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Toyota RAV4 AC Not Working

While a non-working AC can be caused by a wide array of problems, the most common culprit is insufficient coolant in the air conditioning system.

If the AC in a Toyota RAV4 isn’t working, it could be due to a refrigerant leak. Low refrigerant levels will prevent the AC from cooling. The solution is to have the AC system checked for leaks, repaired, and then recharged with the correct amount of refrigerant.

Female finger pressing the car A/C button

A clogged cabin air filter can also cause poor AC performance. If the airflow from the vents is weak or not cold, check the cabin air filter and replace it if it’s dirty. A clean filter allows for proper air circulation, ensuring the AC system works efficiently.

A non-working AC is annoying, there is no doubt about that. Thankfully, it is usually a simple problem to fix. Auto part stores sell coolant that you can use to recharge your air conditioning system. These useful tools are simple to use, just follow the instructions on the bottle, and take just a few minutes. Keep in mind, however, that you probably lost coolant in the vehicle due to a leak. You will need to find the leak and fix it to prevent the issue from returning. 

Toyota RAV4 AC Not Blowing

Car A/C vents

Another common AC problem in a wide array of vehicles, not just the RAV4, is the air conditioner unit not blowing. This is a more serious problem that doesn’t have an easy fix. 

When the Toyota RAV4 AC isn’t blowing, you probably have a bad blower motor. As the motor starts to go bad, it will reduce the AC air flow. It will stop all air flow once it has completely failed.

A bad blower motor can also cause weird and unusual sounds to come from the air conditioner when you turn it on. So if your RAV4 air conditioner isn’t blowing and you hear weird sounds, your problem is with the blower motor. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair a bad blower motor and it will have to be replaced.

Toyota RAV4 AC Not Blowing Cold Air

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When your RAV4 doesn’t blow out cold air, and you also hear a knocking or clicking sound coming from the dashboard, point your finger at the blend door actuator.

A bad blend door actuator is typically the cause of a Toyota RAV4 AC not blowing cold air. The blend door actuator controls the temperature and air flow going into your vehicle. When this part becomes stuck open or just completely fails, it will prevent cool air from blowing out of the vents.

If the issue is due to a bad blend door actuator, the part will need to be replaced before the AC starts blowing cold air. Since this part is located behind the vehicle’s dashboard, you will probably need to seek the help of a mechanic to replace the part. 

Toyota RAV4 AC Not Cooling

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A non-working AC is an annoying issue to have, especially during those hot summer months. The good news is that the issue is often caused by a dirty filter, which you can easily replace. 

If your Toyota RAV4 AC is not cooling, the first thing to check is the cabin air filter. When the cabin air filter becomes dirty and clogged, it will have a direct effect on the AC’s ability to cool the vehicle. 

When the cabin air filter is dirty, the entire ventilation inside the vehicle will suffer. Not only will it affect the temperature of the air, but it also reduces air flow and lowers the amount of filter air that is inside the RAV4. It also has a negative effect on your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

While there is no set time for when you need to change the filter, most vehicle manufacturers suggest changing the vehicle every 10,000 miles. This time frame can change if you regularly drive through dusty areas.

Toyota RAV4 AC Compressor Not Working

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The AC compressor is essentially the heart of the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Without it, the AC cannot function properly.

If the Toyota RAV4 AC compressor isn’t working, the issue is due to an air compressor going bad or having completely failed.

Signs that your AC compressor is going bad are strange sounds when you turn on the air conditioner, hot air blowing out, a stuck clutch, fluid leaks, high temperature in the cabin, suction lines broken, and circuit breaker tripping. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for a bad air compressor, and it will need to be replaced. Not addressing the issue in a timely manner could lead to other problems for your vehicle. 

Toyota RAV4 AC Fan Not Working

Car A/C vent

The AC fan is an important part of the air conditioning system, and when it doesn’t work, it directly affects the AC system’s ability to cool the interior of your vehicle. 

A Toyota RAV4 AC fan not working is usually caused by a blown fuse. When the fuse has blown, it interrupts the electrical circuit that is needed for the fan to work. 

The fuse will need to be replaced before the AC fan starts working. If you’re unsure where the fuse is located, check the owner’s manual or the fuse box lid to determine the fuse number for the AC fan. Then simply locate that number in the fuse box and replace it. 

Toyota RAV4 No Power To AC Compressor

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The AC compressor is a complicated part that is needed in order for the air conditioner to function. When this part isn’t getting the proper amount of power, it cannot function properly.  

If the Toyota RAV 4 AC compressor doesn’t have power, the issue is either with the serpentine belt or an independent belt. These belts attach to a crank pulley and turn the compressor on. When damaged, the belts cannot turn on the compressor as they are designed to.

Open the hood and inspect the belts used to turn on the air compressor. Check to ensure that the belt is still there. Sometimes these belts can break and fall off without you even knowing it. If the belt is still present, look for any damage or cracks to the belt. Replace the belts if missing or damaged. 

Toyota RAV4 Back Seat AC Not Working

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The first thing to check when the back seat AC isn’t working is to ensure that your RAV4 model does have rear seat AC vents. Not all models of the RAV4 offer this feature. If yours does have the back seat AC, then the issue could be as simple as closed vents. 

If the Toyota RAV4 back seat AC isn’t working, check to ensure the back seat vents are actually open. If they have been closed, either purposely or accidentally, then it will block the air-conditioned air from coming through.

Another thing to consider is that, in some Toyota RAV4s, the seats have to detect that someone is actually sitting in the back before the air conditioner will blow through the back seat vents. 

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