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Toyota Tacoma Door Not Working

A Toyota Tacoma truck has a dynamic central locking system for your safety and hands-free operation. However, the door will not work when this system runs into problems.The section below identifies the reasons for this failure plus how to fix it.

Female hand opening car door

Toyota Tacoma doors not working can be caused by a blown fuse, faulty key fob, wiring problems, frozen door lock mechanism, and malfunctioning door lock solenoid. Replace the dead car fob batteries and bad fuse. Contact a professional to examine the door lock solenoid and replace it if broken.

A Blown fuse is one of the main reasons a Toyota Tacoma door is not working. Test if the fuse is working correctly and replace it if it doesn’t. Sometimes the key fob may malfunction due to dead batteries or broken wires. In this case, replace the batteries first, have a dealer look at the keyfob, and fix any broken wires.

The door lock solenoid opens or closes the door when you press the key fob. Therefore, the door will not work if it’s broken. Call a service member to replace the solenoid if it’s damaged.

Toyota Tacoma Door Won’t Lock

Car door interior handle

A Toyota Tacoma door that won’t lock can leave your valuables vulnerable to theft. In addition, it can put you in danger, especially when driving in unsafe areas. Sometimes the cause is something simple that you can fix yourself. However, you may need to contact a professional service member to resolve the issue. Let’s look at some common causes and how to fix them.

A Toyota Tacoma door that won’t lock can be due to a bad fuse, broken lock, worn-out key, or a faulty door lock solenoid. Replace the blown fuse and contact a locksmith to replace a broken lock and worn-out keys.  Call a mechanic to replace a failed solenoid and loose wires.

A car door lock relies on a fuse to latch or unlatch the door. Hence, when the current overpowers the fuse, it blows, causing the door not to lock. Replace the bad fuse to resolve the issue.

If your Toyota Tacoma model has a manual door lock, it can wear out due to rust, dirt, and friction. Similarly, the key may wear out due to constant use. Contact a locksmith to replace the worn-out key and broken lock.

Toyota Tacoma Door Won’t Unlock

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A Toyota Tacoma door that won’t unlock can leave you stuck, especially when you’re rushing somewhere. Besides, it can expose you to danger when you get into an accident.

A Toyota Tacoma door won’t unlock due to a broken key fob, dead battery, loose wiring, or jammed door lock.  Replace the key fob batteries and call a dealer to check its wiring and the car door wiring.

You can also try to lubricate the door lock and wiggle the key to see if it unlocks. Replace the door lock if it won’t get unstuck.

A Toyota Tacoma door won’t unlock if the lock is stuck in a locked position. It could happen due to dead key fob batteries or faulty key fob wiring. Replace the batteries and call a dealer to check the wiring if the key fob still won’t unlock the door.

It could also be caused by a faulty connection to the door lock assembly or door panel or a loose connection to the door latch, handle, or door switch. A build-up of dirt or grime can cause the door lock to jam. You can determine if the door lock is jammed by inserting a key to see if it goes all the way.

Lubricate the door lock using a dry lubricant and try unlocking the door. In the meantime, access the car through a different door and try manually opening the door through the door panel. Call a locksmith to replace the lock if you fail to unjam the door.

Toyota Tacoma Door Won’t Open

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A Toyota Tacoma truck has a robust V6 engine that produces 265-pound feet of torque and 275 horsepower, enough to pull, accelerate, and tow. However, you may run into problems if the door won’t open.

A Toyota Tacoma door won’t open due to a safety belt that has not fully retracted, rust and dirt build-up, broken handle, or damaged door. Clean the door latch using a lubricant and retract the seatbelt. Contact a service member to replace the fractured handle or damaged door.

Sometimes the seatbelt may not fully retract, thus blocking the door latch and preventing the door from opening. Likewise, dust and rust may accumulate on the door lock and cause this problem. Lubricating the door lock may solve this problem.

Constant door opening can cause the handle springs to break, resulting in door failure. In this case, replacing the handle would be the best option. If you recently had an accident, it can result in a bent frame, broken panel or damaged rubber lining that could cause opening problems. Contact a mechanic to repair the door for minor damages or replace it.

Toyota Tacoma Door Won’t Close

Truck headlight

Driving a Toyota Tacoma truck with a  door that won’t close can put you, your passengers, other motorists, and cyclists in grave danger. However, you can resolve the issue once you identify the cause of the problem.

A Toyota Tacoma door won’t close due to physical obstruction, faulty door latch, broken handle, door hinge malalignment, and frozen door lock. Clear any obstacles and lubricate the door latch.

If this doesn’t work, contact a mechanic to replace the broken handle and align the door hinge. You can also, spray a deicer to the door lock to unfreeze it.

Physical obstruction from grit, pebbles, or rubber particles can cause the door not to close. Therefore, removing the obstruction may resolve this problem. Similarly, the door will not close when the latch is stuck open. Use a screwdriver to manipulate the latch and attempt to close the door.

A broken handle will not close the door and thus will need replacement. Likewise, the door will not close when the hinges are misaligned. Contact a mechanic to replace the broken handle and align the hinges to resolve this issue.

Toyota Tacoma Door Check

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A Toyota Tacoma door check keeps the door open and prevents damage by accidental slamming. A broken door check may put your door at risk.

Toyota Tacoma door check problems may be due to loose nuts, sloppy pivot pins, loose door check straps, or loose hinges. Tighten the bolts, hinges, and pivot pin and get a dealer to replace the worn-out door check straps or the entire door check.

A problematic door check may be distinguished by a popping sound when you open or close the door. Several nuts hold the door check, and they may get loose over time. In this case, tightening the nuts may resolve the issue.

A loose or rusty pivot pin can cause the door to produce a popping sound when opening or closing. Likewise, constant opening and closing of the door can wear the door check straps and loosen the hinges. You may need to replace the door check if this happens.

Toyota Tacoma Door Key Won’t Turn

Female hand opening car door

A Toyota Tacoma door key that won’t turn can be inconvenient and cause a broken key. The section below explains why this may happen and suggests ways to resolve the issue.

A Toyota Tacoma door key won’t turn due to grime accumulation, worn out key, or frozen or broken lock. Spray a dry lubricant and wiggle the key to dissolve the grime. Spray a deicer or park the vehicle in a warm spot for a few hours. Contact a locksmith to replace the worn out key and broken lock.

Your Toyota Tacoma key can bend or wear due to constant use. In addition, dust and grime can accumulate on the door lock, causing a physical obstruction. Therefore, spray a dry lubricant into the lock and wiggle the key to dissolve the dirt.

When the door lock is frozen, the key won’t turn. Spray a deicer or park the vehicle in a warm area for a few hours to unfreeze the lock. If you have tried the above hacks, but none has worked, you may have a broken lock. Contact a locksmith to replace the broken lock.

A blown fuse, a broken key fob, a bad wiring harness, a frozen door lock, or a broken door lock solenoid can cause a Toyota Tacoma door issue. Replace the blown fuse and the dead car key batteries. If the door lock solenoid is broken, have a professional replace it to resolve the issue.

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