaps the ECU on the vehicle. Take the following steps.

  1. Battery – Disconnect the negative terminal cable on your battery.
  2. ECU Fuse – Locate the ECU fuse in the fuse box and remove it
  3. Wait – Wait for a few minutes to allow the power to dissipate from the vehicle. You can speed this along by holding down the brakes or turning on the headlights for a minute.
  4. Reestablish – Plug in the fuse and reconnect the battery cable
  5. Idle – Allow the engine to idle for 10 minutes.

Toyota Sienna Trunk Door Problems

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Caution should always be taken when opening and closing the trunk door on your Toyota Sienna. If you are standing in the path, either behind the door or underneath it, it could come in contact with you and lead to injury.

In addition, if you are experiencing any type of problems with the struts on the rear door, you should never stand underneath it, even if you have it propped open manually. If the strut should fail completely, the door may come down quickly, leading to damage and physical harm.

At times, you may experience problems opening the trunk door on your Toyota Sienna by using the key fob or the interior controls. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to open and close the door, including some manual options.

The easiest way to open the door is with the key fob. Pressing and holding the trunk button will cause the door to start to come open. You can also close it in the same way, but you might find it easier to use the interior button.

There is a button with a trunk icon located inside of the door and it is only accessible when the door is open. By pressing that button, you will cause the door to start to lower. This is convenient if you just want to close the door quickly after loading something in the back of the vehicle.

If all else fails, you can always try using the latch that is on the back of your Toyota sienna. You may need to press and hold it for a few seconds for it to engage but once it clicks, you can open and close the back door manually.

One word of caution when operating your rear door automatically. If you do so, allow the door to open and close at its own speed.

If you were to grab the door and manually try to open or close it more quickly than the automatic feature allows, it could cause the frame to warp. After that, the door may not open or close properly and it may not latch.

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Toyota Sienna Back Door Won’t Close

Back open of minivan trunk

If you are having difficulty with your Toyota Sienna back door not closing, it may be due to something in the path.

The sensors on your Toyota Sienna will not allow the door to close if there is anything in the way. This is true when you are trying to open the door but it is also true when you’re closing the door as well. Make sure that you stand well clear of the door as it is closing or it may not operate.

There may be other issues that are causing your door to stay open. This could include problems with the frame of the door being warped or out of line.

Since the back door operates automatically, if there are any problems where it is not lined up properly, it will likely not close. You may have to do some alignment checks or take it to a mechanic.

Toyota Sienna Trunk Won’t Open

Rearview of minivan tailight

Are you having a problem with the trunk door on your Toyota Sienna? Sometimes they won’t open, but it is a problem that can be fixed.

A common reason why a trunk won’t open on a Toyota Sienna is that something is blocking the path. It might not even be obvious at first, but if the sensors on the Siena see the issue, it will not allow the trunk to open to keep damage from occurring to the vehicle.

If the Toyota Sienna rear hatch is not opening and it doesn’t appear as if anything is in the way of the trunk, it may be a problem with one of the sensors. If they wear out or are broken, they may inappropriately identify items that do not exist.

Finally, make sure that there is not a problem with the fuse. If the fuse to the back door is burnt out, it will neither open nor close. In addition, it will not make any beeping noises if you press and hold the close button on the inside of the door.

Toyota Sienna Trunk Won’t Stay Open

Rearview of minivan tailight

When the trunk won’t stay open on your Toyota Sienna, it is a problem that could lead to physical damage or personal harm.

Fortunately, it is easy to fix a Toyota Sienna when the rear hatch won’t stay open. This is due to the struts that wear out after some time. If one of the struts wears out, the other strut may not be strong enough to hold the door open fully. You will have to replace the struts.

The struts in a Toyota Sienna are relatively easy to replace and they are not overly expensive. It is better if you have a second person to help, however, so the door can be held open properly.

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To replace the struts, manually lift the rear tailgate and hold it open fully. You will then need to remove one strut from the door using a screwdriver or ranch.

Check for any damage to the area and then replace it with the new strut. You can then do the same thing for the other side. Always replace both struts at the same time.

*This article and its contents are owned by Know My Auto and was first published on 06/06/2022*

Toyota Sienna Back Door Won’t Open Automatically

Confused female with hands open

The back door to your Toyota Sienna should open automatically but if it doesn’t, it is usually easy to fix.

One common reason why a Toyota Sienna rear hatch stops working is that the circuit has blown. You can check the fuse box for any burnt fuses and replace them if necessary. Otherwise, it could be a problem with the electronics that open the door automatically.

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If your Toyota sienna door is no longer opening automatically, you can still operate it manually until it is fixed. You do this by releasing the hatch using the button on the back door. You can then lift and close the door manually.

Toyota Sienna Back Door Won’t Close Automatically

Confused male scratching head

If a Toyota Sienna’s back door won’t close automatically, the issue may be with the door’s power mechanism, such as a blown fuse. Check the vehicle’s fuse box for any blown fuses related to the automatic door system and replace them to restore functionality.

Another possible cause could be obstruction or misalignment in the door track. Ensure the track is free of debris and that the door is properly seated in the track. Cleaning the track and realigning the door can often solve the problem.

Lastly, the problem might be due to a malfunctioning door motor or a worn-out gear assembly. If the motor runs but the door doesn’t close, the gear assembly may need to be replaced. If the motor doesn’t run at all, it could be an electrical issue or the motor itself may need replacing.

Pro Tip

When your Toyota Sienna trunk door is experiencing problems the easiest way to fix it is to reset the door. This is done by pressing and holding the button on the rear door next to the closed-door icon.

After holding the button for a few seconds the system will beep four times. Continue to hold the button until it beeps a single time and then release.

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