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Toyota Yaris Door Won’t Unlock (How to Fix)

A Toyota Yaris may, at times, experience problems with locking and unlocking. Here are two things to check when it is a problem for you.

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1. Wireless Interference – If other wireless items are in the vicinity, they may interfere with the signal your key fob is sending to the vehicle. This could include anything from larger radio towers to aftermarket alarm systems.

If your vehicle lock works in one area but not another, this is the likely problem. If possible, disconnect the offending wireless electronic item.

2. Dead Battery – Obviously, a dead battery in the key fob is going to keep you from working the locking mechanism. The 12 V battery in your car can also be a problem.

If the car battery is dead, then the car will not lock or unlock automatically. You will have to use the manual locking or unlocking option until the battery is replaced.

The most common reason a Toyota lock is not operating is a dead key fob battery. Open the key fob, remove the battery, and replace it with a new battery. If it still isn’t working, check the fuse operating the locking system.

Top 7 Reasons Why Toyota Yaris Door Won’t Unlock

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We have eight different items listed below that will help you get your Toyota door unlocked. Some of them are straightforward fixes, and others are a bit more complex, but this list should be all you need to get back in your vehicle again.

1. Your Key Fob Needs Attention

The most apparent issue when you can’t unlock your Toyota door is a problem with the key fob. We will list several different issues that could occur with the fob that keep you from unlocking the door.

I remember when I was standing in a parking lot, and there was a woman a few cars away who was sobbing while standing outside her vehicle. I asked her if everything was okay, and she said that her key fob was not working so she couldn’t open the door.

That is when I went over, took the key fob from her, and put the key in the door. The moral of this little story is, to remember that the key fob is more than an electronic device. In many cases, it can manually unlock the door.

Pro Tip: If the battery is weak in your key fob, you may get a few more uses by spinning it. Open the key fob, remove the battery, and rub it with your fingers briskly. Put it back in the key fob, spin it in place, and close the fob. It should work for a while but get a battery soon.

Dead Battery: This is the most common reason a key fob does not work. Besides using the Pro tip above, you must replace the battery. You can typically find a replacement battery at any grocery or hardware store.

Car Battery: The battery in the fob may be working correctly, but if the battery in the car is dead, the lock will not unlock. Unlock the door manually and try the headlights.

Damaged Key Fob: It is not out of the question for the key fob to go bad over time. It may have loose wiring, or perhaps it has been damaged by water. In either case, if the key fob is damaged, it will not work and must be replaced.

Wireless Interference: We have a lot of different electronic devices, from our cell phones to an anti theft system. There are rare instances when the key fob will not operate because the signal conflicts with another nearby wireless signal.

Wrong Key: Finally, consider the possibility that you grabbed the wrong key fob. You may have two Toyotas in your family, and the fobs look very similar. You can also try the backup key fob if you have one available.

2. A Fuse is Blown

There are times when the smallest item may cause the biggest problems. That is the case with a blown fuse.

Pro Tip: Fuses are sometimes used for multiple items in many vehicles. For example, your backup lights may be on the same fuse as your radio, so it is easier to know when your backup lights are out. Check your user manual to see what is on the same fuse as your door locks.

If you feel the fuse may be blown, you should disconnect the fuse box from the battery before entering it. Electricity flows through the fuse box, even if the car is not turned on, and you could get shocked.

I’m speaking from experience because I’ve gotten shocked on numerous occasions trying to change a small fuse. Disconnecting the battery cables only takes a minute, and then you can enter the fuse box safely.

Check your owner’s manual or the diagram on the fuse box cover to find the fuse that powers the door locks. Remove it using fuse pliers or a pair of needle nose pliers.

Look for the wire element inside the fuse. If it is burned or melted, the fuse is dead and must be replaced.

If you replace the fuse and it blows again, something may be causing the problem. You will have to investigate and fix the issue, or it will continue to occur.

3. There is a short in the wiring

The wiring in your vehicle can run from the front to the back multiple times. It is hidden from sight but can be a problem when it is damaged or shorts out.

The insulation on the wiring keeps the wires from connecting and causing a short. If the insulation wears out over time or is damaged, a short in the wiring can keep the lock from working.

You can check for a short in the wiring by using a multimeter and checking continuity from the fuse box to the door lock. If there is no continuity, there is a break in the line along the way, or something has shorted out.

If this is a problem, you may have a dead short that will drain the battery. The wiring system must be rerun in either case to fix the issue.

4. Broken Door Lock Actuator

The door lock actuator is an internal mechanism responsible for locking and unlocking your doors. When it breaks, the signal won’t allow the lock to unlock.

In most cases, a door lock actuator cannot be repaired, but it can be easily replaced. Remove the interior door panel to access the door lock actuator.

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5. Something is blocking the lock

There may be rare occurrences when the door lock becomes blocked physically. This typically happens when something shifts into place to physically stop the lock actuator from working.

If there is a blockage, the door lock will not work from the outside or the inside. Listen carefully as you press the key fob, and you may hear the mechanics trying to work inside the door.

If you hear the noise, but the lock isn’t working, remove the door’s interior panel and look for something blocking the actuator.

6. The door lock solenoid needs to be replaced

Some vehicles have a solenoid that physically operates the lock. It is a small device that works when it receives a signal from the fob. If it is broken, the door lock will not work.

You can access the door lock solenoid by removing the interior panel of your door. Test the solenoid with a multimeter. If it does not check for continuity, it should be replaced.

7. Interior lock parts have come disconnected

We use our door locks more often than we realize. Something will likely disconnect with the hundreds or thousands of times that your Toyota door lock has been activated.

When lock parts are disconnected, the entire lock will not work. You may hear the mechanism’s workings as if trying to work, but it will fail where the breakage has occurred.

Remove the interior door panel and check for any disconnect. You will usually see something visually if it is an issue. Replace or repair any parts necessary.

8. The Lock is Dirty

Very few of us use the physical lock on our car because we tend to use the key fob. If you are trying to use the physical lock and it isn’t working, it is likely because it is dirty.

Any dirt or debris that builds up inside the lock can stop the key from turning. You can remove the lock from the door and clean it or clean it in place.

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The lock may also be frozen if it is cold enough outside. You can buy cans of deicer or WD-40 to melt the ice and allow the lock to work again.

General Fix For When Toyota Yaris Door Won’t Unlock

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We appreciate our Toyotas and the quality they provide. Sometimes, little things can go wrong, including the lock not working. What can you do when your Toyota door doesn’t unlock?

Your Toyota Door will not unlock when you have problems with the key fob. This could be as simple as a dead battery, or it may be a problem with the fob becoming deprogrammed. Either way, try unlocking the door manually until the fob is fixed.

It’s always nice when we have a simple solution to a problem. This includes unlocking a Toyota door because if you can’t get in the car, you can’t go anywhere.

The key fob is the most obvious place to look, but as we have mentioned in the previous article section, there are several other solutions that can help you get in your car quickly and easily. Some require a little work, but even a beginning DIY enthusiast can handle these repairs.

If you’ve already read our discussion about fixing your door lock, let’s move on and talk for a moment about safety. You want to protect yourself from harm when working on a vehicle or doing any DIY project.

It’s always a good idea to wear safety glasses, especially when working on a vehicle. It only takes a moment for something to get in your eye, and it could cause irreparable damage.

When working with your vehicle’s lock system, you also work on an energized unit. Admittedly, there is not a lot of power going through the lock, but it is enough to give you a jolt.

It’s always best to remove the fuse and disconnect the battery cables before beginning any work on the vehicle involving energy. It can save you from getting shocked and keep you from shorting things out and causing additional problems.

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