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Honda HRV Trunk Won’t Open  

With the trend towards more compact cars, having a voluminous trunk is a welcome addition to everyday cars.

This is where the Honda HRV trunk comes in handy, as both a place for children’s school bags as well as providing ample room for weekend getaways.

But what happens if you can’t get your trunk open?

The trunk of a Honda HRV may not open if there is an issue with the trunk latch mechanism. Over time, the latch can become stuck or fail due to dirt accumulation or mechanical wear. To fix this, first try lubricating the latch with a silicone-based lubricant. If this doesn’t work, the latch may need to be inspected and potentially replaced by a professional.

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Occasionally, dirt or debris may enter the locking mechanism. Use a screwdriver or a piece of wire to remove the debris, manipulating the lock to ensure that it opens and closes properly.

If the trunk has been closed on a hard object, it may force the lock out of alignment. This will require a manual inspection and replacement of the lock if it is badly damaged.

An often-overlooked reason for the trunk on the Honda HRV not opening is the valet parking switch being turned on. Look inside the glove compartment for the switch that will switch it off, allowing the trunk lock to operate normally again.

Honda HRV Trunk Button Not Working  

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It is not unusual for the trunk button to become stuck or fail to operate the lock.

However, there is another, simple reason why your trunk button may not be working.

When your Honda HRV trunk button is not working, it may be a result of the valet switch being turned off. To switch it back on, open the glove box and look for the switch located on the left-hand side of the opening. Move the switch from off to on, there’s a picture to help you on the switch.

To manually open the HRV trunk, you can use the manual release lever. This allows you to open the trunk from inside the vehicle without having to press the button on the key fob or the button on the trunk.

The trunk button may also be damaged or broken and require replacement. Your dealer will be able to assess the mechanism to see whether it can be fixed or if the whole fitting needs replacement.

Honda HRV Trunk Stuck  

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While the Honda HRV trunk is known to cause occasional problems, it is unlikely to be anything serious.

If your Honda trunk is stuck and fails to respond to the key fob or the trunk button, you’ll have to use the manual release lever inside the car. This is usually necessary if the locking mechanism is damaged or the wiring is faulty. There are also two cubby holes that can help you to gain access.

The owner’s manual will help you gain access to the two plastic covers on either side of the trunk locking mechanism. From there, you can manually operate the lock and open the trunk.

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Lubricating the lock usually solves the problem.

Honda HRV Trunk Latch Stuck

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There are various features on the locking mechanism that can sometimes confuse a new Honda HRV owner.

One of these features is the locking button under the trunk handle on the right of the unlock button. IF you press this button after closing your trunk, it will lock and you will need to unlock the trunk before you can open it by hand.

If your Honda HRV trunk latch is stuck, you can manually open the door from inside. You can do this with the remote lever next to the driver’s seat or via the two plastic covers on either side of the locking mechanism in the trunk. Once the covers are off, you can manually open the lock.

Once you’ve got the trunk open, you need to pay attention to the locking mechanism on the trunk.

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You need to clean off all the surfaces so that any grease or grime is removed. Clean the lower part of the locking mechanism as well.

The Honda HRV is known to have issues with dirt getting into the locking mechanism. Once you have removed as much of the dirt as you can get to, it’s time to lubricate the mechanism.

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Take a can of WD40 or any other suitable penetrating oil and spray it into the locking mechanism. Make sure to spray as much as you can inside the mechanism. Then open and close the trunk, being sure to lock and unlock the trunk several times.

To minimize the mess, use a cloth or paper towel to prevent too much overspray from getting on the bodywork and rubber seals.

Repeat the process of spraying WD40 into the locking mechanism at least three or four times. This will ensure that the lubricant penetrates into all the moving parts and gets spread around all the metal surfaces. It will also help to dislodge any debris or dust that may have gotten clogged inside the locking mechanism.

Honda HRV Trunk Keeps Opening

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As frustrating as having your trunk not open when you want it to, it’s not nearly as bad as when the trunk opens when you least expect it.

If your Honda HRV trunk keeps opening, it could be a problem with your key fob or your wiring. If you press the key fob without knowing, it can cause the trunk to open on its own. If the wiring is damaged, it may send a signal to the locking mechanism to release. This will cause your trunk to open.

Check to see that your key fob is not in a place that can cause you to accidentally press the trunk release button.

A loose locking mechanism or striker plate may also cause your trunk lock to disengage. This may happen if you hit a bump which causes the trunk to move. Check that all the bolts holding your lock in place are tight and that the metal catch at the bottom near your bumper is also firmly bolted.

If you inadvertently close your trunk on a hard object that causes the locking mechanism to be misaligned, it can spring open unexpectedly. Check that the lock is undamaged with no dents or evidence of it being twisted one way or the other.

How to Open Honda HRV Trunk From Inside 

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As a safety feature, all Honda HRVs are fitted with multiple ways to open the trunk from the inside.

To open the trunk from inside your Honda HRV, there is a remote lever on the floor next to the driver’s seat. There is also a lever located next to the locking mechanism inside the trunk, should you be stuck inside. There are two plastic covers that you can remove that give access to the lock.

If the battery is dead, you can still open the Honda HRV trunk by using the levers inside the vehicle.

If the vehicle is locked, use the key inside your key fob to unlock the doors. Then climb into the back seat and release the backrests.

You will then be able to access the trunk and the levers that manually release the locking mechanism.

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