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Toyota Rav4 Door Not Working

Despite Toyota’s reputation for long-lasting quality products, there are one or two items that are known to cause problems on older models.

If your RAV4 door lock is not working, it could be just one or all of them. Your key fob may not activate the locks or there’s an unsettling rattle coming from your door.

If you experience one of these problems, then read on to find out how to diagnose and fix the problem.

If your doors fail to lock or unlock when using your key fob, check that the fuse isn’t blown. If the fuse is fine, then you may have a wiring problem. Using the wiring diagram, trace the wires and check for continuity. If the wires are fine then you may need to replace the actuator in the door. 

Hand opening white car door handle

To check for faults, first, investigate the wiring where it passes through the door pillar on the affected door. This is a common area where wires bend and break.

Next, you need to look at the door lock control schematic. Toyota RAVs use door lock relays so, find the schematic that relates to the specific door that has the problem.

Depending on the model, you’ll find it has a red and black wire leading to the lock. It reverses polarity to make the lock open and shut. There’s a microswitch inside the door motor that may fail, but it’s not a common problem. There’s a connector behind the A-pillar on the passenger side which you need to check.

Pull the boot covering the wiring harness away from the door, where you’ll find 15-20 wires. Gently pull on each one as they tend to break up in the covered portion of the boot where you can’t see them.

The front door locks work in parallel with the two rear door locks. If they work, then the signal coming from the lock and unlock relay is fine. So, the problem is not the relay, as then all 4 looks would not work.

You then need to check the power and ground at the latch assembly. To do that, remove the door panel.

The panel is held in by screws and door clips. You’ll have to remove the trim pieces and door switch panel cover before you can pull the panel completely off. Then disconnect the green wires that go to the handle.

Identify the 4 wires that go to the latch on the door. Put a test light across the two black wires to test if the circuit is good. Activate the switch and see if the test light illuminates. If it does, then there is power to the latch and it will need replacement.

Remove the latch from the door and keep the cables, as they are not part of the actuator replacement part.

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Toyota RAV4 Door Not Locking

Close up of silver car door handle

It’s frustrating when your door won’t lock, but the problem may be quick and easy to fix.

A Toyota RAV4 door may not lock due to a faulty actuator. If the lock mechanism doesn’t respond to the key fob or the interior switch, replacing the door’s lock actuator, which is the electronic component that controls the locking mechanism, may solve the problem.

Additionally, a misaligned door or accumulated debris in the lock mechanism can prevent a door from locking. Check the door’s alignment with the frame, and clean any debris from around the lock cylinder or within the door latch mechanism. Adjusting the door to ensure it closes properly or cleaning the lock area can often resolve the issue.

Toyota RAV4 Back Door Not Opening/Closing

Back view of white SUV door

If your Toyota Rav comes with a power back door, then you may experience an intermittent problem that plagues some models.

If the back door fails to open or close, it may be the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that controls the automatic opening and closing function that has malfunctioned. This is a known issue on Toyotas and requires the replacement of the ECU. If it’s under warranty they should replace it for free.

Toyota RAV4 Power Door Lock Not Working

Opening white car door

Toyota’s Smart Key System allows the key fob to control your power door locks and trunk, together with a keyless entry facility.

To reset the keyless entry system if the power door lock is not working, turn your key to the on position. Within 5 seconds, turn your ignition off. Remove the key from your ignition and close and open the driver’s door twice within 40 seconds and insert and remove the key from your ignition.

By following the above procedure, you’ll reset the smart key system. Just make sure that you complete the sequence within the allotted 40 seconds or you’ll have to start again.

Toyota RAV4 Driver Door Not Locking

Hand opening gray car door

The driver’s door is the most likely door to fail as it is used the most. Here’s what you can do if the driver’s door is not locking.

If your Toyota RAV4 driver’s door does not lock, then check that the fuse has not blown. If it’s blown, then replace it. If that did not solve the problem, then it could be the key fob battery, wiring, or electrical relay problem. The actuator in the door lock may also have failed.

Replacing batteries and fuses is a simple procedure that is covered in the driver’s manual.

However, checking the wiring or relays requires an understanding of how the electrical system works, access to wiring diagrams, and the necessary tools to diagnose and fix the problem.

Toyota RAV4 Door Will Not Unlock

Female opening black car door handle

Faulty wiring, a blown fuse, or a damaged door lock actuator may be the cause of your vehicle’s doors not unlocking.

To fix a Toyota RAV4 door that won’t unlock, remove the door panel to access the lock mechanism. Disconnect the battery and then unhook the electrical power cord connected to the lock. Locate the actuator, remove it and replace it with a new one. Reconnect the cables and test the lock.

Toyota RAV4 Rear Door Rattle

Male opening black car door handle

There can be few things more frustrating than listening to something rattling around inside your car. If it’s your door that’s rattling, then it could indicate a more serious problem.

If the rear door has a lot of “play” in it when closed or it opens easily, you need to replace worn parts. The door stopper on the door, door cushion, door latch plate, and lower door stopper should all be replaced. Replace the back door weatherstrip and then test the fit. This should fix the noise.

The door lock and latch plate have minimal adjustment, so excessive wear requires replacement rather than adjustment.

Also, check for loose number plates or panels that may also contribute to rattling noises while you’re driving.

Toyota RAV4 Door Won’t Open/Close

Close up of hand grabbing black car door handle

A door that either won’t open or won’t close is both frustrating and potentially dangerous.

To fix a Toyota RAV4 door that won’t open or close, you need to check the lock mechanism. It may be worn or broken. Try lubricating the lock first, as it may just be stuck. If it’s worn, you can tighten the bolts holding it and the latch plate or adjust it so that the mechanism fits better.

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