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Honda HR-V Alarm Not Working / Keeps Going Off

There is nothing in life as annoying as your car alarm going off in the middle of the night. The sound of those piercing loud beeps and whines churns your stomach and makes it roll into a tight ball. You know that life, as you know it is over, and if there is no one actually stealing your car right now, it is the beginning of a cat-and-mouse game to find what caused the alarm to go off unexpectedly at this ungodly hour in the middle of the night. 

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Your Honda HR-V alarm not working/keeps going off can be caused by several problems; you will need to check each one to diagnose which one is the culprit. Make sure you check for unforeseen user errors like accidentally sitting on the key fob. 

When the alarm goes off unexpectedly, it is always worrying because finding the correct cause of the unexpected noise is difficult, and once you do find something that could be the culprit and fix that, the alarm invariably keeps quiet for a couple of days. It seems to be just waiting for you to let down your guard and think that you actually have fixed the problem before screaming into life again at the next most inopportune moment.

Why Honda HR-V Alarm Keeps Going Off

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If you want to get to the bottom of why your alarm is going off randomly, you will need to check and diagnose the five most common causes of alarm malfunction.

Your Honda HR-V alarm keeps going off randomly due to several causes: faulty ECU unit in the car, faulty door sensors, low battery in the vehicle or the key fobs, loose wires, or even something as random as corroded terminals, all of which are explained below.

The first reason is the faulty electronic computer unit (ECU). The ECU is installed to keep control of all the electronic functionality of the car, including alarm functions and keeping fuel consumption low. When the unit malfunctions, it may inadvertently trigger an alarm to go off at various times.

Another common cause of randomly going off alarms are the faulty door sensors. The alarm arms door sensors stay closed until they are opened by you using the remote key function.

If there is a loss of contact with the door sensor, this can trigger an alarm to think that the door has been opened by someone not authorized to do so, and the alarm will sound.

If your checks uncover that it is indeed one of the door sensors that is the trigger of random noise, then the offending sensor will need to be replaced.

Do not forget to check the hood latch sensor when checking the door sensors. Often this latch will get dirty or rusty, causing breaks in the electrical circuit and making the alarm randomly engage.

A low battery often causes the alarm to sound at random times. Remember, there are two different types of batteries that we are talking about here. One is the 12V vehicle battery that supplies an electric current that powers all electrical gadgets in your car, and the other one is the small lithium battery inside your key fob remote.

You can use a voltmeter to check whether either of these batteries is running low on charge and recharge or replace it as needed. Once the battery is fully charged, the random sound of the alarm should stop. If it does not stop, it means that there is something else triggering the alarm.

Loose wires. As you use your car, wear and tear in the components may cause some of the wiring to deteriorate to the point that some may have come loose or even snapped off at their soldering. A faulty wiring will most of the time cause random beeping of the alarm. The sounding alarm will also be accompanied by flashing headlights.

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When your battery terminals are corroded or gunked up by debris, you may find that the alarm will go off whenever you try to start your car. It is quite annoying, but it is also a diagnostic sign that the current is diminished sufficiently to trigger the alarm during the few seconds when the car drains the deep power needed to turn the ignition and start the motor.

To fix this problem, you should check the battery terminals to make sure that they are free of dirt and corrosion, clean them, and reattach the cables. If the problem is resolved, the corroded battery terminals were the cause of the random alarm.

How To Disable Honda HR-V Alarm

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Suppose you are still looking for what causes your alarm system to go off seemingly without a cause. In that case, you may think it is more of a curse than a blessing and feel that disabling the alarm altogether will prevent it from making embarrassing noises.

Generally, it is not advised to disable the Honda HR-V alarm because it keeps your car safe from being stolen. However, sometimes, when the alarm causes inconvenience because it goes off randomly, you may want to disable it.

 To disable the alarm, follow these steps: insert the key into the driver’s side door lock. Turn the key to unlock, then back to lock. Repeat the process. Then unlock it again. These actions should disable the alarm system.

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How To Reset Honda HR-V Alarm?

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Once your alarm is disabled, you may find that you will need to turn it on again to keep your car safe, especially if you plan to park it in a public space for some time. In that case, you may want to reset the settings to factory values.  

Resetting the Honda HR-V alarm system is quite a simple process. You can either press the alarm on your key fob or put your key in the ignition and turn it to the “accessory on” position. Leave the key in place for at least ten minutes for the system to reset to the factory settings.

 If you check everything and the alarm is still going off when you least expect it, take it to your closest Honda dealer. They can run the diagnostic tool to pinpoint the problem and review the log of the alarm module to see the tripping event each time the alarm goes off without a cause.

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