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Toyota RAV4 Wiper Problems

Your windshield wipers are an important part of your car’s safety features. If your wipers fail during rainy weather, your visibility through the windscreen will be reduced, and you are more likely to be involved in an accident. Changing windshield wiper blades yourself is relatively easy, but when the problem with the wipers is more than just the perished rubber part of the blade, you may want to get some qualified help.

Windshield wipers

Some common Toyota RAV4 wiper problems may include bent wiper arms, worn wiper blades, or loose wiper arms. These are easy to fix either as a DIY project or by a qualified mechanic.

Now, let’s look at other, more involved problems with the windshield wipers that may crop up.

Toyota RAV4 Wipers Not Working

Wet car windshield

Windshield wipers are quite complex and fragile in their design despite their simple look. It’s easy for things to go wrong with all the electronic and mechanical parts of the system. Sometimes, when you switch your wipers on, nothing happens; your wipers do not move. The problem may lie in the mechanical parts of the windshield wiper construction.

Toyota RAV4 wipers not working can be due to mechanical problems such as the wiper motor has stopped working, the windshield wiper fuse has burned out, your windshield being covered with thick ice, and your wiper pivot nuts have come loose. 

Toyota RAV4 wiper problems may start with the electrical motor that moves the wipers back and forth on your windscreen. When the motor has malfunctioned, the wipers will not respond after you turn them on the steering wheel wand. To fix this, you need to inspect the wiper motor located in the engine compartment. Hopefully, there will be a visible wire that has burned out or come loose. If you cannot find a reason the motor is not working, you may have to replace the whole motor to get your wipers to work again.

The other reason your wiper motor is not working could be that the wiper fuse has burned out. The fuse protects the wiper motor in case the workload on the motor is too intense. The fuse usually burns out before the motor is damaged. Check the fuse box and replace the wiper fuse to see if it solves the problem.

Windshield wipers were designed to wipe away rain and snow to keep your windscreen clear. If you try to use the wipers to remove thick ice or heavy, wet snow, the probability that you will damage your wipers in the process is very high. A thick layer of ice over your windshield will cause too much friction and increase the workload for the wipers to clear it.

The wiper arms that move across your windscreen are connected to the motor transmission by a pivot nut. During normal use, there is a possibility that the pivot nut has become loose. If you turn on the wipers and the motor comes on, but the wiper arms are not moving smoothly across your windscreen, the problem is probably with the loose pivot nut. Tightening the nut usually solves this problem.

Toyota RAV4 Wipers Won’t Turn Off

Windshield wipers

Modern wiper systems contain electronic parts that can break. Turning the wiper switch on the steering column sends a signal to the motor, and the “turn-on” message is transmitted to the linkage assembly that converts the rotational action of the motor into the side-to-side swipe action of the wipers. 

Toyota RAV4 wipers won’t turn off even when you turn off the wiper switch on the steering column because there may be a loose wire or a bad connection in one or more of the three electronic components that manage wiper movement. 

Your wipers may fail to switch off when the internal electric switch called the relay is faulty. A faulty relay can cause your wipers to stop switching off or not turn on at all. To fix that, you will need to replace the relay switch.

The other reason for the wipers not switching off is the faulty “on-off” switch on your steering column. Replacing that switch is a job for qualified people because it involves getting inside and taking apart your steering column. 

Toyota RAV4 Rear Window Wiper Not Working

Rear windshield wipers

The rear wiper blade could be one of your Toyota RAV4 wiper problems. Since the rear window wiper is positioned outside the hatchback door and the wires that power the rear wiper are inside the boot, they are vulnerable to breakage due to continuous opening and closing of the boot. 

The Toyota RAV4 rear window wiper not working can be caused by a faulty electrical motor that powers the rear wiper arm. Check the motor for any loose wires in the circuits. You may also check the rear wiper relay or the wiper fuse.

If the motor is intact, other causes of the rear window wiper not working could be caused by a faulty fuse or the rear window wiper switch on your steering column.

Toyota RAV4 Auto Wipers Not Working

Windshield wipers

One of the latest features to make driving easier is the introduction of automatic wipers in your Toyota RAV4. They are designed to come on automatically when your windshield is covered with rain droplets. The device ensures you don’t have to fiddle with turning on the wipers while navigating the road in wet conditions. The sensor ensures that your windshield is always clear to give you a perfectly unobstructed view of the road.

Toyota RAV4 auto wipers will not work if the moisture sensor is faulty and does not turn on the wipers automatically. Ensure your settings are in the “auto” mode on the windshield wiper stalk on the side of the steering wheel. 

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For the automatic setting for your wipers to work, you must ensure that the sensor tape is mounted correctly on your windshield. The sensor will only work if the tape is the correct thickness and the focal point of the sensor is in the right place. If your windshield is cracked, it will also interfere with the sensor’s performance.

Remember to engage the automatic wiper mode on the steering column switch to make sure the wipers come on automatically when your windshield becomes wet.

Toyota RAV4 Windshield Fluid Not Working

Windshield wipers controls

As you drive your Toyota RAV4, the windshield often becomes dirty from the dust on the road or bugs flying into the windscreen. That is when the windshield washer system becomes indispensable for a clear view. Nothing is worse than when your windscreen gets dirty, and you want to spray your windscreen with fluid to clean it, and nothing is coming out. 

Toyota RAV4 windshield fluid usually does not work for two most common reasons. The fluid nozzles may be clogged, or no fluid may be left in the fluid reservoir. If that is not the reason, it may be that your washer pump or its fuse is not working.

The spraying nozzle has very fine openings that spray the water, which is located at the bottom of the windshield. Their small size makes them easy to clog with collected dust, pollen, or insects. Unfortunately, the small openings of the nozzles are not easy to clean, especially in the newer models fitted with fan nozzles. Most of the time, you may not be able to unclog those tiny holes, and you may need to replace the nozzles for your washer system to work again.

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Before you replace the nozzles, check if the other parts of the washer system are intact and work correctly. You will need to check if the pump is working if the hoses that transport the fluid from the reservoir to the nozzles are not blocked, and, of course, if the fuse of the washer pump is not blown. Remember to check that there’s actually is water or other fluid in the reservoir.

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