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Troubleshooting Toyota RAV4 Sun Visor Problems

The Toyota Rav4 is a popular SUV that has sold well all around the world.

However, a problem that comes up repeatedly is the sun visor wearing out and flopping down in front of both the driver and the passenger seats.

This is not only inconvenient, but it also poses a safety risk while driving. The visor can fall down and obscure your view or it can fail to prevent you from being blinded by the sun.

If your Toyota RAV4 sun visor is loose or won’t stay up, it’s likely due to a worn-out visor clip or internal mechanism. A quick and effective solution is to replace the faulty clip or the entire visor unit if the internal mechanism is the issue.

In some cases, the problem might not be with the visor itself but with the mounting area where the visor attaches to the ceiling of the car. It’s similar to a loose screw in a wall that can no longer hold a picture frame securely. If the area has become stripped or the mount has loosened over time, tightening or replacing the mounting hardware can secure the visor back in place, ensuring it functions properly and stays where you need it.

Driver side car sun visor

Another potential issue could be related to the pivot rod inside the sun visor. This rod allows the visor to rotate and stay positioned as desired. If the rod becomes misaligned or damaged, the visor may not hold its position. Carefully disassembling the visor to realign or replace the pivot rod can restore the visor’s functionality, much like fixing a wobbly chair leg stabilizes the chair again.

Toyota RAV4 Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up 

Adjusting car sun visor late afternoon

One of the most annoying problems with the Toyota RAV is the driver’s sun visor that flops down in front of your face.

Most drivers of 5 to 10-year-old RAVs report having an issue with their sun visors.

The reason why the sun visor on Toyota RAVs falls down is due to wear on the plastic and metal sections inside the visor. As the visor is moved from side to side and up and down, the plastic tube that surrounds the support arm either wears or breaks. Once broken, the sun visor must be replaced.

The latch on the right-hand side of the sun visor can also cause it to flop down. If it is not carefully pushed into place each time, the plastic will wear away and eventually break or fail to retain the visor.

How to Fix/Tighten Toyota RAV4 Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up Step By Step

Adjusting car sun visor

When the sun visor on the RAV4 becomes loose or flips down, it is a quick and easy fix to sort out the problem.

To fix a sun visor that won’t stay up on a Toyota RAV4 is to replace it with a new one. The sun visor parts and springs are not sold separately. To replace the sun visor, remove the plastic cover and then unclip the old one. Push the new visor into the plastic fitting and replace the cover.

The old sun visor is removed by slipping a screwdriver or hook behind the visor’s plastic cover where it enters the roof bracket in the headliner.

Place the new sun visor in the correct orientation, so that the large white plastic section in the middle is in line with the gap in the roof bracket.

There are no wires to connect, as the connection is inside the sun visor fitting.

After pushing the visor into the bracket, and making sure that the springs are in place, replace the plastic cover. The cover pushes the plastic clips together to ensure that the sun visor is securely attached.

Rotate the sun visor and check that the light goes on by sliding the vanity mirror cover back.

Once the sun visor is in place and you have confirmed that the light works, clip the right-hand side of the visor to the clip provided on the other side of the roof liner.

How to Remove Toyota RAV4 Sun Visor

Car sun visor down

The sun visor is one of the pieces of equipment inside your Toyota RAV that you take for granted. If the sun is shining in your eyes, you fold it down and don’t think about it again.

It is only when the sun visor doesn’t work that you realize how important it is for safe driving.

To remove a Toyota RAV4 sun visor, you need to unclip the plastic cover located on the roof bracket. The clip is held securely in place and requires a screwdriver or small hook to remove. Once the cover is removed, the sun visor can be pulled out of the bracket. There are no wires to unclip.

You can purchase a replacement sun visor for your RAV4 for under $70 on eBay or Amazon. To fit it, you need to remove the old sun visor by unclipping it.

To unclip the sun visor, turn it so that it lies parallel with the side of the car. This exposes the plastic cover that helps to hold the sun visor in place.

Using a screwdriver or a hook, pull on the plastic clip until it disengages from the clips holding the sun visor in place. Once the plastic cover comes loose, the clips holding the sun visor in place will release to allow the sun visor to detach from the bracket in the roof.

There are no wires to disconnect, so the sun visor will pull out quite easily. Make sure that the two metal clips are in place so that the new sun visor can slot back in place easily. The new sun visors come with their own clips as well, so don’t worry if you break or lose one.

Once the new sun visor is inserted into the bracket, you must replace the plastic cover to lock it in place. It is important that you don’t break or distort the plastic cover when removing the old sun visor.

How to Replace Toyota RAV4 Sun Visor

Car sun visor blocking sun

Toyota RAV4s are known for their weak sun visors that break after a few years.

Luckily, Toyota provides replacement sun visors and you can also purchase after-market sun visors on eBay or Amazon.

To replace a Toyota RAV4 sun visor, remove the plastic cover holding it in the headliner bracket. Use a flathead screwdriver or a hook tool to pull the plastic cover loose. This disengages the two metal clips holding the sun visor. Slide the new sun visor into position and clip the cover in place.

You can purchase an after-market sun visor on eBay for less than $70. It comes with metal clips and a plastic cover that locks it in place in the headliner bracket.

After removing the old sun visor, position the new sun visor so that the plastic tabs line up with the bracket. Then push the sun visor up into the bracket, making sure that the metal clips are in position.

Once the sun visor is in position, press the plastic cover up into the bracket retaining holes. The cover will spread the metal clips so that they engage the bracket, preventing the sun visor from falling out.

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